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Azerbaijan though not a popular destination for immigrants, has recently experienced waves of immigration with the collapse of the Soviet Union, especially from ethnic Azerbaijanis mostly from Armenia (as refugees), Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Union. Meskhetian Turks were also relocated to Azerbaijan from Central Asia before and after the end of the Soviet Union. With the booming petroleum industry, immigration from Turkey has also followed. In 2010, every eighth resident in Azerbaijan was a migrant, of whom more than 90% of them are Azerbaijanis and 70% are internally displaced persons from the territories occupied by Armenia.[1]

Immigration regulations[edit]

Immigration Options for Foreign Citizens[edit]

Immigration to Azerbaijan as a foreign citizen is limited to skilled workers (individuals with either a university or polytechnic degree or at least 3 years of training together with job experience), students and their immediate family members. In 2010, The State Migration Service of Azerbaijan adopted Migration Code.[2]

Any person married to an Azerbaijani citizen may immigrate to Azerbaijan.

Refugees and Asylum-seekers[edit]

Illegal immigration[edit]

Illegal (sometimes termed irregular) immigrants in the Azerbaijan include those who have:

  • entered the Azerbaijan without authority
  • entered with false documents
  • overstayed their visas

In 2010, The State Migration Service of Azerbaijan has expelled 8 500 foreign citizens or stateless persons.[3]

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