Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

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Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend
Presented byShin Dong-yup
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes426 (as of October 19, 2019)
Executive producer(s)Kwon Yong-taek KBS
Production location(s)South Korea
Running time110 minutes
Production company(s)KBS Entertainment
Original networkKBS
Original releaseJune 4, 2011 – March 31, 2012 (as Immortal Songs 2),
April 7, 2012 (2012-04-07) –
Preceded byImmortal Songs (2007–2009)
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Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend (Korean불후의 명곡: 전설을 노래하다; RRBulhu-ui Myeong-gok: Jeonseoreul Noraehada), also known as Immortal Songs 2 (Korean불후의 명곡 2), is a South Korean television music competition program presented by Shin Dong-yup.[1] It is a revival of Immortal Songs (2007–2009), and each episode features singers who perform their reinterpreted versions of songs.[2]


Originally broadcast as Immortal Songs 2 as a part of KBS Saturday Freedom, each episode featured six idol singers who would perform songs by the singer of the episode. After restructuring in 2012, the show returned on April 7 as an independent program and rebranded as Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend. Each episode now features seven singers or groups from diverse backgrounds and years of experience, ranging from members of popular K-pop idol groups to legendary solo artists. As before, they each perform their own reinterpreted versions of famous songs by the legendary singer of the episode. A noted feature of the new format is the "special episodes" which revolve around specific themes, such as festive or commemorate events.

Guest singers are seated in a waiting room with the three hosts, where they introduce themselves to viewers. The order of performances is decided randomly by presenter Shin Dong-yeop drawing a ball containing the performer's name, and the 500 member audience votes after each round for their favorite performance. The performer with the most votes by the episode wins.



List of episodes aired in 2011
Episode # Date Legend / Subject Guest(s) Final Winner Notes
1 June 4, 2011 Sim Soo-bong Yesung (Super Junior), Jonghyun (Shinee), IU, Yoseob (Beast), Changmin (2AM), Hyolyn (Sistar) Hyolyn
2 June 11, 2011 Song of My Life Yesung (Super Junior), Jonghyun (Shinee), Jieun (Secret), Yoseob (Beast), Changmin (2AM), Hyolyn (Sistar) Jonghyun
  • Jonghyun could choose the order for his principal stage.
3 June 18, 2011 Boohwal Yesung
4 June 25, 2011 1992 Music Pop Top 10 Changmin (2AM), Hyolyn (Sistar), Jieun (Secret), Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island), Jun. K (2PM), G.O (MBLAQ) Changmin
  • Changmin could choose the order for his principal stage.
5 July 2, 2011 Min Hae-kyung Hyolyn
6 July 9, 2011 Special Duet Changmin (2AM), Hyolyn (Sistar), Jun. K (2PM), G.O (MBLAQ), Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island), Jiyoon (4Minute) Lee Hong-gi
7 July 16, 2011 Joo Hyun-mi Lee Hong-gi
8 July 23, 2011 Korean Pop Music Top 100 Kim Tae-woo, Wheesung, Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky), K.Will, Im Tae-kyung, Lee Hyuk (Norazo), Lee Jung, Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) Lee Hyuk
  • Summer Vacation Part 1
  • Male Vocalist Special
9 July 30, 2011 Shin Seung-hun Seo In-young, Lyn, Lim Jeong-hee, Rumble Fish, Lee Hae-ri (Davichi), Heeyoung (Gavy NJ), Dana (CSJH The Grace) Seo In-young
  • Summer Vacation Part 2
  • Female Vocalist Special
10 August 6, 2011 Duet of Original Idol & New Idol Hyolyn (Sistar), G.O (MBLAQ), Jiyoon (4Minute), Jay Park, Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Huh Gak Jiyoon
11 August 13, 2011 Kim Su-hui G.O
12 August 20, 2011 Summer Vacation with Friends Jiyoon (4Minute), Jay Park, Kyuhyun (Super Junior), G.O (MBLAQ), Huh Gak, Hyolyn (Sistar) Jay Park
13 August 27, 2011 Kim Wan-sun Kyuhyun
14 September 3, 2011 Dance & Ballad Hyolyn (Sistar), G.O (MBLAQ), Jiyoon (4Minute), Jay Park, Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Huh Gak Kyuhyun
  • Dance : Jay Park, Hyolyn, Jiyoon
  • Ballad : G.O, Kyuhyun, Huh Gak
  • Kyuhyun could choose the order for his principal stage.
15 September 10, 2011 Nam Jin Jay Park

Period 2: Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner
16 September 17, 2011 Big Match Special Lim Jeong-hee What Do I Do Shin Yong-jae
Ali Red Dragonfly
Lee Jung The Woman in the Rain
Lee Ki-chan Far Away, my Honey
Jang Hee-young I’ll Love Everything
Lee Hyuk (Norazo) Passionate Flower
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Forgotten Flower
17 September 24, 2011 Hong Kyung-min Sun
Im Tae-kyung Passionate Love
Seo In-young Night Train
Ko Yu-jin Desert Island
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Forgotten Season
Joo Hee (8Eight) The Beauty
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) This Night Again
18 October 1, 2011 Kim Hee-gab & Yang In-ja Shin Yong-jae (4Men) That Winter's Tea House ALi
Huh Gak Q
Hong Kyung-min Little Lovers
Raina (After School) I Want to Know
Ali Leopard of Kilimanjaro
Woohyun (Infinite) Men Annoy Women
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Tathata
Min Kyung-hoon (Buzz) Words Delivered by the Wind
19 October 8, 2011 Kim Hyung-suk Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Holding onto the Night ALi
Lim Jeong-hee Again
Huh Gak Path Twards Me
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Because of Love
Woohyun (Infinite) I Will Write
Hong Kyung-min First Impression
Ali Na Na Na
20 October 15, 2011 Kim Kwang-suk Hong Kyung-min Too Painful Love Isn’t Love Kang Min-kyung
Lim Jeong-hee Letter of a Private
Huh Gak Around my Thirties
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Those Days
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Knowing That I Have to Forget About It
Woohyun (Infinite) But I Loved You
Ali Where the Windward
21 October 22, 2011 Jun Young-rok Ali Naughty Man Hong Kyung-min
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Sparks
Woohyun (Infinite) feat. Dongwoo My Love Cry Baby
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Write Live with a Pencil
Lim Jeong-hee It's Still Dark Night
Hong Kyung-min White Night
Huh Gak Wind, Please Stop
22 October 29, 2011 Song Gol-mae Lim Jeong-hee Come Together Huh Gak
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) To Baby
Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island) I’ll Love Everything
Woohyun (Infinite) Bumping into You
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Moment Seen First Time
Ali What a Wonderful World
Huh Gak Everything Around the World
23 November 5, 2011 Hye Eun-i Huh Gak The Third Han River Bridge ALi
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Are You Leaving?
Hong Kyung-min The Sad Song
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) You Probably Don’t Know
Lim Jeong-hee I Really Really Love You
Ali Dawn Rain
Woohyun (Infinite) Passion
24 November 12, 2011 Kim Hyun-sik Ali Alley Lim Jeong-hee
Hong Kyung-min Always by your Side
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Like the Music and the Rain
Huh Gak I Loved You
Woohyun (Infinite) Making Memories
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Love Love Love
Lim Jeong-hee My Love by my Side
25 November 19, 2011 King of Kings Huh Gak Life Kang Min-kyung
Ali Midnight Rain
G.O (MBLAQ) Can’t Forget You
Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island) Shinsadong that Person
Hyolyn (Sistar) That Person That Time
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) With a Heart that Must Forget
Jay Park Please Don’t Change
26 November 26, 2011 Lee Kwang-jo Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Oh You Are a Beautiful Lady K.Will
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) I Who Have Lost Love
Huh Gak Fun Life
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Who Could it Be
Brian Joo On a Night Like Tonight
K.Will When Time Passes
Ali You are Too Far
27 December 3, 2011 Choi Baek-ho Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Right K.Will
Brian Joo My Long Lost Seaside Friend
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) I Love You
Huh Gak Night Before Enlisting
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) About Romance
K.Will Run
Ali My Heart is Lost
28 December 10, 2011 70s/80s OST Special K.Will My Love Don Quixote Lee Hae-ri
Ali Young You
Brian Joo To You
TRAX The Fool II
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Whale Hunt
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Walking in the Rain
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) Letter Written in Tears
29 December 17, 2011 Jung Hun-hui & Kim Tae-hwa Huh Gak Mist Lee Seok-hun
Brian Joo He is a Fool
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Deserted Island
K.Will Because We Were in Love
Ali Goodbye
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Flower Garden
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) I Lived Like a Fool
30 December 24, 2011 Christmas Special Na Yoon-kwon Lonely Winter Dynamic Duo & Simon Dominic
Lyn Snow is Falling
Im Tae-kyung First Snow
Kara White Winter
Clover Reminiscence
Son Ho-young White Longing
Dynamic Duo & Simon Dominic Bold Imagination
31 December 31, 2011 Super Match – Unfortunate Classics (1) Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Somewhere a Little Above ALi
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Love Love Love
Brian Joo He is a Fool
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Right
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) Spring Day
Lim Jeong-hee Come Together
Huh Gak Q


