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An immortal, in MUDs and particularly DikuMUDs,[1] is an administrator and/or developer of the game, often a player who has achieved "immortal" status by achievements within the game world.[2] It is frequently abbreviated "imm" or "immort". Some MUDs have an option for players who have become immortals to "remort", returning to mortal status with advantages.[2]

Other commonly used terms with the same or related meanings are developer ("dev"), administrator ("admin"), wizard ("wiz"), God, and implementer ("imp"); the last two most often refer to the system's owner or owners. "Coder" is often found as a position distinct from both immortal and implementor,[3] with responsibilities centered on development of the virtual world server software, as opposed to the content creation that is typical of immortals who perform development at all.[4] Immortals dedicated to content development may be called "builders" or "creators", especially in a project that uses the "coder" role.


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