List of episodes aired in 2012

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner
32 January 7, 2012 Super Match – Unfortunate Classics (2) Jang Hee-young Romeo and Juliet Ali
Hong Kyung-min Little Lovers
Lee Hyuk (Norazo) Passionate Love
K.Will Tears of Mokpo
Ali Red Dragonfly
Woohyun (Infinite) Running into You
Im Tae-kyung Camellia Girl
33 January 14, 2012 Duet with the Legends Huh Gak feat. Im Byeong-su Love is Such a Common Word Shin Yong-jae feat. Cho Jang-hyuk
K.Will feat. Jung Siro (Bank) You Can’t Be Mine
Ali feat. Lee Yerin Always Like this Moment
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) feat. Yoo Yeol Song of Love
Brian Joo feat. Kim Wan-sun My Own
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) feat. Jo Jeong-hyeon Even the Pain of Loving
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) feat. Cho Jang-hyuk Addicted to Love
34 January 21, 2012 Tae Jinah 태진아 & Seol Wundo 설운도 Brian Joo I’m Sorry K.Will
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Love Twist
K.Will Woman of Samba
Ali Not Everyone Can Fall in Love
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) The Woman Who Never Looks into the Mirror
NAVI Okkyeong
Tim Compass
35 January 28, 2012 Song Chang-sik Taemin (Shinee) At Least Once Sonya
Lyn Tobacco Shop Girl
No Brain Sparks
Ali The Piper
Tim Ga Na Da Ra
Sonya Song of Sanga
Im Tae-kyung Azure Day
36 February 4, 2012 NAVI Butterfly Girl
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Why Would You Call Me
Hong Kyung-min My Country, My People
Lee Jung We Are
JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) It's Love
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) The Very First Confession
37 February 11, 2012 Jo Yeong-nam Lee Jung My Hometown Chungcheongdo Im Tae-kyung
Taemin (Shinee) Goodbye City
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) Delilah
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Rolling Down the River
Ali Hwageh Marketplace
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) I Can’t Live without Love
Im Tae-kyung Now
38 February 18, 2012 Kim Chang-hwan Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) Shaky Friendship Shin Yong-jae
Im Tae-kyung First Love
Taemin (Shinee) I Don’t Know
Hong Kyung-min Obsession
Ali The End of Long Wandering
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) When the Winter Comes
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Two of Us
39 February 25, 2012 Kim Chang-ki Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) On the Street Lee Jung
Jay Park I Choose to Love You
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) In Front of the Subway Station at City Hall
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Wait for Me
Ali Changing
Im Tae-kyung Being Forgotten
Lee Jung Write a Letter to the Cloudy Autumn Sky
40 March 3, 2012 Park Chun-seok Im Tae-kyung At the Sea ALi
Taemin (Shinee) Terminal Mapo
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) The Waterwheel is Turning
No Brain Island Village Teacher
Ali The Thorn Bird
Jay Park Empty Glass
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Farewell at the Airport
41 March 10, 2012 Kim Gun-mo DK (December) I’m Sorry Sung Hoon
Sonya Speed
Im Tae-kyung A Beautiful Farewell
Hong Kyung-min Excuse
Tim Moon of Seoul
Jay Park Sleepless Rainy Night
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Love is Gone
42 March 17, 2012 Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest
Lucia Regret
Taemin (Shinee) feat. Amber (f(x)) Wrongful Meeting
No Brain First Impression
Ali You’re a Friend, I’m Lover!
Lyn Alone in Love
Heo Youngsaeng (SS501) Red Umbrella
43 March 24, 2012 Patti Kim John Park I Can’t Forget Kim Tae-woo
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) One More Chance at Love
Im Tae-kyung Love is the Flower of Life
K.Will Love that Left Me in Autumn
Lyn Love is Forever
Ailee Light and Shadow
Ali Early Rain
44 March 31, 2012 Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Parting
Sonya Vow to Love
Taemin (Shinee) When April Goes By
Jay Park Love is a Two Letter Word
Lee Jin-sung (Monday Kiz) September Song
Kim Tae-woo Can’t Live without You
45 April 7, 2012 Lee Eunha Ailee Spring Rain Jay Park
Im Tae-kyung You’re Still my Love
Taemin (Shinee) Night Train
Ali Don’t Turn Away
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) Just Like the Way You Smiled and Sent Me Off
Lyn Winter Rose
Jay Park Ambiguous
46 April 14, 2012 Hyun In Lyn Seoul Serenade No Brain
Ali Rain on Gomoryeong Hill
Jay Park Moonlight in Shilla
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) Love in a Dream
Ailee Besame Mucho
Taemin (Shinee) Saving my Hubby
No Brain Lucky Seoul
47 April 21, 2012 Yoon Soo-il No Brain I Won’t Love Im Taekyung
Taemin (Shinee) A Blissful Confession
Ali Don’t Leave
Lyn Memory
Im Tae-kyung Apartment
Ailee My Second Home
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) You’re Beautiful
48 April 28, 2012 Lee Gun-woo DK (December) Paper Crane Hong Kyung-min
Lyn D.D.D
Ailee Lonely Lover
Hong Kyung-min Beauty the Beast
Ali Love is a Cold Temptation
No Brain The Celestial Being and the Woodcutter
Sonya Pacho
49 May 5, 2012 Campus Band Ali After the Play is Over Lyn
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) Playing with Fire
Ailee What Do I Do
Hong Kyung-min For a Friend That's Gone
Im Tae-kyung Like it Was
No Brain Kite
Lyn Masked Dance
50 May 12, 2012 JYP Lyn Bad Girl Good Girl Ailee
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) She Was Pretty
Teen Top Honey
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) This Song
Ali I Have a Girlfriend
Huh Gak Love Has Left Again
51 May 19, 2012 Ulala Session Grown Up Ceremony
No Brain Nobody
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Behind You
Sonya Invitation
Hong Kyung-min I Love You and Remember
Ailee Don’t Leave Me
52 May 26, 2012 Yoon Hang-ki and Yoon Bok-hee Im Tae-kyung Traveler ALi
Ailee What am I Supposed to Do?
Hong Kyung-min A Rosy Scarf
No Brain Dear Friend
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) It's Just Like That
Ali Everyone
53 June 2, 2012 Sobangcha Ailee Busy Lee Hae-ri
Ulala Session G.Cafe
Sonya Last Night's Story
DK (December) I Want to Love
K.Will Please Tell Her
Hong Kyung-min Top Secret
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) White Wind
54 June 9, 2012 Lee Hojun Hong Kyung-min Friends K.Will
Ulala Session When It Rains on Tuesday
Sonya You Who Stand Outside
Huh Gak Like an Indian Doll
DK (December) Nervous Heart
Ailee Like a Night on Saturday
K.Will The Home Where You Step In
55 June 16, 2012 Yang Hee-eun DK (December) My Beloved's Love Huh Gak
Ryeowook (Super Junior) White Magnolia
Kingston Rudieska Beautiful Things
Sonya The Hangye River
Younha Follow your Dreams
Hong Kyung-min An Old Soldier's Song
56 June 23, 2012 Ailee Morning Dew
Noel Senoya Senoya
Ulala Session Small Pond
Huh Gak feat. Huh Gong Evergreen Tree
K.Will About the Loneliness of Love
Sunggyu (Infinite) Hopeless Love
57 June 30, 2012 Yoon Il-sang Ryeowook (Super Junior) Today I Ailee
Sonya Jung
Ulala Session I Love You Noona
K.Will Day
Hong Kyung-min Sorrow
Ailee Ties
Sunggyu (Infinite) Wave
58 July 7, 2012 Hyun Cheol Lee Hyun (8Eight) Give Me Back my Youth Ryeowook
Sonya Sitting or Standing, I’m Always Thinking of You
Hong Kyung-min Love Must be a Butterfly
Sunggyu (Infinite) My Heart is Like a Star
Ryeowook (Super Junior) feat. Shindong (Super Junior) & Eunhyuk (Super Junior) Garden Balsam Crush
Ailee I Hate Hatred
Ulala Session Love's Name Tag
59 July 21, 2012 K-Pop Top 10 Younha Summer Time Sweet Sorrow
Cha Ji-yeon Falling Star
Sunggyu (Infinite) feat. Dongwoo & Baby Soul (Lovelyz) Woman on the Beach
Ulala Session The Blue Night of Jeju Island
Hong Kyung-min Genuine
Ailee feat. Shin Bo-ra 3! 4!
60 July 28, 2012 Lee Hyun (8Eight) Summer Day Memory
Ryeowook (Super Junior) Lies in the Beach
Jun. K (2PM) Formal Goodbye
Sweet Sorrow Young Sun
aT Sea Bird
Sonya A Midsummer Night's Dream
61 August 11, 2012 Lee Sang-woo & Lee Sang-eun Ailee Night's Dream Ryeowook
Sunggyu (Infinite) Dam Da Di
Sonya Love Like a Sad Picture
Lee Hyun (8Eight) Someday
K.Will I’ll Love You
Ulala Session Pathetique
Ryeowook (Super Junior) 100M Before I Meet Her
62 August 18, 2012 Lee Jang-hee Ailee Rose Cha Ji-yeon
Lee Jung It's Too Lonely Dancing Alone
Hong Kyung-min What Can I Do About Liking You
K.Will A Farewell to Sorrow
NAVI Lightless Window
Sunggyu (Infinite) I’ll Give Everything to You
63 August 25, 2012 Windy City That's Just You
Ryeowook (Super Junior) Whistle Blowing
Ulala Session The Girl and I
Ali A Cup of Memories
Lee Hyun (8Eight) Haven’t Heard from You
Cha Ji-yeon feat. Diablo I Decided to Forget
64 September 1, 2012 Lee Sung-hwan Luna (f(x)) For a Thousand Days Ulala Session
Pia feat. Lee Sang-woo (No Brain) Crimson Camel
Cha Ji-yeon As Much as Love Broken by the World
Ailee My Heart Towards You
Ulala Session Dunk Shoot
Sweet Sorrow A Good Day
K.Will A Heart for One Person
65 September 8, 2012 Choi Sung-soo G.O (MBLAQ) Posterity Shin Yong-jae
Simon Dominic feat. Zion.T Grass Leaf Love
Ulala Session Strangers
Cha Ji-yeon Sorrow
The Moonshiners Our Happy Love
Luna (f(x)) Traveling Together
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Encounter
66 September 16, 2012 Yoo Shi-nae Cha Ji-yeon Ardent Love G.O
Luna feat. Amber (f(x)) Needlessly
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) To the DJ
Sweet Sorrow Let's Study
Toxic A Woman's Heart
Noel To Get Far Away from You
G.O (MBLAQ) Love's Poem
67 September 22, 2012 Yoon Hyung-joo & Kim Se-hwan Bobby Kim & Buga Kingz When You’re Angry Noel
Eye to Eye Sitting on the Road
Jung Dong-ha How Could This Be?
MBLAQ (G.O, Seungho & Lee Joon) You’re So Loveable
Hwayobi Lost Night's Rain
Cha Ji-yeon What Can I Do about Liking You
68 September 29, 2012 Teen Top Flower Shop Girl
Rumble Fish Saturday Night
Luna (f(x)) Fool
Noel Loving Heart
Sweet Sorrow White Handkerchief
4Men Wedding Cake
Special October 1, 2012 Chuseok Special – Best of the Classics
69 October 6, 2012 Cho Ja-moon Cha Ji-yeon Snowy Night Luna
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) You Who Know my Pain
Sweet Sorrow Our Love
G.O (MBLAQ) Why Me?
Luna (f(x)) I Don’t Know
Sanchez (Phantom) feat. G.NA If Only another Night
Noel The Sun
70 October 13, 2012 Song Daek-wan Shin Yong-jae (4Men) My Suni Sweet Sorrow
Cha Ji-yeon Four Beats
Windy City I’m Alone
Jung Dong-ha Because of Affection
Luna (f(x)) Sunny Day
B1A4 One Bus Ticket
Sweet Sorrow Popular Song
71 October 20, 2012 Shin Jung-hyun Ailee Dance within the Rhythm Sweet Sorrow
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Flower Petal
Ryeowook (Super Junior) I, You
Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) Dear You
No Brain feat. Bae Woo-hee Sergeant Kim's Return from Vietnam
Kim Tae-woo feat. Lee Won-jong Beautiful Gansang
72 October 27, 2012 Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Spring Rain
Ali feat. Loco Beautiful Woman
Jay Park Woman in the Rain
Hyolyn (Sistar) A Cup of Coffee
Lyn feat. San E Don’t Say You’ll Leave
Sweet Sorrow It's a Lie
73 November 3, 2012 Song Hae, Korea Sings Hwayobi Because I’m Frail Jung Dong-ha
Son Ho-yong Every Night
Byul Bright Red Lipstick
B1A4 Unconditional
Jung Dong-ha & Kim Tae-won Cold Blues
Cha Ji-yeon Weeds
74 November 10, 2012 Ha Choon-hwa Lee Ki-chan & Jeon Je-duk One Waterfowl Jung Dong-ha
B1A4 Shepherd's Arirang
Hwayobi Yeongam Arirang
Sweet Sorrow Someone I Met at the Lakefront
House Rulez Great Job
Jung Dong-ha The Man Who Left Me
75 November 17, 2012 Lee Yong Jung Dong-ha I Want to Be Son Ho-young
Sweet Sorrow Like Wind
Hwayobi Secret Love
Byul & Koonta First Love
B1A4 Forgotten Season
Son Ho-young Love, Happiness, and Farewell
76 November 24, 2012 Bae Ho Im Tae-kyung Who is Crying? Lee Ki-chan
Son Ho-young Foggy Jangchungdan Park
Jung Dong-ha The One that Disappeared into the Fog
Miss A The Last Leaf
Sweet Sorrow Remote Mountain Village
Hwayobi Midnight Farewell
77 December 1, 2012 Park Hyun-bin Darling
B1A4 Rain Falling in Myeongdong
Norazo Sagmakji Turnaround
Lee Ki-chan Today I’ll Confess
LEDApple Farewell
Cherry Filter Goodbye
78 December 8, 2012 Kim Beom-ryong JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) Raining in Winter B1A4
Shin Hye-sung (Shinhwa) Unprepared Farewell
Son Ho-young Hyeona
Sweet Sorrow Café and Woman
Jung Dong-ha Wind, Wind, Wind
B1A4 (Sandeul & Baro) Ways to Live Like a Man
79 December 15, 2012 Winter Special with Friends B1A4 & Kim Yoo-jung White Love Jung Dong-ha
Park Hyun-bin & Heo Kyung-hwan Walk Toward Heaven
Son Ho-young & Kim Tae-woo Winter Story
Sweet Sorrow & Jung Jae-hyung Summer Jingle Bells
JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) & Jo Kwan Woo Winter Story
Jung Dong-ha & Ali Gwanghwamun Sonata
80 December 22, 2012 Trot Big 4 Sunggyu (Infinite) Sunny Day Son Ho-young
As One & Verbal Jint Lovely Youngja
Sweet Sorrow Yellow Handkerchief
Hong Kyung-min Return my Youth
Park Hyun-bin Four Beats
JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) Hometown is South
81 December 29, 2012 Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri My Heart is Like the Stars
Jung Dong-ha Companion
Jin Ju Women and Men These Days
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Truly
Son Ho-young Song for Mothers
Simon Dominic & Zion.T The Name Tag of Love


List of episodes aired in 2013

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner
82 January 5, 2013 Uhm Jung-hwa Park Hyun-bin Festival IVY
Yoon Hyung-ryul A Love Only Heaven Permits
Brown Eyed Girls (JeA & Narsha) Three-Party Encounter
Teen Top Don't Know
Cherry Filter Tell Me
UV Pupil of the Eye
83 January 12, 2013 Jung Dong-ha Poison
Sweet Sorrow All Go Away
IVY Invitation
Youme Rose of Betrayal
Son Ho Young Find the Hidden Picture
2BiC Regret
84 January 19, 2013 Youth Parade Special (Song Seung-hwan and Wang Young-eun) Jung Dong-ha Farewell Trip Kang Min-kyung
Park Hyun-bin Kyung Ah
Infinite H and DJ Koo You and Only You
IVY Love is Like a Glass
Yoon Hyung-ryul A Farewell that is Not Goodbye
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) Missing You
85 January 26, 2013 Kim Jun-ho Huh Gak Little Bird Poppin Hyun Joon & Park Ae-ri
Infinite H Together in the Rain
Kim Da-hyun Girl with an Unknown Name
IVY White Butterfly (하얀 나비)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri As Days Go By
Jung Dong-ha Longing Hearts
86 February 2, 2013 In Sooni IVY Again ALi
Daybreak Weepin’ Willow
Infinite H Night After Night
Jung Dong-ha Goose's Dream
Ali Father
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) & Huh Jae-joon Dear Friend
87 February 9, 2013 Lunar New Year Special Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Mokpo the Harbour Jung Dong-ha
Infinite H Busan Seagull
Huh Gak Teary Dumangang
Jung Dong-ha Seoul's Affection
IVY Soyanggang Girl
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) Daejeon Blues
88 February 16, 2013 Kim Min-jong Youme Under the Sky Daybreak
Jung Dong-ha At the End of the World
Alex Feeling You
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) Kind Love
Daybreak With You
IVY Beautiful Pain
89 February 23, 2013 Yim Jae-beom Youme & Park Wan-kyu Scar Deeper than Love Kim Tae-woo
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) For You
Daybreak If This Night Passes
Jung Dong-ha The Fight
Illac Turn Up the Radio
Kim Tae-woo Confession
90 March 2, 2013 Moon Joo-ran Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Airport Farewell Wax
IVY Windmill that Doesn’t Spin
Daybreak The Road when it Drizzles
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) Dongsuk's Song
Mir & Seungho Men Annoy Women
Wax Idiot Adada
91 March 9, 2013 Byun Jin-sub Son Ho-young Like Birds Kim Da-hyun
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) Being Alone
2BiC Back to You
Daybreak For a Lady
Wax Back to Me
Kim Da-hyun feat. Kang Chan-hee & Kim Sae-ron Wishful Thinking
92 March 16, 2013 Chang Deok Wax After You Left EZ Hyung
MBLAQ (Mir & Seungho) feat. Soyou (Sistar) You Like Me, I Like You
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) I Don’t’ Want to Love
No Brain The Girl and the Streetlight
Kim Da-hyun Sending Me Off with a Smile
EZ Hyung For the Allotted Time
93 March 23, 2013 Pearl Sisters Kim Da-hyun Cup of Coffee Ailee & Bae Chi-gi
Wax Everyone's the Same
Hong Kyung-min Heart Like a Gypsy
Ailee & Bae Chi-gi My Dear
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) I Don’t Like It
4Men The One Who Will Leave
94 March 30, 2013 Women's Generation Wax & Park Hyun-bin Shabang Shabang Davichi
U-KISS (Soohyun, Kevin, Dongho) Wasp
Davichi The Maze of Love
Yoon Hyung-ryul Love
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) Challang Challang
Yurisangja A Song for my Wife
95 April 6, 2013 Sunflower (해바라기) Sonya White Love Yurisangja
Sandeul (B1A4) In your Arms
Teen Top My Heart's Jewel Box
Moon Myung-jin Not Just Sadness
4Men Love's Poem
96 April 13, 2013 Hong Kyung-min Tell Them Already
Alex Someone that Makes Me Happy
Wax feat. Heo In-sang & Kanto Everything is Love
Yurisangja Love is Always There
The SeeYa Cloud, Wild Flower, Stone, Woman
The Position You
97 April 20, 2013 Sim Soo-bong Bada All I Know is Love JK Kim Dong-wook
Jay Park Men are Ships, Women are Harbours
4Men Deeply Pleading
Rose Motel I’ll Fall in Love this Autumn
JK Kim Dong-wook One Million Roses
Wax I Hate It
98 April 27, 2013 Lee Moon-se Na Rae I Don’t Know Yet JK Kim Dong-wook
Huh Gak When my Love Passes By
Jay Park feat. Crush Red Sunset
Lee Jung Only the Sound of her Laughter
Jung Sung-hwa In the Rain
99 May 4, 2013 SPICA Flying in the Deep Night
Bada Old Love
Kim Tae-woo Hooray for Singles
JK Kim Dong-wook When You Look at Me
Moon Myung-jin Standing in the Shade of Roadside Trees
4Men Movie Datin’
100 May 11, 2013 Deulgukhwa Ha Dong-kyun After Love Moon Myung-jin
JK Kim Dong-wook Thia is my World
Jay Park & Youme Every Day with You
Jung Dong-ha Don’t Worry, Dear
4Men It's Only Me
101 May 18, 2013 The One It's Only Me
Sweet Sorrow Round & Round & Round
Lee Jung March
Ali Don’t Worry, Dear
Moon Myung-jin Until the Morning Brightens
Buga Kingz During my Life
102 May 25, 2013 Lee Seung-chul Moon Myung-jin feat. Honey Family There is None Like You Bada
Huh Gak The Western Sky
Ailee Hey, Hui
Young Ji The Last Concert
F.T. Island Jasmine Flower
Ulala Session Wandering
103 June 1, 2013 K.Will You're the Only One for Me
Choi Jung-in I Loved a Friend's Friend
Nine9 Don't Say Goodbye
Bada Girls' Generation
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Never Ending Story
Lee Jung Fate
104 June 8, 2013 Second Anniversary Special Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Arirang Im Tae-kyung
Jung Dong-ha Kwaejina Ching Ching Nane
4Minute (Gayoon, Jiyoon & Sohyun) Nuilliriya
Moon Myung-jin feat. Spacecowboy & Honey Family Roast Chestnut Ballad
Im Tae-kyung Bird Ballad
Bada For 500 Years
105 June 15, 2013 Jo Duk-bae The Position In my Dream Bada
Moon Myung-jin I Won’d Sing Sad Songs
Joosuc & Lim Jeong-hee You Look So Beautiful from the Back
Bada My Old Story
MBLAQ If You Come into my Heart
Seo In-young With a Flutter
106 June 22, 2013 Park Nam-jung Tim Dear Lady Niel & 100%
HotSechGodRG (Moon Hee-joon, Tony An, Danny Ahn, Eun Ji-won, & Chun Myung-hoon) Days with Rain
Bada Unsuccessful Love
Flower Goodbye my Love
Niel & 100% Longing for You
Hong Kyung-min Seen from Afar
107 June 29, 2013 Seol Woon-do Park Hyun-bin By Chance Moon Myung-jin
Youme The Lost 30 Years
Common Ground & AshGray Cause I Feel Sad
B1A4 Sister
Joosuc & Hong Jin-young A Woman Dancing Samba
108 July 5, 2013 Choi Jung-in Let's Dance the Cha Cha
Hong Kyung-min I Only Loved You
JK Kim Dong-wook I Will Forget
Bada Compass
Moon Myung-jin Woman, Woman, Woman
Lee Ki-chan Let's Twist
109 July 13, 2013 DJ Doc Jung Joon-young Remember Norazo
B1A4 Dance with DOC
Moon Myung-jin Summer Story
Bada Run to You
Norazo Murphy's Law
Sistar Ok? Ok!
110 July 20, 2013 Yoo Jae-ha Moon Myung-jin Because I Love You Ha Dong-kyun feat. GB9
Jo Wo-seon Melancholic Letter
Hong Kyung-min Past Day
JK Kim Dong-wook Covered Up Road
Ha Dong-kyun feat. GB9 You in my Arms
One More Chance Forever with You
111 July 27, 2013 Yoo Ho Im Tae-kyung My Love's Far Away Bada
Jo Moon-geun feat. 5ZiC (M.I.B) Barefooted Youth
Kim Ba-da Leaves Silently
ZE:A FIVE Sweet Eighteen and Real Man
Bada Song of Katusa
Moon Myung-jin Farewell at Busan Station
112 August 3, 2013 COOL Jung Joon-young Understanding Man and Woman Lee Jung
Moon Myung-jin Women on the Beach
Girl's Day All for You
Lee Jung Before It Becomes Too Sad
Bada & Oh Na-mi Sorrow
ZE:A Destiny
113 August 10, 2013 Love & Peace Im Tae-kyung & Jung Joo-ri Lady in Jeans JK Kim Dong-wook
Jung Dong-ha feat. Seo Jae-hyuk & Chae Je-min (Boohwal) I Cannot Tell You
Lee Sang Mother's Lullaby (사랑한 후에) & March
Gilme (Clover) A Rose
JK Kim Dong-wook I Want to Cry
Bada It's Been a While
114 August 17, 2013 Jang Mi-hwa & Im Hee-sok Gilme (Clover) Live Like the Wind Hong Jin-young & Outsider
Youme The Yoke of Love
Cho Jang-hyuk How Do I Say It?
EXO (Baekhyun & Chen) I Really Didn’t Know
JK Kim Dong-wook My Love Has Gone
Hong Jin-young & Outsider Hello
115 August 24, 2013 The Legend 7 Lee Jung You Are Not Alone and Beat It Jung Dong-ha (439)
Im Tae-kyung My Way
Bada In Praise of Death
JK Kim Dong-wook Past Love
ZE:A FIVE Hot Stuff
Moon Myung-jin Around Thirty
Jung Dong-ha Like Rain, Like Music
116 August 31, 2013 Jeon Young-rok Outsider feat. Kim Jae-kyung Write Love with a Pencil Bada
Gilme (Clover) White Night
Bada Spark
Rose Motel Paper Crane
Cho Jang-hyuk Evening Glow
EXO It's Still a Dark Night
117 September 7, 2013 Heartthrobs Special Jang Ho-il (015B) & Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) On an Empty Street Hyun Jin-young, Moon Hee-joon & Eun Ji-won
Sung Dae-hyun (R.ef) & ZE:A Despair and Farewell Formula
Shin Chul & Bada Why Do You
Lee Hyun-woo & Geeks The Day After You Left
Hyun Jin-young, Moon Hee-joon & Eun Ji-won You Inside my Dim Memory
Hwang Kyu-young & Norazo I Can Do It
118 September 14, 2013 Heartthrob Special with Nam Jin IVY If I Had a Lover (나에게 애인이 있다면) Ailee (386)
Can The Heroine of My Soul (내 영혼의 히로인)
ZE:A feat. Kyungri (9MUSES) Darling, Please Don’t Change (그대여 변치 마오)
Ailee Empty Glass (빈 잔)
LEDApple Heartbreakingly (가슴 아프게)
EXO With You (님과 함께)
119 September 21, 2013 JK Kim Dong-wook Should Have a Beautiful Heart (마음이 고와야지) Yang Dong-geun (429)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri feat. Crispi Crunch Mother (어머님)
Jung Dong-ha Love Me Once More (미워도 다시 한 번)
Yang Dong-geun Nest (둥지)
Cho Jang-hyuk It's Me (나야 나)
120 September 28, 2013 Yoo Yeol & Jung Sura Lee Soo-young This is a Break Up Cho Jang-hyuk
Teen Top (Niel & Changjo) Joy
Outsider feat. Jin Bo-ra Eruhwa
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Hymn to Love
Lim Jeong-hee Have You Seen my Love
Monday Kiz Just the Way You Are
121 October 5, 2013 Daybreak Happy Days are Gone
Hong Jin-young The Street of the City
Wax Father’ Chair
Cho Jang-hyuk Was It Just the Wind?
Yurisangja Autumn Rain
ZE:A Ah! Republic of Korea
122 October 12, 2013 Commemorative Songs Kim Jae-hee The More I Love Kim Jin-ho
Monday Kiz Fallen Tower of Love
Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) & Jung Jae-hyung With All my Tears
VIXX To Put It in Words
Lee Jung My Love that Followed the Leaves
Cho Jang-hyuk Nameless Girl
Kim Jin-ho As You Live
123 October 19, 2013 Choi Jin-hee Cho Jang-hyuk Are You my Life J2M
Bulnabang Star Sausage Club Because of my Lingering Love
Soyou (Sistar) & Jay Park Love Maze
Youme We Broke Up too Easily
J2M Spray
Wax Reunion in Heaven
Hong Kyung-min Baby Doll
124 October 26, 2013 Yim Jae-beom Moon Myung-jin If This Night Passes Sandeul
Ali I Could Love You Again
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Scar Deeper than Love
K.Will Where are you,My girl?
Wheesung Stigma
Sojung (Ladies' Code) Beautiful Misunderstanding
Sandeul (B1A4) I Am a Candlelight Before You
125 November 2, 2013 Shin Seung-hun Jung Joon-young Because I Love You V.O.S
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho After a Long Separation
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) I Believe
Ali By Chance
LEDApple Invisible Love
Sandeul (B1A4) My Way of Love
V.O.S You’re Just in a Higher Place
126 November 9, 2013 Kim Jung-soo & Kim Kook-hwan Sandeul (B1A4) Do You Know Kketsuni Im Tae-kyung
ZE:A My Heart Trembles
Lee Soo-young Let's Break the Dishes
Im Tae-kyung My Love
G.O (MBLAQ) My Heart is with You
Davichi Ta Ta Ta
127 November 16, 2013 Autumn Men Special Cho Jang-hyuk & Kimg Young-ho About Romance Im Chang-jung & Kim Chang-ryul
Ali & Kim Joon-hyun Paulownia Leaf
Changmin (2AM) & Dokgo Young-jae Train Station in Hometown
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) & Kim Donghyun Kim Sung Ho's Reminiscence
Sandeul (B1A4) & Choi Min-soo Woman in the Rain
Im Chang-jung & Kim Chang-ryul Turn Around at Samgakji
128 November 23, 2013 Onions Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Lone Path Yurisangja
Big Star Lone Goose
Lee Soo-young Letter
Choi Jung-in Truth about Love
V.O.S You Don’t Know
Yurisangja Little Bird
129 November 30, 2013 Park Sang-min V.O.S Plea Lee Hae-ri
Sandeul (B1A4) One Love
Teen Top Lady in Jeans
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) The Truth About Love
Jung Jae-wook A Farewell to Arms
Ali You Drifted Away
130 December 7, 2013 Remake Special Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Passion Flower Kim Ba-da
Cho Jang-hyuk Watermill Life
Lee Soo-young Your Shadow
Wheesung Night Fog
Teen Top Come and See Me
Jung Jae-wook Miss
131 December 14, 2013 Lee Ki-chan Wanderer
JK Kim Dong-wook Where I Sing
Tae One Now
V.O.S It's Snowing
Jang Hyun-seung Wedding Cake
Kim Ba-da Maria
132 December 21, 2013 Yoon Sang Huh Gak Through Huh Gak
V.O.S Inside the Military Draft Train
Uji (Bestie) One More Step
Sandeul (B1A4) You in my Memory
Lee Ki-chan Violent Fragrance
Bumkey & San E Shade of a Break Up
133 December 28, 2013 Tae Jinah Ulala Session I’m So Sorry Cho Jang-hyuk
T-ara Nov Everyone Can Fall in Love
U Sung-eun The Longing
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) Companion
V.O.S Girl Who Doesn’t Look at a Mirror
Cho Jang-hyuk Okgyeong


List of episodes aired in 2014

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner (Points)
134 January 4, 2014 The Rivals Hyolyn (Sistar) First Impression JK Kim Dong-wook
Ailee You Reflected in a Smile
V.O.S If I Have to Forget
Cho Jang-hyuk It's a Lie
Moon Myung-jin You Wouldn’t Know
Bada The Image of You Letting me Leave with a Smile
135 January 12, 2014 Ali Pure Love of a 19-Year Old
Jung Dong-ha Early Rain
Kim Ba-da Suzanne, Hello on the Window
Bae Ji-young Pierrot in the City
Rose Motel Don’t Change, my Love
JK Kim Dong-wook Forever
136 January 18, 2014 Kim Kwang-seok Jung Dong-ha I Loved You Ailee
Ali I’ll Become Dust
Soo Jin Wait for Me
Huh Gak In the Name of Love
Ailee It's Not Love if it Hurts Too Much
Rose Motel Story of a Couple in their 60s
137 January 25, 2014 Hometown Special Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Nostalgia Hong Kyung-min
T-ara (Hyomin & Eunjung) Faraway Hometown
Soo Jin Said
Yurisangja Tearful Tumen River
Bada Come Back to Busan Port
DickPunks Wild Rose
138 February 1, 2014 Lyn My Hometown in Distant Memory
Wax When You Go to L.A.
V.O.S My Hometown Chungcheong-do
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Harbour
(Niel (Teen Top) The Face I Miss
Hong Kyung-min I’ll Live on this Soil
139 February 8, 2014 Joo Hyun-mi Cho Jang-hyuk Rainy Yeongdong Bridge Gummy (445)
Taemin (Shinee) Hold On
Niel (Teen Top) One-Sided Love
Kim Jong-seo feat. Min Suk (Raccoon Boys) Teary Blues (눈물의 부르스)
Gummy You are Just a Memory Now
Daybreak My Love from Shinsa-dong
V.O.S We Met Again
140 February 15, 2014 Park Geon-ho V.O.S You Are Crying as Well Yoon Min-soo (419)
Kim Jong-seo feat. Min Suk (Raccoon Boys) Heartless Blues (무정부르스)
Yoon Min-soo A Love Story (어느 소녀의 사랑이야기)
Bada Circling Around
Niel & 100% Bobbed Hair
DickPunks Story of Last Night
141 February 22, 2014 Jeong Mi-jo Wax feat. Hanhae Rapids Kim Jong-seo (412)
Hong Kyung-min feat. Jung Yeong-ju Flame
Ben Waves
Lyn Love and Seasons
Jun. K (2PM) Oh! Love
Kim Jong-seo Whistle (휘파람을 부세요)
142 March 1, 2014 Independence Movement Day Special 100% Our Beautiful Country Kim Jong-seo (423)
Jun. K (2PM) Harbour of the Earth
Rose Motel Evergreen Tree and Bonjo Arirang (본조아리랑)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Living Away from Home
Kim Jong-seo feat. Yun Si-yeong My Country, My People (내 나라 내 겨레)
Hong Kyung-min feat. Song So-hee Arirang Alone
Yumi Hometown in my Dream
143 March 8, 2014 Actor Special Kim Tae-woo & Kang Boo-ja You and I 100% & Yang Huigyeong
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) & Hong Eun-hee That Guy
Hong Kyung-min & Oh Man-seok Already
Ailee & Lee Ji-hoon Green Wood
Bada & Kim Jun-ho I’ll Give You the Love Left in Me
100% & Yang Hee-kyung Romantic Cat
144 March 15, 2014 Lee Mi-ja Ulala Session Twilight Blues Sonya
Gummy Lady Camillia
B1A4 Maybe You Won’t Come Back
Ali Cry Strong Wind
Cho Jang-hyuk I Loved You
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Goodbye, Seoul
145 March 22, 2014 Im Tae-kyung Journey
The Ray Pure Love of a 19-Year Old
Lee Soo-young Teacher at an Island Village
Jung Dong-ha Miss
Wax Life of a Woman
Sonya Wild Goose Father
146 March 29, 2014 Lee Sun-hee Lena Park Turning the Pages of Memories The One
Park Soo-jin When Lilac Wilts
Ulala Session Ah, the Old Days
Bada I Always Miss You
Im Chang-jung Our Beautiful Country
Hong Kyung-min Conflict
147 April 5, 2014 Yoon Min-soo & Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Fate
Girl's Day (Sojin & Minah) Yeong
Rose Motel A Bout of Laughter
Ali Dear J
The One Where the Love Falls
Ben I Want to Know
148 April 12, 2014 Foreign Singers Special Ailee I Will Always Love You ZE:A
The One Early in the Morning
Got7 I Was Made for Dancing
Kim Jong-seo feat. Kim Tae-won (Boohwal) & Shin Daechul (Sinawe) Hotel California
ZE:A Step by Step
Bobby Kim Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
149 May 24, 2014 Family Special Jo Sung-mo Chilgab Mountain Wheesung
Seo Young-eun You Give me Happiness, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Youme Starry Night
Gummy Love Never Dies
Kim Jin-ho Family Picture
Orange Caramel Honey
Wheesung White Butterfly
150 May 31, 2014 Son Seo-ku Sonya My Dreams Faded Away Rose Motel
Lee Jung My Love is an Old Miss
The One My Only Love
BtoB Bright Moon of the Fifteenth Night
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Man in a Yellow Shirt
Rose Motel Last Stop of a Farewell
151 June 7, 2014 International Music Festival Special The One Woman Outside the Window Lee Se-joon
DickPunks Daring Woman
Jang Hyun-seung At the Flower Garden
Uji (Bestie) The Face that I Miss
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) feat. Ham Chun-ho I Love Only You
Seomoon Tak feat. SINZO Brilliant Light Inside that Flower
152 June 14, 2014 Lee Chi-hyun Hong Kyung-min I Met Her Again The One & Son Seung-yeon
Lee Jung Only You
Jang Hyun-seung Sorrow of Love
The One & Son Seung-yeon Before It Fades Away
aT I Wasn’t Lonely Then
Rose Motel Gypsy Woman
153 June 21, 2014 3rd Anniversary Special Jung Dong-ha Dear Friend Ulala Session (437)
Hong Kyung-min Dear DJ
Bada Unbloomed Flower
Kim Jong-seo Affection (애모)
JK Kim Dong-wook Tragic Love
Ulala Session Excuse
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Invisible Love
154 June 28, 2014 Park Si-chun Changmin (2AM) Farewell in Busan Station Gummy
Jeok Woo Hometown Flower
Jo Sung-mo Raining Gomoryeong
Fly to the Sky Spring Days Passed By
Choi Jung-in Sorrowful Serenade
Sunny Hill Sweet 18
Gummy Stationary Windmill
155 July 5, 2014 Summer Special ZE:A & 9MUSES Twist King JK Kim Dong-wook & MC Sniper
Jung Dong-ha & DickPunks Whale Hunting
Jo Sung-mo & Lim Jeong-hee Memory of Summer Day
Gummy & Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) Star Falls
Ailee & Shin Bo-ra Let's Go on a Trip
Orange Caramel & Jo Se-ho Ulleungdo Twist
JK Kim Dong-wook & MC Sniper Lying on the Sea
156 July 12, 2014 Campus Band Special Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) & NC.A Cloud and I Son Seung-yeon (415)
Hong Kyung-min Just Like That
Seomoon Tak Playing with Fire
Lee Hyeo-nu I Lived without Knowing the World
Orange Caramel What Should I Do
Son Seung-yeon I Am the Wind
DickPunks Let's Go to the Beach
157 July 19, 2014 Lee Ho-seop Lee Hyeo-nu Emergency Landing of Love Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Aeri ft Park Jaemin
Ali I Hate It
Han Ji-sang Woman of Kasbah
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Chan Chan Chan
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri feat. Park Jae-min Everyone Cha Cha Cha
Hong Kyung-min What is This
Lee Soo-young It Ripples
158 July 26, 2014 Jo Young-nam Jeok Woo Delilah ALi (447)
Seomoon Tak Hwagae Market
Lucky J It's Hard to be Humble
Homme Goodbye, City
Lee Hyeo-nu Green Grass of Hometown
Song So-hee I Can’t Live without Love
159 August 2, 2014 Ulala Session Watermill Life
Jo Sung-mo Peony and Camellia
Son Seung-yeon Now
Ali For Once in my Life
No Brain Mr. Choi's Third Daughter
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Love
160 August 9, 2014 Yoon Bok-hee V.O.S & SoReal Wanderer Ailee (417)
Jo Sung-mo Why Do You Look Back
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho I’ll Follow You
Son Seung-yeon Move
Ailee Everyone
Melody Day But Gosh
Homme I Will Never Return
161 August 16, 2014 Lee Gyeong-seop Shin Yong-jae (4Men) If I Leave Hong Kyung-min
Jung Jae-wook Sad Engagement
Bada To Heaven
Jo Sung-mo For my Remaining Love
Teen Top Promise
Ulala Session Barefoot Youth
Hong Kyung-min People who Make Me Sad
162 August 23, 2014 Original Girl Groups Special Homme feat. VMC I’m a 19-Year Old Bada (418)
Kim Kyung-ho The First Train (첫차)
DickPunks Radish Kimchi
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Weeping Willow
Mose I Can’t Just Leave like This
Son Seung-yeon Mapo Station
Bada Cup of Coffee
163 August 30, 2014 Million Seller Special Ailee Cocktail Love Homme (437)
Hong Kyung-min The Love of Neoanthropinae
Davichi Do You Know
Kim Kyung-ho Back to You (너에게로 또다시)
Tae One Don’t Say Goodbye
Seo In-young Magic Castle
DickPunks Bobbed Hair
164 September 6, 2014 Gummy feat. Jungyup (Clon) Kungddari Shabara
Uji (Bestie) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’ Nest
Son Seung-yeon For a Long Time After That
Lee Ki-chan The More I Love
Kang Woo-jin I Loved You
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Swamp
Homme When I Stand in the Shade of a Tree
165 September 13, 2014 Saturday NightHeat Bada I See It Son Seung-yeon (431)
DIA Don’t Leave
Kim Chang-yeol (DJ Doc) By the Moonlit Window
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho A Story of Lovers
Fly to the Sky Because of Love
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Life is Incomplete
166 September 20, 2014 Song So-hee Tomorrow
JK Kim Dong-wook I Should Sleep Now
Serengeti Beautiful
Son Seung-yeon I Can’t Find You Nightingale
BtoB Tell Her
Ali I Ran into You
Homme Saturday Night is Nice
167 October 4, 2014 Autumn Special Ben Brown Memory Kim Kyung-ho (421)
Hong Kyung-min feat. Hongdae Girls My Old-Time Story
Kim Young-ho Autumn Love
DickPunks See You in the Sad Season
Kim Kyung-ho Red Dragonfly (고추잠자리)
Son Seung-yeon Love that Left in Autumn
Bada When Time Passes
168 October 11, 2014 Immortal Harmony: Love Songs Kim Ba-da & Seomoon Tak Mona Lisa Yoon Min-soo & Shin Yong-jae
The One & Son Seung-yeon I Love You
Sonya & Son Jun-ho This is the Moment
Tae Jin-ah & Jeok Woo Beautiful Restriction
Yoon Min-soo & Shin Yong-jae Please
Jung Dong-ha & Ali Encounter
169 October 18, 2014 Michael Bolton Moon Myung-jin How Am I Supposed to Live without You Sohyang (442)
Hyolyn (Sistar) Missing You Now
Seo Ji-an A Love So Beautiful
Ailee Georgia on my Mind
Lena Park Completely
Jay Park When a Man Loves a Woman
Sohyang Lean on Me
170 October 25, 2014 Trot Kim Jong-seo In the Air (허공) and Arirang (아리랑) Im Tae-kyung (435)
Kim Jan-di Crossing the Teary Hill of Bakdaljae
V.O.S & SoReal In Despair
Im Tae-kyung feat. Paul Potts Love
Ben Oh my Baby
Teen Top My Sister
Boohwal I’ll Say Goodbye
171 November 1, 2014 Legendary Folk Duos Son Seung-yeon The Light of Hope Boohwal
The Scenery Seen on Bicycle Wedding Cake
Park Ki-young To You
E.Sang Someone Who Gives Me Happiness
Ben With Love
Moon Myung-jin feat. Rapper Number 11 Rose
172 November 8, 2014 Son Ho-young Just Say It
Ali feat. Kim Se-hwang (N.EX.T) Bygone Love
Jo Jung-chi, Eddy Kim, Jang Jae-in You
Wax You are Lovely
Boohwal feat. Youth Choir The White Handkerchief
Wheesung & Tae One I Hate You
173 November 15, 2014 Fallen Stars in November Kim Jin-ho My Love by my Side Moon Myung-jin (436)
Woong-san Walking in the Rain Together
Son Seung-yeon Bohemian Rhapsody
Cho Jang-hyuk End of Love
Kim Dong-myeong (Boohwal) Who Cries?
Ben All You Need is Love
Moon Myung-jin In my Arms
174 November 22, 2014 Song Chang-sik Huh Gak It's Love Rose Motel (430)
Sweet Sorrow A Beautiful Day
Kim Dong-myeong (Boohwal) feat. Park Wan-kyu The Song of Sanga
Dynamic Duo feat. Crush A Man with a Flute
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Out the Window, It's Raining
Cho Jang-hyuk feat. Skull Why Are You Calling Me?
175 November 29, 2014 S Cigarette Girl
Noel We
Son Seung-yeon & Kim Ki-lee Toham Mountain
Lee Ji-soo The Rain and Me
Rose Motel She Might
The Scenery Seen on Bicycle My Guitar Story
176 December 6, 2014 Lee Bong Jo Ali Desert Island S (427)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) & Nam Young-joo You
Kim Dong-myeong (Boohwal) Leave without a Word
4Men The Face I Long For
Seo Ji-an Stars
Bada The Night Fog
177 December 13, 2014 Sweet Sorrow Morning
Jung Eun-ji Apink Because of Love
Park Ki-young Class of Love
S feat. Joe Kwanwoo At the Flower Bed
Hong Dae-kwang Barefoot Youth
TRAX & Zhou Mi Despite your Smile
178 December 20, 2014 Yang Hee-eun JK Kim Dong-wook Impossible Love Sweet Sorrow (427)
Ali Seven Daffodils
Park Su-jin feat. Feeldog (Big Star) White Magnolias
S Land of Happiness
Son Ho-young & Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A) Senoya Senoya
Hong Kyung-min feat. Son Nan-yeong Hangyeryeong
Sweet Sorrow About Love and its Loneliness
179 December 27, 2014 Special Visit from Actors Park Yeong-gyu Una furtiva lagrima (L'elisir d'amore) Kang Boo-ja
Joon Mi-sun & Son Jun-ho Way Back Home
Im Ha-ryong About Romance
Choi Jung-won Musical Medley
You Min-sang & Kim Jun-hyun You're the Only One
Kang Boo-ja Sad Destiny


List of episodes aired in 2015

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner (Votes)
180 January 3, 2015 Songs of Hope Special Jung Dong-ha Live (사노라면) Ulala Session (419)
Ben A Goose's Dream (거위의 꿈)
The Barberettes A Father's Youth (아빠의 청춘)
JK Kim Dong-wook Get Up (일어나)
Buzz To You (그대에게)
Lim Kim (Togeworl) & Eddy Kim The Young Who Live Off Dreams (꿈을 먹는 젊은이)
Ulala Session Bravo, My Life
181 January 10, 2015 Composer Kim Yeong-gwang Lee Hyun Seonhui's Bag (선희의 가방) Kim Kyung-ho (428)
Jeok Woo A Girl's High School Days (여고 시절)
Jung Dong-ha Soft-hearted (마음 약해서)
MAMAMOO Wait A Minute (잠깐만)
Hong Kyung-min Love Is A Seed Of Tears (사랑은 눈물의 씨앗)
Kim Kyung-ho As Days Go By (날이 날이 갈수)
Son Seung-yeon Help Me Forget (잊게 해주오)
182 January 17, 2015 Musical Families Special Seo Ji-an Reminisce (회상) Hong Kyung-min (425)
Son Seung-yeon Flying Like A Bird (한마리 새가 되어)
Kim Kyung-ho We (파초)
EXID You Like Me, I Like You (너 나 좋아해 나 너 좋아해)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Love (사랑이여)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) A Cup of Tea (찻잔)
Hong Kyung-min The One Who Will Have To Leave (떠나야 할 그 사람)
183 January 24, 2015 Lee Jang-hee Park Ki-young Goodbye, A Word That's Too Short (안녕이란 두 글자는 너무 짧죠) No Brain (398)
Kwon In-ha Mother's Lullaby (어머님의 자장가)
S Goodbye (안녕)
Niel (Teen Top) I Can't Quite Put My Finger On It (뭐라고 딱 꼬집어 얘기할 수 없어요)
No Brain Love Is Such A Common Word (사랑이란 말은 너무너무 흔해)
The Barberettes It's Way Past Midnight (자정이 훨씬 넘었네)
184 January 31, 2015 Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) I'll Give You Everything (나 그대에게 모두 드리리) Han Ji-sang (431)
Buzz It's You (그건 너)
Homme Let's Now Forget (이젠 잊기로 해요)
Park Soo-jin A Drink of Memories (한 잔의 추억)
Han Ji-sang Lover (애인)
Jun In-hyuck The Wanderer In The Rain (비의 나그네)
185 February 7, 2015 Yoo Seung-yeob Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) White Dandelion (하얀 민들레) Kim Kyung-ho (431)
Son Seung-yeon Like a Swallow (제비처럼)
Seo Ji-an I Miss You Even When I'm With You (보고 있어도 보고 싶은 그대)
Homme As You Are Anyone (당신은 누구시길래)
Shannon My Love Who Loved Me More Than I Loved Myself (나보다 더 나를 사랑하는 님이시여)
Kim Kyung-ho The Winter Rose (겨울 장미)
Cho Jang-hyuk Night Train (밤차)
186 February 14, 2015 Lee Young-hoon S In The Rain (빗속에서) Yoon Min-soo (443)
Davichi Goodbye, My Love (이별 이야기)
MAMAMOO Flying into the Night Sky (깊은 밤을 날아서)
Moon Myung-jin As Time Passes (세월 가면)
Homme Girl (소녀)
Yoon Min-soo (Vibe) Bygone Love (옛사랑)
No Brain As You Live In This World (이 세상 살아가다 보면)
187 February 21, 2015 Traditional Folk Songs Sohyang Arirang Alone (홀로 아리랑) Song So-hee (428)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Milyang Arirang (밀양 아리랑)
Jo Kwan-woo & Jo Tong-dal Simcheongga (심청가) & Mother and Sister (엄마야 누나야)
Sun Woo Bird Bird, Blue Bird (새야 새야 파랑새야)
Yang Dong-geun feat. Iron Ongheya (옹헤야)
DickPunks Moon Song (달타령)
Song So-hee A Boatman's Song (자진 뱃노래)
188 February 28, 2015 Kim Soo-hee Ulala Session How Could You Do This To Me? (너무 합니다) Park Ki-young (435)
Jo Jung-min Train Station (정거장)
Homme Now Is Not The Time To Leave (지금은 가지 마세요)
Son Seung-yeon Lost Love (잃어버린 정)
MAMAMOO Passion Flower (정열의 꽃)
Boohwal Love Story (애모)
Park Ki-young Wound (멍에)
189 March 7, 2015 Return of the Stars Special Kim Tae-woo Delilah (딜라일라) Son Seung-yeon (405)
Sandeul (B1A4) Cosmos Flower Song (코스모스 피어 있는 길)
Ailee Ambiguous (아리송해)
K.Will Farewell (이별)
Ulala Session I Heard a Rumor (풍문으로 들었)
Son Seung-yeon Wanderer (하숙생)
190 March 14, 2015 Lee Jung Gamsugwang (감수광) S (423)
Kim Jong-seo A Woman Outside the Window (창밖의 여자)
Jung Dong-ha Rain (빗물)
S feat. Hyoyeon (Girls' Generation) Weeds (잡초)
Ali Before It's Too Late (늦기 전에)
Moon Myung-jin Prayer (기도)
191 March 21, 2015 Hometown of Stars Special Yang Geum-seok My Only Love is Gone (내 하나의 사람은 가고) Oh Jung-hae (413)
M&D (Kim Hee-chul & Kim Jungmo) feat. Bae Ki-sung Spring Days of My Life (내 생에 봄날은)
Song Hae Wandering Youth (유랑 청춘)
Oh Jung-hae Tears of Mokpo (목포의 눈물)
Noh Joo-hyun You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Kim Tae-woo & Shin Bo-ra Come Back to Busan Harbor (돌아와요 부산항에)
192 March 28, 2015 Songwriter Gil Ok-yoon Buzz I Can't Live Without You (그대 없이는 못 살아) Kim Tae-woo & KIXS (434)
Jo Kwan-woo feat. Poppin Hyun-joon Love, Once Again (사랑이여 다시 한)
Rumble Fish Lights and Shadows (빛과 그림자)
S When You Go to Nasung (나성에 가면)
Moon Myung-jin feat. DinDin The Third Han River Bridge (제3 한강교)
Dreamgirls cast (Yoon Gong-ju, Park Eun-mi, Choi Hyun-sun, Uji) Ask the Stars (별들에게 물어봐)
Kim Tae-woo & KIXS (DMTN) Daybreak Rain (새벽비)
193 April 4, 2015 Baettaragi Lee Hye-min MAMAMOO The Way to Sampo (삼포로 가는 길) Kim Tae-woo (428)
Norazo Wangsimni, 1959 (59년 왕십리)
Lee Jung & Youngji Do You Like the Spring Rain So Much? (그댄 봄비를 무척 좋아하나요)
Ali Under the Poplar Tree (포플러 나무 아래)
Park Ki-young Swallowtail Butterfly (호랑나비)
Kim Tae-woo Rain Is Falling On Your Small Flowerpot (그대 작은 화분에 비가 내리네)
15& Between the Rain and a Teacup (비와 찻잔 사이)
194 April 11, 2015 Songwriter Park Seong-hoon & Park Hyeon-jin Ali 99.9 Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri (415)
Bae Ki-sung Hwang Jini (황진이)
Minah (Girl's Day) The Guy Who Left Me (날 버린 남자)
S Jang Noksu (장녹수)
Nam Sang-il The Broken Clock (고장 난 벽시계)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Treat Me Well While You Can (있을 때 잘해)
195 April 18, 2015 Choi Jung-won Love Is Not a Joke (사랑은 장난이 아니야) Lee Jung (431)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Garden Balsam Crush (봉선화 연정)
Jo Jung-min Love is a Butterfly (사랑은 나비인가 봐)
Son Ho-young Shaken by the Wind, Wet from the Rain (바람에 흔들리고 비에 젖어도)
Lee Jung & NOLZA Unconditional (무조건)
Hong Kyung-min & Yoon Gong-ju The Rope of Love (사랑의 밧줄)
196 April 25, 2015 Seo Yoo-seok Noel (Kang Kyun-sung & Jeon Woo-sung) Shadow (그림자) Boohwal (428)
Sandeul (B1A4) Be Blunt (뚝 잘라 말해)
Rumble Fish Beautiful Lover (아름다운 사람)
Hwang Chi-yeul The Wandering Cloud (구름 나그네)
Song So-hee Sky (하늘)
Boohwal Arirang Alone (홀로 아리랑)
Choi Jung-in The Passing of Time (가는 세월)
197 May 2, 2015 Seven Legends Special Im Tae-kyung & Kim Mae-ja Spring Days Are Passing (봄날은 간다) Rose Motel & Ryu Bok-sung (439)
Hwang Chi-yeul & Lee Saeng-kang Chilgapsan Mountain (칠갑산)
Gummy & Song Hong-sub Is Anyone There? (누구 없소?)
Park Ki-young & Shim Sung-rak The First Rain (초우)
Rose Motel & Ryu Bok-sung Friends Forever (영원한 친구)
Ali & Choi Sun-bae My Lover Is Far Away (님은 먼 곳에)
Son Seung-yeon & Kim Duk-soo Poor Gentleman (빈대떡 신사)
198 May 9, 2015 English Pop Songs JK Kim Dong-wook When I Dream Sohyang (416)
MIIII Yesterday()
Kang Hong-seok Hound Dog
Sohyang Bridge over Troubled Water
Jung Dong-ha Heal the World
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Let It Go
Bada My Heart Will Go On
199 May 16, 2015 Family Special Lee Hyun-kyung & Min Young-ki We're in Love (사랑하는 우리) Hwang Chi-yeul (425)
Sul Woon-do & Lumin The Song of the Wind (바람의 노래)
Lee Dong-woo My Way
JK Kim Dong-wook & Yang Okhui Encounter (만남)
Son Seung-yeon & Jung Gi-chun Sleepless Rainy Night (잠 못 드는 밤 비는 내리고)
Hwang Chi-yeul Father (아버지)
200 May 23, 2015 Kim Soo-chul Sonya Always a Stranger (언제나 타인) JK Kim Dong-wook (419)
Ulala Session Life (세월)
Jung Dong-ha Love Them All (모두 다 사랑하리)
Block B (Taeil & P.O) Why Don't You Know? (왜 모르시나)
JK Kim Dong-wook The Flower that Stopped Blooming (못다 핀 꽃 한 송이)
Nam Sang-il Men Are Lonely (남자는 외로워)
201 May 30, 2015 Garlixx Get a Grip (정신 차려) Moon Myung-jin (432)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Change of Heart (변심)
Park Ki-young Rain and Goodbye (비 그리고 이별)
Hwang Chi-yeul Tomorrow (내일)
Moon Myung-jin Parting (별리)
Park Sang-min Truly You (정녕 그대를)
202 June 6, 2015 Lee Seung-chul Hwang Chi-yeul That Person (그 사람) ALi (437)
Kim Tae-woo Heeya (희야)
Kim Yeon-ji You Are Another Me (넌 또다른 나)
Park Ki-young Never Ending Story
Homme Today I Will (오늘도 난)
Ali No One Else (그런 사람 또 없습니다)
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) feat. Shin Yong-jae (4Men) Don't Leave (떠나지마)
203 June 13, 2015 Famous Song Covers Sandeul (B1A4) Come Back to Me Again (그대 내게 다시) Lee Jung (414)
JJY Band I Heard a Rumor (풍문으로 들었소)
Cho Jang-hyuk Thorn Tree (가시나무)
Kim Sun-kyung feat. Lee Jug-wang & Choi Hyeok-ju Instinctively (본능적으로)
Lee Jung Only Longing Grows (그리움만 쌓이네)
Son Seung-yeon The Day I Met You (당신과 만난 이 날)
204 June 20, 2015 Horan The Meaning of You (너의 의미) Jung Dong-ha (439)
4Men Once Again (한 번만 더)
T.L Crow Lady in the Rain (빗속의 여인)
Seo Jung-hack On the Flower Bed (꽃밭에서)
Jung Dong-ha If You're Like Me (나와 같다면)
Lee Ji-hoon (S) Sad Fate (슬픈 인연)
205 June 27, 2015 Seven Divas Special Kim Yeon-ji Lost Umbrella (잃어버린 우산) Seomoon Tak (442)
Youngji When Years Pass (세월이 가면)
Ali Delight (환희)
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) That Only is My World (그것만이 내 세상)
Son Seung-yeon feat. Ahn Kap-sung You're Deep Inside My Heart (내 마음 깊은 곳의 너)
Bada The Dance in Rhythm (리듬 속에 그 춤을)
Seomoon Tak The Unknown World (미지의 세계)
206 July 4, 2015 Moon Hee-ok & Kim Ji-ae Nam Sang-il Last Name Is Kim (성은 김이요) Kim Yeon-ji (423)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Spinning Wheel (물레야)
Ulala Session The Annoying One (얄미운 사람)
Hwang Chi-yeul Because of Affections (정 때문에)
Buzz A Secret Love (몰래 한 사랑)
Kim Yeon-ji Men from the South, Women from the North (남남북녀)
T.L Crow The Street of Love (사랑의 거리)
207 July 11, 2015 Goo Chang-mo Shin Yong-jae (4Men) The Moment I Saw You (처음 본 순간) Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho (416)
Jessi feat. Yuk Jidam Lonely, Lonely (외로워 외로워)
Song So-hee Lost (방황)
Seomoon Tak To My baby (아가에게)
Rose Motel & Lee Sung-woo (No Brain) Met You by Chance (어쩌다 마주친 그대)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Cloud and Me (구름과 나)
208 July 18, 2015 Min Young-ki Mature As Much As You're Hurt (아픈 만큼 성숙해지고) T.L Crow (436)
Hong Kyung-min feat. TheEastLight. Open the Door (문을 열어)
Kim Yeon-ji I Really Don't Know (난 정말 모르겠네)
T.L Crow The Flower of My Heart (내 마음의 꽃) & It Wasn't That Long (길지 않은 시간이었네)
DK (December) Far Away (아득히 먼 곳)
Huh Gak Huinari (희나리)
209 July 25, 2015 Summer with Friends Special Seo Yi-sook & DK (December) Lie Down in the Sea (바다에 누워) Yang Dong-geun & Jung Joon (429)
Lee Dong-wook & Oh Hyun-kyung Wabderer (하숙생)
Jung Han-yong & Kim Seung-hwan I Who Lost Love (사랑을 잃어버린 나)
Yang Dong-geun & Jung Joon Oh Happy Day
Sleepy & Song Ji-eun (Secret) Let's Go to the Beach (해변으로 가요)
Park Yeong-gyu & Lee Yung-yeong Granada
210 August 1, 2015 Men of Immortal Songs Jung Dong-ha Someday (언젠가는) Im Tae-kyung (425)
Teen Top (Niel & Changjo) feat. (Kim Won-jun) When Everyone's Asleep (모두 잠든 후에)
Buzz After Love (사랑한 후에) & March (행진)
Im Tae-kyung Hymn to Love (사랑의 찬가)
Moon Myung-jin A Letter for the Heart (마음에 쓰는 편지)
Hwang Chi-yeul The Sad Engagement Ceremony (슬픈 언약식)
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) For a Thousand Days (천 일 동안)
211 August 8, 2015 Songwriter Kim Jeong-tak 2BiC White Night (하얀 밤에) Lee Jung & NOLZA (429)
Ailee Don't Say Words that Hurt (이젠 가슴 아픈 말 하지 말아요)
T.L Crow Every Night (밤이면 밤마다)
Lee Jung & NOLZA Spark (불티)
Melody Day The Daughter of a Fisherman (어부의 딸)
Horan Really (정말로)
Hwang Chi-yeul I Guess the Night Is Still Dark (아직도 어두운 밤인가 봐)
212 August 15, 2015 Super Rookie Showdown Nam Sang-il White Butterfly (하얀 나비) Hwang Chi-yeul (430)
Seo Ji-an The Wind Blows (바람이 분다)
Hwang Chi-yeul You're Just Somewhere a Little Higher Than Me (나보다 조금 더 높은 곳에 니가 있을 뿐)
Hello Stranger Pierrot Smiles at Us (삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지)
T.L Crow Cigarette Girl (담배 가게 아가)
Kim Yeon-ji I Hope It Would Be That Way Now (이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네)
DK (December) Forever (영원)
213 August 22, 2015 Lyricist Ban Ya-wol Oh Jung-hae The Unfilial Child Cries (불효자는 웁니다) Park Sang-min (427)
Hwang Chi-yeul Crossing the Bakdaljae Pass in Tears (울고 넘는 박달재)
Han Ji-sang The Lady of the Cabin (산장의 여인)
Horan Pure Love at 19 (열아홉 순정)
Park Sang-min feat. Park Ka-kyung & Park So-yoon Father's Youth (아빠의 청춘)
Yeo Eun (Melody Day) Virgin of the Soyang River (소양강 처녀)
Hong Kyung-min feat. Kim Se-hwang (N.EX.T) & Kim Young-suk Miari Hill of Pain (단장의 미아리 고개)
214 August 29, 2015 Adapted Songs with C'est Si Bon (Jo Young-nam & Yoon Hyung-joo) MAMAMOO Delilah (딜라일라) 2BiC (385)
Rooftop House Studio My Hometown Chungcheong-do (내 고향 충청도)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Love Is in the Air (축제의 노)
2BiC Sealed With a Kiss (키스로 봉한 편지)
Choi Jung-won Now (이제는)
215 September 5, 2015 Jo Jung-min Oppa (오빠) Kim Tae-woo (436)
Ben Our Story (우리들의 이야기)
Ali Beautiful Things (아름다운 것들)
Bada A Million Roses (백만 송이 장)
Hwang Chi-yeul Love That Left with the Fallen Leaves (낙엽 따라 가 버린 사랑)
Kim Tae-woo Life like a Waterwheel (물레방아 인생)
216 September 12, 2015 Joo Young-hoon Kim Yeon-ji Musical (뮤지컬) Seomoon Tak (424)
Kim Feel Rhapsody of Sorrow (비의 랩소디)
DickPunks G Cafe
Jo Jung-min Festival
Lee Jung & NOLZA Twist King
Seomoon Tak Don't Give Up (포기하지 마)
217 September 19, 2015 Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Our Love like This (우리 사랑 이대로) Bada (433)
Bada Rose of Betrayal (배반의 장미)
DK (December) Talk of Dreams (꿈의 대화)
EXID (Solji, LE & Hyelin) Poison (포이즌)
Rose Motel Sad Dream (비몽)
Homme Lovable (사랑스러워)
218 September 26, 2015 Chuseok Special Han Suk-joon & JJY Band Soul Mates (천생연분) Cho U-jong & Lee Hyun-woo (383)
Chung Daeun & Teen Top (Niel & Changjo) Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan (서울 대전 대구 부)
Do Kyung-wan & Youngji The Rose That Blooms At Night (밤에 피는 장미)
Lee Jung-min & Hwang Chi-yeul Pink Lipstick (분홍 립스틱)
Choi Seung-don & Hong Kyung-min The Friend of Yeongil Bay (영일만 친구)
Cho U-jong & Lee Hyun-woo Apartment (아파트)
219 October 3, 2015 Jo Su-mi Song So-hee If I Leave (나 가거든) Im Tae-kyung (446)
Kim Jong-seo Champions
Paul Potts & Ali Nostalgic Geumgangsan (그리운 금강산)
Park Ki-young I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
Son Jun-ho feat. Kim Sang-jin Son of the Moon (달의 아들)
Im Tae-kyung feat. Go Young Bin, Yi Chang-wan & Kim Ki-sun I Can't Say Goodbye (불인별곡)
220 October 10, 2015 Lyricist Kim Sung-on Kim Tae-woo You Stand Outside the Door (문 밖에 있는 그대) Kim Feel (437)
Lee Ki-chan Red Dragonfly (고추잠자리)
Choi Jung-in feat. Miwoo Mine (나만의 것)
Horan Like an Indian Doll (인디언 인형처럼)
Son Seung-yeon Traces (흔적)
Park Sang-min The Song of the Wind (바람의 노래)
Kim Feel Seoul, This Place (서울 이 곳은)
221 October 17, 2015 Boohwal Seomoon Tak Never Ending Story Kim Ba-da (432)
Son Seung-yeon Lonely Night
Kai The More I Love (사랑할수록)
Moon Myung-jin Heeya (희야)
U Sung-eun Beautiful Truth (아름다운 사실)
Kim Ba-da The Story of You and the Rain (비와 당신의 이야기)
Huh Gak Reminiscence III (회상 III)
222 October 24, 2015 Shin Hae-chul Ha Dong-kyun Fly Chick (날아라, 병아리) Hong Kyung-min (424)
Jung Dong-ha Don't Look So Sad (슬픈 표정 하지 말아요)
KIXS (DMTN) Jazz Cafe (재즈 카페)
K.Will The Dream of a Freshwater Eel (민물장어의 꿈)
Hong Kyung-min & N.EX.T Goodbye (안녕)
Son Seung-yeon When Our Lives Are Almost Over (우리 앞의 생이 끝나갈 때)
Tei You're Deep Inside My Heart (내 마음 깊은 곳의 너)
223 October 31, 2015 Bae Ho Son Jun-ho Goodbye at Midnight (영시의 이별) MAMAMOO (404)
Kyun Woo Today I Confess (오늘은 고백한다)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) The Last Leaf (마지막 잎새)
Tei Who Cries? (누가 울어)
MAMAMOO Backwoods (두메산골)
Kim Hyung-joong Foggy Jangchungdan Park (안개 낀 장충단 공원)
224 November 7, 2015 Bae Ki-sung You (당신) Park Ki-young (429)
Horan Love Lost in the Fog (안개 속으로 가버린 사랑)
Red Velvet (Seul-gi, Wendy & Joy) Goodbye (안녕)
Park Ki-young Goodbye (굿바이)
Kim Feel The Eye of Gold (황금의 눈)
Lazybone Turn Around at Samgakji (돌아가는 삼각지)
225 November 14, 2015 An Chi-hwan 2BiC On Which Star (우리가 어느 별에서) ALi (430)
Park Ki-young Pine, Pine, Green Pine (솔아 솔아 푸르른 솔아)
Hong Kyung-min Cricket (귀뚜라미)
Yoon Yeong-seok Flutter (훨훨)
Luna (f(x)) Salt Doll (소금 인형)
JJY Band If I (내가 만일)
Ali People are More Beautiful Than Flowers (사람이 꽃보다 아름다워)
226 November 21, 2015 Kim Jung-ho Hwang Chi-yeul White Butterfly (하얀 나비) Kim Bo-kyung (426)
N.EX.T A Girl Whose Name is Unknown (이름 모를 소녀)
Horan Missing You (보고 싶은 마음)
Bada & Yoon Hyung-Ryul The Truth About Love (사랑의 진실)
Kim Ba-da & Burstered The Smile of a Lonesome Woman is Sad (고독한 여자의 미소는 슬퍼)
Kim Bo-kyung Together in the Rain (빗속을 둘이서)
December Little Bird (작은새)
227 November 28, 2015 Baek Ji-young Son Seung-yeon I Won’t Love (사랑 안 해) Hwang Chi-yeul (432)
Ailee feat. Wheesung That Woman (그 여자)
Stephanie Choice (선택)
Han Ji-sang Don’t Forget (잊지 말아요)
Hwang Chi-yeul Burden (부담)
Kim Feel Like Being Shot (총 맞은 것처럼)
228 December 5, 2015 The Celebrity Fans of Celebrities Hong Kyung-min & Kim Jung-min Endless Love (무한지애) Im Se-jun & Jamie Jones (437)
Kim Shin-young & Shin Yu Sea Bird (바다새)
Cultwo & Lee Hyun Celebrity (연예인)
Sunwoo Yong-yeo & Nam Sang-il Never (영영)
Im Se-jun & Jamie Jones Your Smile in My Memory (미소 속에 비친 그대)
No Min-woo & Kim Tae-won Mona Lisa (모나리자)
229 December 12, 2015 g.o.d Kim Feel Road () Son Seung-yeon (431)
GFRIEND Love and Remember (사랑해 그리고 기어해)
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) feat. Yubin (Wonder Girls) To Mother (어머님께)
Hwang Chi-yeul feat. Kim Yeon-ji Lies (거짓말)
Teen Top The Place Where I Need You to Be (니가 있어여 할 곳)
Son Seung-yeon feat. U Sung-eun, Miwoo, Ji Se-hee, Lee Ye-joon One Candle (촛불 하나)
230 December 19, 2015 Composer Jung Pung-song Kim Dong-myeong (Boohwal) Is It Hatred or Yearning? (미움인지 그리움인지) Son Jun-ho feat. Kim Sang-jin & Park Jeong-taek (422)
Kim Yeon-ji Fading Memory (갈색 추억)
Kim Jung-min I Hate You (미워 미워 미워)
Son Jun-ho feat. Kim Sang-jin & Park Jeong-taek Farewell (석별)
Kim Bo-kyung Farewell Over a Teacup (찻잔의 이별)
Nam Sang-il Vanish Into the Air (허공)
Lazybone It Must Be a Raindrop (아마도 빗물이겠지)
231 December 26, 2015 The Immortal Big Match Jung Dong-ha I Miss You (보고 싶다) Jung Dong-ha (418)
Son Seung-yeon Is Anyone There? (누구 없소)
Kim Jong-seo Gethsemane (겟세마네)
Sohyang Everyone (여러분)
Ali Binari (비나리)
Huh Gak The Letter (편지)
Hong Kyung-min Everything in This World (세상만사)


List of episodes aired in 2016

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner (Votes)
232 January 2, 2016 Songs of Hope Special Lazybone Tearful Tumen River (눈물 젖은 두만강) Seomoon Tak (443)
Kim Jung-min Reason for Existing (존쟁의 이유)
Park Ki-young Nella Fantasia (넬라 판타지아)
Ali Does Anyone Know This Person (누가 이 사람을 모르시나요)
Byul Farewell (이 별)
The One feat. Jin Min-ho Arirang All Alone (홀로 아리랑)
Seomoon Tak Hand in Hand (손에 손잡고)
233 January 9, 2016 Married Couples Special Kim Ji-woo & Raymon Kim Unpredictable Life (알 수 없는 인생) Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri (424)
Heo Gyu & Shin Dong-mi Dream of a Doll (인형의 꿈)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Phantom of the Opera (오페라의 유령)
Park Jung-gyu & Jin Song-a Love (사랑) & Musical (뮤지컬)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Whale Hunting (고래사냥)
Yoon Hyung-bin & Jung Kyung-mi I’m Sorry (미안해요)
234 January 16, 2016 Oh Seung-geun & Jo Hang-jo December The Boat Girl (처녀 뱃사공) Park Sang-min (432)
Horan If (만약에)
Kim Ba-da What's Wrong With My Age (내 나이가 어때서)
Purfles Be Nice While You Can (있을 때 잘해)
Stephanie You Leave (떠나는 임아)
Park Sang-min Lie (거짓말)
Ulala Session Find Love Find Life (사랑 찾아 인생 찾아)
235 January 23, 2016 Kim Kwang-seok Monni Although I Loved You (사랑했지만) Lee Se-joon (408)
Roy Kim At Around Thirty (서른 즈음에)
Ryeowook My Song (나의 노래)
Son Seung-yeon Stand Up (일어나)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Love That Hurt Too Much (너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을)
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) To You (너에게)
236 January 30, 2016 Park Ki-young Story of an Old Couple (어느 60대 노부부 이야기) Kim Feel (443)
Sweet Sorrow With the Heart to Forget you (잊어야 한다는 마음으로)
Haena The Private's Letter (이등병의 편지)
Stephanie Becoming Dust (먼지가 되어)
Homme Those Days (그날들)
Kim Feel Wait for Me (기다려줘)
237 February 6, 2016 Lunar New Year Special Park Sang-min Nillili Mambo (늴리리 맘보) Sweet Sorrow (439)
Son Seung-yeon Dream ()
Stephanie Lost Umbrella (잃어버린 우산)
Byul Come Back to Me Again (그대 내게 다시)
Hong Kyung-min Rose (장미)
Sweet Sorrow Saturday Night (토요일 밤에)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri During My Life (사노라면) & Song of Hope (사노라면)
238 February 13, 2016 Choi Baek-ho Son Jun-ho feat. Kim Sang-jin & Park Jeong-taek Run (뛰어) Lyn (437)
Nam Sang-il About Romance (낭만에 대하여)
Park Ki-young Right (그쟈)
Kim Bo-kyung My Heart Has Nowhere (내 마음 갈 곳을 잃어)
Sweet Sorrow The Night Before Army Enlistment (입영전야)
Lazybone The Friend From Yeongil Bay (영일만 친구)
Lyn Father (애비)
239 February 20, 2016 Oh Tae-ho DickPunks Farewell Unlike Farewell (이별 아닌 이별) Jung Dong-ha (427)
Hong Ji-min If Only I Began (나만 시작한다면)
Sweet Sorrow Humble Confession (화려하지 않은 고백)
Jung Dong-ha My Love By My Side (내 사랑 내 곁에)
Choi Jung-in Even If A Memorable Day Comes (기억날 그 날이 와도)
Park Ki-young A Night's Dream (하룻밤의 꿈)
Lee Ye-joon Between Love and Friendship (사랑과 우정 사이)
240 February 27, 2016 Min Hae-kyung Lee Ye-joon No More Love (사랑은 이제 그만) Stephanie (421)
Horan My Heart Is By Your Side (내 마음 당신 곁으로)
Ben My Life Is Mine (내 인생은 나의 것)
Moon Myung-jin feat. DinDin You Are A Rose (그대 모습은 장미)
MAMAMOO Love Story Of A Girl (어느 소녀의 사랑 이야기)
2BiC Though You Are Smiling Like A Doll (그대는 인형처럼 웃고 잇지만)
Stephanie The Face I Miss (보고 싶은 얼굴)
241 March 5, 2016 Kim Jong-seo Chorus of Five (Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja), Stephanie, DK (December), Son Jun-ho & Kim Yeon-ji) Beautiful Restriction (아름다운 구속) Fierce Band (437)
Lee Ye-joon I Am Going To Leave Becoming A Bird (새가 되어 가리)
Ali Epilogue (에필로그)
Moon Myung-jin Winter Rain (겨울비)
Fierce Band (Hong Kyung-min, Son Seung-yeon, Kim Ba-da, Jo Jung-min & Park Ga-Ram (DickPunks)) Plastic Syndrome (플라스틱 신드롬)
Park Ki-young Still Now (그래도 이제는)
Seomoon Tak You Do Not Answer (대답 없는 너)
242 March 12, 2016 Songwriter Park Chun-seok Park Ki-young Met The Man From The Lakeside (호반에서 만난 사람) Im Tae-kyung (411)
Nam Sang-il The Island Teacher (섬마을 선생님)
Brave Girls Mapo Terminal (마포종점)
Im Tae-kyung I Can Not Forget (못 잊어)
Eric Nam Separation of Airport (공항의 이별)
Kim Jung-min Should Have A Beautiful Heart (마음이 고와야지)
243 March 19, 2016 Son Jun-ho feat. Kim Sang-jin & Park Jeong-taek Empty Glass (빈잔) Kim Kyung-ho (442)
GFRIEND The Thorn Birds (가시나무새)
Kim Tae-woo Heartbreakingly (가슴 아프게)
Big Brain Turn Waterwheel (물레방아 도는데)
Stephanie Elegy of Twilight (황혼의 엘레지)
Kim Kyung-ho Early Rain (초우)
244 March 26, 2016 Actors Special Park Jun-gyu feat. Park Jong-chan You Can Do It (넌 할 수 있어) Kim Seung-woo (419)
Lee Ah-hyun Sad Fate (슬픈 인연)
Im Chae-moo A Song For My Wife (아내에게 바치는 노래)
Park Jun-geum feat. Bae Da-hae After The Night (이 밤이 지나면)
Kim Ji-woo feat. Kang Woung-gon & Oh Ji-young It's Raining Men (하늘에서 남자들이 비처럼 내려와)
Kim Seung-woo feat. Choi Ho-Joong, Yun Da-yeong & Lee Seung-yeon Youth (청춘) & Don't Worry, My Dear (걱정 말아요, 그대)
245 April 2, 2016 Composer Ha Kwang-hoon Sandeul (B1A4) I'll Give You The Love I Have Left (내게 남은 사랑을 드릴게요) Lazybone (435)
Jung Dong-ha Swamp ()
Park Sang-min Promise (약속)
Kangnam feat. Boi B Becoming Alone (홀로 된다는 것)
Lim Jeong-hee It's Only Love (사랑일 뿐야)
Lazybone Friends Like Rest (휴식 같은 핀구)
Hong Ji-min To You Again (너에게로 쪼자시)
246 April 9, 2016 Park In-hee V.O.S A Promise (약속) Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho (417)
Park Ki-young As Time Passes (세월이 가면)
Nam Kyeong-ju & Lee Hyun-woo Wanderer (방랑자)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Between The Missed Ones (그리운 사람끼리)
Jatanpung Spring Comes The Pathway (봄이 오는 소리)
Son Seung-yeon White Shell (하얀 조가비)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Fire in the Open Air (모닥불)
247 April 16, 2016 Lyricist Kim Dong-chan MATILDA Garden Balsam Feelings (봉선화 연정) Kim Kyung-ho (421)
Kim Kyung-ho Sling (돌팔매)
U Sung-eun Four Beats (네 박자)
Kim Tae-woo Fire of Love (사랑의 모닥불)
Bae Da-hae Label of Love (사랑의 이름표)
Song So-hee Love And Seasons (사랑과 계절)
Son Jun-ho feat. Kim Sang-jin Nest (둥지)
248 April 23, 2016 Spring Special Annyeongbada feat. EZ (Ggotjam Project) Cocktail Love (칵테일 사랑) No Brain (439)
Ali Spring Rain (봄비)
Bae Da-hae Rose (장미)
Nam Sang-il Like a Swallow (제비처럼)
Kim Jung-min Spring Rain (봄비)
Lyn The Wild Rose (찔레꽃)
No Brain Love Grass (풀잎사랑)
249 April 30, 2016 Yoon Soo-il Bae Da-hae feat. Royal Pirates Anything But Love (사랑만은 않겠어요) MAMAMOO (433)
Kangnam Apartment (아파트)
Clazziquai Beautiful (아름다워)
Kim Jong-seo & Hong Kyung-min feat. Romantic Punch Second Home (제2의 고향)
MAMAMOO Wonderful Confession (황홀한 고벡)
Lim Jeong-hee Memory (추억)
Rose Motel Don’t Leave (떠나지마)
250 May 7, 2016 Lyricist Kang Eun-kyung Kim Ba-da Can’t Have You (가질 수 앖는 너) Son Seung-yeon (421)
VIXX The Last Match (마지막 승부)
Hong Dae-kwang Do You Know (아시나요)
Son Seung-yeon Forbidden Love (금지된 사랑)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri If I Leave (나가거든)
Kim Yeon-ji My Own Grief (나만의 슬픔)
Nunsense II (Park Hae-mi, Lee Tae-won, Ryu Su-hwa) feat. DinDin Murphy's Law (머피의 법칙)
251 May 14, 2016 Month of Gratitude Special Shin Yeon-ah (Big Mama) & Lee Dong-woo In My Dream (꿈에) Choi Baek-ho & Lyn (439)
Jeon In-kwon & Lee Hi It's Only My World (그것만이 내 세상)
Han Pa-so & Park Ki-young Rose of Betrayal (배반의 장미)
Ahn Sook-sun & Nam Sang-il Heungbuga (훙보가)
Jung Hoon-hee & Yoon Hee-seok Kimchi Blues (김치 빌루스)
Choi Baek-ho & Lyn Confined (멍에)
252 May 21, 2016 Choi Kyung-soo & Ham Jung-a Son Jun-ho Two Shadows in the Fog (안개 속의 구 그림자) Kim Jang-hoon (428)
Kim Hyung-joong If I Had Loved Someone (내게도 사랑이)
Kangnam Thing Called Happiness (헹복이란)
December Can You Return (돌려줄 수 없나요)
Park Ki-young Heard It Through the Grapevine (풍문으로 들었소)
Twice Y.M.C.A.
Kim Jang-hoon Unacceptable (아니야)
253 May 28, 2016 Composer Baek Yeong-ho Kim Bo-kyung Sorrowful Serenade (추억의 소야곡) Song So-hee (393)
Boohwal Journey (여로)
Song So-hee Haeundae Elegy (해운대 엘레지)
Homme I Will Confess Today (오늘은 고벡한다)
Kim Tae-woo Camellia Lady (동백 아가씨)
Park Mi-kyung Lady (아씨)
Sam Kim Chupung Pass (추풍령)
254 June 4, 2016 Lee Hyun-woo & Kim Jung-min Lim Jeong-hee The Day After You Left (헤어진 다음날) V.O.S (441)
Seomoon Tak Endless Love (무한지애)
Royal Pirates I Have to Forget You (슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해)
Hong Kyung-min Sad Promise (실픈 언약식)
Jung Dong-ha Boom Boom Boom (붐붐붐)
Woohyun (Infinite) Last Promise (마지막 약속)
V.O.S Dream ()
255 June 11, 2016 Hong Seo-bum Kim Ji-woo feat. Osina, Kang Woung-gon My Love to You (내 사랑 투유) Rose Motel (435)
Muzie A Prayer of Bereft Leftovers (가난한 연인들의 가도)
Clazziquai The Night You Left (그대 떠난 이 밤에)
I.O.I It's Fire Play (불놀이야)
Son Seung-yeon Want Ad (구인광고)
Rose Motel Kim Satgat (감삿갓)
Lee Su-hyeon (Akdong Musician) I Did Not Want Love From You (나는 당신께 사랑을 원하지 않맜어요)
256 June 18, 2016 Legendary harmony with Lee Seung-chul Kim Feel Don't Tell Me Goodbye (안녕이라고 말하지마) Lee Hae-ri (439)
Son Ho-young My Love
Jung Eun-ji (Apink) Destiny (인연)
Teen Top (Niel & Changjo) Even Today (오늘도 난)
Choi Jung-in Western Sky (사쪽 하늘)
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) Jasmine (말리꽃)
257 June 25, 2016 Memorial Day Special Lazybone To the Land of Happiness (행복의 나라로) Lee Yeong-hyeon (429)
Kim Tae-woo The Land of the Morning Calm (아침의 나라에서)
JK Kim Dong-wook Holy Arirang (홀로 아리랑)
Ali Morning Dew (아침 이슬)
Kai Wood Monument (비목)
Park Ki-young Coordination (조율)
Lee Yeong-hyeon Beautiful Land (아름다운 나라)
258 July 2, 2016 First Half of 2016 Winners Kim Kyung-ho Be Mine Forever (영원히 내게) Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho (431)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Dear Friend (친구여)
Kim Jang-hoon Red Sunset Glow (붉은 노을)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Memory (from musical Cats (캣츠))
Seomoon Tak Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (아름다운 강산)
Rose Motel Let's Go To The Beach (해변으로 가요)
Son Seung-yeon Remember (기억해 줘)
259 July 9, 2016 Yang Soo-kyung Ali Avoidance (외면) Moon Myung-jin (413)
The Lush When Tomorrow Comes (내일이 오면)
Muzie Where is the End of Goodbye (이별의 끝은 어디인가요)
No Brain Love is a Cold Temptation (사랑은 차가운 유혹)
Woohyun (Infinite) An End I Do Not Understand (알 수 없는 이별)
Moon Myung-jin I Can't Bear To See You (바라볼 수 없는 그대)
260 July 16, 2016 Jung Dong-ha Where Are You? (당신은 어디에 있나요) Lee Yeong-hyeon (434)
KCM Destiny (인연)
Yoon Soo-hyun I Want To Forget (잊을래)
Solji (EXID) Love Is Like Rain Outside My Window (사랑은 창밖에 빗물 같아요)
Lee Yeong-hyeon What I Couldn't Say (못다 한 고백)
Ben You (그대는)
261 July 23, 2016 Summer story with friends Sohyang & JK Kim Dong-wook Childish Adult (어른 아이) Vibe (437)
Hong Kyung-min & Cha Tae-hyun I Wait Everyday (매일 매일 기다려)
Yangpa & Sam Kim Because I Love You (사랑하기 때문에)
Vibe I Want To Cry (울고 싶어라)
Nam Geong-ju & Choi Jung-won Almost Paradise
Kim Tae-won & Kim Jong-seo Memory III (회상 III)
262 July 30, 2016 Songwriter Ahn Chi-haeng Hong Kyung-min Oh, Wind (아 바람이여) Lim Jeong-hee (432)
No Brain Paulownia Leaf (오동잎)
Lovelyz Yeongdong Blues (영동 부르스)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Cloud Drifter (구름 나그네)
Park Ki-young Moon Halo (달무리)
Lim Do-hyuk Yeonan Pier (연안부두)
Lim Jeong-hee I Cry As I Regret (울면서 후회하네)
263 August 6, 2016 Roo'ra Stephanie 100th Day (100일 째 만남) Choi Jung-won (428)
Park Jung-ah & Garlixx Lover (연인)
Son Seung-yeon & Baechigi No Secrets (비밀은 없어)
Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo & Zhou Mi Pro and Amateur (프로와 아마추어)
Melody Day Summer of Love
ZE:A (Kevin & Dongjun) & 9MUSES (Kyungri & Hyemi) Wingless Angel (날개 잃은 천사)
Choi Jung-won 3! 4!
264 August 13, 2016 Summer Song Festival Special Rose Motel Kite () BtoB (427)
Hong Ji-min Young Smile (젊은 미소)
Choi Min-soo & MC Sniper I Lived Yet Knew Nothing Of This World (세상 모르고 살았노라)
BtoB To My Lover (님에게)
Homme Just Like That (그대로 그렇게)
Second Moon feat. Kim Junsu & Ko Yeong-yeol Summer (여름)
Lim Do-hyeok The Clouds and Me (구름과 나)
265 August 20, 2016 Seven Diva Special Lee Young-hyun I Will Survive (난 괜찮아) Son Seung-yeon (439)
Kim Na-young Once Upon A Day (하루)
Yangpa Music Is My Life
Solji (EXID) As We Live (살다가)
Son Seung-yeon The Unwritten Legend (전설 속의 누군가처럼)
Lim Jeong-hee Pierrot Smiles at Us (삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지)
Hyolyn (Sistar) If I'd Loved Only A Bit (조금만 사랑했다면)
266 August 27, 2016 Chris Norman Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Mexican Girl Kim Jo-han (424)
Ailee Stumblin' In
Sam Kim I'll Meet You At Midnight
Boohwal & Kim Do-kyun What Can I Do
Kim Jo-han Living Next Door to Alice
Park Ki-young If You Think You Know How to Love Me
267 September 3, 2016 Drama Soundtrack Special Big Brain You Are My Everything Kim Dong-jun (429)
Im Tae-kyung My Destiny
Song So-hee Onara (오나라) & I Can't Say Goodbye (불인별곡)
Lyn Here I Am
Homme Snow Flower (눈의 꽃)
Rose Motel Don't Forget (잊지 말아요)
Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A) Like the First Day (처음 그 날처럼)
268 September 10, 2016 Songwriter Im Jong-su Lee Ki-chan & Hur Gyu & Kim Shin-eui Take It (가져가) Kim Tae-woo (436)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho A Song For My Wife (아내에게 바치는 노래)
Kim Kyung-ho Hometown Station (고향역)
Bae Da-hae You'll Never Know (모르리)
Lazybone Because I'm a Man (남자라는 이유로)
Kim Tae-woo Okgyeong (옥경이)
Lim Do-hyeok Floating Weeds (부초)
269 September 17, 2016 Chuseok Special with Nam Jin Son Jun-ho & Yun Seonok Love Me Once Again (미워도 다시 한 번) Nam Sang-il & Lee Myeongsun (419)
Jung Sung-ho & Oh Yeongsuk With My Love (님과 함께)
Moon Hee-ok & Kim Hansun Brokenhearted (가슴 아프게)
Son Seung-yeon & Jeong Gichun If I Had a Lover (나에게 애인이 있다면)
Nam Sang-il & Lee Myeongsun I Love You (당신이 좋아)
Kim Bo-kyung & Han Minyeong Darling, Please Don't Change (그대여 변치 마오)
270 September 24, 2016 Cherbourg Special Clazziquai The Truth About Love (사랑의 진실) Kang Hong-seok (407)
Ben A Letter Written in Tears (눈물로 쓴 편지)
Lovelyz Love, Love, Who Said It (사랑 사랑 누가 말했나) & Youth Who Lived off of Dreams (꿈을 먹는 젊은이)
Kim Hyun-sung Little Lovers (작은 연인들)
Seomoon Tak Long-Awaited Reunion (해후)
Kang Hong-seok Heartless Blues (무정 부르스)
271 October 1, 2016 Im Tae-kyung Nameless Girl (이름 모를 소녀) Yurisangja (424)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri The Way to Sampo (삼포로 가는 길)
Kim Juna With your eyes (눈으로)
Kim Ba-da I Wonder Where You Are By Now (어디쯤 가고 있을까)
Yurisangja Autumn Love (가을 사랑)
Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A) You Outside My Door (문 밖에 있는 그대)
272 October 8, 2016 Songwriter Shin Jae-hong December In the Recesses of Memory (기억 속에 먼 그대에게) Yangpa (435)
Wheesung Desire and Resentment (원하고 원망하죠)
BMK When This Night Passes (이 밤이 지나면)
Davichi Amidst this sadness I Must Forget You (슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Sad Sea (슬픈 바다)
Lee Ye-joon Goodbye Trip (이별 여행)
Yangpa For You (너를 위해)
273 October 15, 2016 Arirang Special Kim So-hyun Arirang Alone (홀로 아리랑) Kim Kyung-ho (434)
Son Seung-yeon Milyang Arirang (밀양 아리랑)
Boohwal Bonjo Arirang (본조 아리랑)
Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A) Yeongam Arirang (영암 아리랑)
Song So-hee Gangwon-do Arirang (강원도 아리랑)
Kim Kyung-ho Arirang Mokdong (아리랑 목동)
Second Moon feat. Kim Junsu & Ko Yeong-yeol Jindo Arirang (진도 아리랑)
274 October 22, 2016 Kim Jang-hoon DIA Highway Romance (고속도로 로망스) Yangpa (423)
Kim Yeon-ji (423)
Se7en Even if You get Cheated by the World (세상이 그대를 속일지라도)
Hong Kyung-min I am a Man (난 남자다)
Bae Da-hae If You Feel As I Do (나와 같다면)
Yangpa While Living Life (사노라면)
Kim Yeon-ji Sad Gift(슬픈 선물)
275 October 29, 2016 Songwriter Lee Beom-hui Lim Jeong-hee Promises (약속) Nam Gyeong-ju (419)
Cosmic Girls Monologue (독백)
December A Girl's Story of Love (어느 소녀의 사랑 이야기)
Kim Hyun-sung feat. Giant Pink Party of Tears (눈물의 파티)
Nam Gyeong-ju feat. Seo Beom Seok, Seong Du-seop & Heo Gyu Forgotten season (잊혀진 계절)
Lazybone Let's Study (공부합시다)
Son Ho-young Paper Crane (종이학)
276 November 5, 2016 We are one, Singing of reunification BMK They Said (라구요) Youme (439)
Contempo Divo Geumgangsan, How I Long For You (그리운 금강산)
Nam Sang-il Away, 38th Parallel (가거라 삼팔선)
Kim Yeon-ji Rusty Railroad (녹슬은 기찻길)
GFRIEND Our Land ()
Kim Jong-seo Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (아름다운 강산)
Youme Letter for Daedonggang (대동강 편지)
277 November 12, 2016 Kim Hyun-sik Hang Dong-geun Making Memories (추억 만들기) Huh Gak (428)
Lisa I Loved You (사랑했어요)
Jung Dong-ha Alleyway (골목길)
Se7en Like Rain, Like Music (비처럼 음악처럼)
Huh Gak My Love by My Side (내 사랑 내 곁에)
VROMANCE Love, Love, Love (사랑 사랑 사랑)
MAMAMOO You are Always by My Side (언제나 그대 내 곁에)
278 November 19, 2016 Poets' Songs Special Wax Farewell (이별 노래) KCM (439)
I.O.I People are More Beautiful than Flowers (사람이 꽃보다 아름다워)
Im Tae-kyung Blowin' in the Wind
Kim Hyun-sung Blue Day (푸르른 날)
Kim Ba-da Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Take Homesick (향수)
KCM Azaleas (진달래꽃)
279 November 26, 2016 Friend Special Kim Jeong-hoon & Uji (Bestie) With You Always (그대와 영원히) Lee Tae-sung & Yoon Hyun-min (423)
Lee Young-ha & Ryu Jeong-pil It Is You (그건 너)
Park Soo-hong & Park Kyung-lim This Isn't Right (이게 아닌데) & Dear Friend (친구여)
Lee Yoo-ri & An Yoo-jin & Jung Sang-yoon You Mean Everything to Me & Stupid Cupid
Lee Tae-sung & Yoon Hyun-min I'm a Butterfly (나는 나비)
Bang Joong-hyu & Han Soo-yeon Into Memories (기억 속으로)
280 December 3, 2016 Composer Choi Jun-young B1A4 Before It Gets Any Sadder (슬퍼지려 하기 전에) Tei (433)
Sweet Sorrow Can't Get Over You (미련)
Mio My All (순정)
BMK Fix My Makeup (화장을 고치고)
Kim Feel Seoul Moon (서울의 달)
Stephanie Come Back ()
Tei The Flight (비상)
281 December 10, 2016 Kim Seong-ho Lim Jeong-hee Recollection (회상) Homme (441)
Kim Yeon-ji Have You Ever had Coffee with an Angel? (당신은 천사와 커피를 마셔 본 적이 있습니까?)
Kim Hyun-sung Just One More Time (한 번만 더)
OH MY GIRL Balloons (풍선)
Contempo Divo When I First Met You (너를 처음 만난 그 때)
SS301 I'm Fine (나는 문제없어)
Homme I'm Loneliness, You're Longing (나는 외로움, 그대는 그리움)
282 December 17, 2016 Songwriter Jeon Young-rok Take Destiny (인연) Ailee (416)
Astro Don't Look Back (돌이키지마)
Kim Ba-da Promise Like a Passing Breeze (약속은 바람처럼)
Ailee Don't Forget Me (나를 잊지 말아요)
Kim Se-jeong (Gugudan) Love is Like Rain Outside My Window (사랑은 창 밖의 빗물 같아요)
Kim Ji-woo Wind, Please Stop Blowing (바람아 멈추어다)
Hong Kyung-min & Son Jun-ho & Ji Joo-yeon I Hate You (얄미운 사람)
283 December 24, 2016 Best of the Best Competition Ali With Our Love (사랑으로) Huh Gak (433)
Kim Kyung-ho Tomorrow (내일)
Lee Young-hyun Into The New World (다시 만난 세계)
KCM Confession (고해)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Time to Say Goodbye
Huh Gak Running Across the Sky (하늘을 달리다)
284 December 31, 2016 Tei Back in Those Days (그 날들) Tei (437)
MAMAMOO You, In My Fading Memory (흐린 기억 속의 그대)
Lyn Memories are Sadder than Love (기억이란 사랑보다)
Yurisangja The Teahouse in Winter (그 겨울의 찻집)
Jung Dong-ha I Hope It Would be that Way Now (이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네)
Kim Tae-woo We are (우리는)


List of episodes aired in 2017

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner (Votes)
285 January 7, 2017 New Year Special Hwang Chi-yeul Joy (환희) Park Ki-young & Kim Hyuk-gun (435)
Nam Kyung-eup & Nam Kyung-ju Bridge over Troubled Water
Park Ae-ri & Nam Sang-il Sunny day (해 뜰 날)
Ladies' Code Butterfly
Hong Kyung-min & Um Hong-gil Evergreen Tree (상록수)
Park Ki-young & Kim Hyuk-gun (The Cross) The Prayer
286 January 14, 2017 Hye Eun-yi Jung Dong-ha Soliloquy (독백) Park Wan-kyu (439)
Hwayobi You Wouldn't Know (당신은 모르실 거야)
Son Seung-yeon I'm Every Woman & The Third Hangang Bridge (제3 한강교)
Lazybone Rain at Dawn (새벽비)
KCM Passion (열정)
Park Jae-jung Regret (후회)
Park Wan-kyu Elegy (비가)
287 January 21, 2017 Songwriter Jo Wun-pa Hyun Jin-young Empty Glass (빈 잔) Seo Ji-an (417)
Seo Ji-an Wings (날개)
Eunkwang (BtoB) Letter That was Sent Blank (백지로 보낸 편지)
Oh Jung-hae Chilgapsan (칠갑산)
Park Ki-young Yeonan Pier (연안 부두)
Uji (Bestie) feat. MC Gree Strangers Again (도로 남)
Kim Hyun-sung Okgyeong (옥경이)
288 January 28, 2017 Seollal Season Special Yang Hee-kyung & Han Seung-hyun You Can Do It (넌 할 수 있어) Jang Yun-jeong & Do Kyung-wan (422)
Kim Ji-sun and Family Balloon (풍선)
Luna (f(x)) & Park Jin-young Father (아버지)
Hong Seo-beom & Jo Gap-kyung & Hong Seok-ju Where is the End of this Breakup? (이별의 끝은 어디인가요)
Jang Yun-jeong & Do Kyung-wan Match Made in Heaven (천생연분)
Park Jae-jung & Park Yi-jeong Magic Castle (마법의 성)
289 February 4, 2017 Uhm Jung-hwa AOA (Except: Yuna) Festival KCM (409)
Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) feat. Kim Jong-min Invitation (초대)
Jung Seung-hwan After Love (후애)
Kang Hong-suk feat. Kim Kiri D.I.S.C.O
Ulala Session Hidden Pictures (숨은 그림 찾기)
KCM I Don't Know (몰라)
290 February 11, 2017 Rose Motel Rose of Betrayal (배반의 장미) Huh Gak (423)
Huh Gak A Love Only Heaven Permits (하늘만 허락한 사랑)
IVY & Min Woo-hyuk Your Eyes (눈동자)
Seventeen Tell Me (말해줘)
Homme Poison
Matilda Go Away (다 가라)
291 February 18, 2017 Park Jung-woon & Kim Min-woo Park Wan-kyu One Day in the Far Future (먼 훗날에) Ben & Im Se-jun (432)
Niel (Teen Top) feat. Ricky (Teen Top) & 100% (Rokhyun & Hyukjin) My Friend, My Place of Reprieve (휴식 같은 친구)
Lee Ji-hoon Inside the Conscription Train (입영 열차 안에서)
Tei It's Just How I Love You (사랑일 뿐야)
Hello Venus When Tomorrow Comes (내일이 찾아 오면)
Park Jae-jung My Love Existed Only to be with You (그대만을 위한 사랑)
Ben & Im Se-jun On a Night Like Tonight (오늘 같은 밤이면)
292 February 25, 2017 Songwriter Choi Jong-hyeok Park Wan-kyu Heart Will Have Lost Its Way (내 마음 갈 곳을 잃어) Song So-hee & Ko Yeong-yeol (439)
Voisper You're Crying Too (당신도 울고 있네요)
Seo Ji-an To the DJ (DJ에게)
Kim Kyung-ho Run (뛰어)
Kim Myung-hoon (Ulala Session) Goodbye Song (이별 노래)
Park Ki-young Song For You (열애)
Song So-hee & Ko Yeong-yeol This is Goodbye (이별이래)
293 March 4, 2017 Kang In-won Oh My Girl (Except: JinE) You're Smiling as Pretty as a Doll (그대는 인형처럼 웃고 있지만) Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho (434)
Moon Hee-kyung You're Like a Rose (그대 모습은 장미)
Lim Jeong-hee I Love You, I Love You (사랑해 사랑해)
Kim Kyung-ho & Hong Kyung-min & Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Watercolor Painting on a Rainy Day (비 오는 날의 수채화)
Bae Da-hae I Will Love You First (제가 먼저 사랑할래요)
Min Woo-hyuk Our Love is Half the Other's World (사랑은 세상의 반)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Long Ago (오래 전에)
294 March 11, 2017 Kim Myung-gon Kim Jung-min Round and Round (빙글빙글) Park Ki-young (440)
Ulala Session Tell Her for Me (그녀에게 전해주오)
Sugar Donut & Yuk Joong-wan (Rose Motel) Open the Door (문을 열어)
Eve City Streets (도시의 거리)
Michael K. Lee & Kim Sa-eun I See (보이네)
Park Ki-young Goodbye Written on the Window (유리창에 그린 안녕)
Kim Wan-sun & KNK Great Joy (환희)
295 March 18, 2017 Yoon Jong-shin Jung Seung-hwan Your Wedding (너의 결혼식) Roy Kim (432)
Shin Yong-jae (4Men) On the Street (거리에서)
Jannabi My Day (나의 하루)
Ali Instinct (본능적으로)
Lee Seok-hun (SG Wannabe) Annie
Roy Kim That Day Long Ago (오래전 그 날)
Kwak Jin-eon Reincarnation (환생)
296 March 25, 2017 Park Jae-ran Kim Myung-hoon (Ulala Session) In the Southern Village over that Hill (산 너머 남촌에는) Min Woo-hyuk (433)
Brave Girls (Except: Hyeran) Ranch Girl in the Straw Hat (밀짚모자 목장 아가씨)
Choi Jung-won The Pearl Fishers (진주조개 잡이)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) My Love ()
Park Hye-kyoung Lucky Morning (럭키 모닝)
Min Woo-hyuk feat. Bubble Sisters Blue Wings (푸른 날개)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Narrow-Mouth Toad Taryeong (맹꽁이 타령)
297 April 1, 2017 Kim Kwang-jin Moon Myung-jin Magic Castle (마법의 성) Ailee (427)
Ben & Im Se-jun Pledge of Love (사랑의 서약)
GFriend Fox (여우야)
Min Woo-hyuk Remember (기억해 줘)
Ki Hyun Just that You're in this World (그대가 이 세상에 있는 것만으로)
Na Yoon-kwon As I did that First Day (처음 느낌 그대로)
Ailee Letter (편지)
298 April 8, 2017 300th Episode Special Part 1:
KBS entertainment gods
Kim Jong-min & Jung Joon-young (Drug Restaurant) (Team 2 Days & 1 Night) Saturday Nights are Amazing (토요일은 밤이 좋아) Lee Young-ja & Cultwo feat. Shin Dong-yup (429)
Hyun Woo & Muzie (Team Singing Battle – Victory) Like Rain, Like Music (비처럼 음악처럼)
Jang Yun-jeong & Do Kyung-wan feat. Park Mo-se (Team I Like to Sing) Though the World May Deceive You (세상이 그대를 속일지라도)
Hong Jin-kyung & Jeon So-mi feat. Minzy, Hong Jin-young & Kim Sook (Team Sister's Slam Dunk season 2) Pick Me & Shut Up
Yoo Min-sang & Lee Soo-ji (Team Gag Concert) True Love (순정)
Lee Young-ja & Cultwo feat. Shin Dong-yup (Team Hello Counselor) Festival & Balloon (풍선) & While Living Life (사노라면)
Kim Saeng-min & Jeong Ji-won & Kim Sun-geun (Team Entertainment Weekly) Show
299 April 15, 2017 300th Episode Special Part 2:
Eight stars that made "Immortal Songs" shine
Nam Sang-il Love is Afar (님은 먼 곳에) Yoon Min-soo & Shin Yong-jae & Ben & Im Se-jun (436)
Hwang Chi-yeul With You (님과 함께)
Ali Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Moon Myung-jin Love is Like Glass (사랑은 유리 같은 것)
Tei Old Love (옛사랑)
Yoon Min-soo & Shin Yong-jae (4Men) & Ben & Im Se-jun Beauty and the Beast
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Libiamo ne' lieti calici (축배의 노래)
Hong Kyung-min feat. Kim Yu-na Destiny (인연)
300 April 22, 2017 300th Episode Special Part 3:
Duets with the legends
Yang Soo-kyung & Woohyun (Infinite) Forever (영영) Insooni & Jung Dong-ha (441)
Joo Hyun-mi & Sweet Sorrow The Man from Sinsa (신사동 그 사람) & Rain Upon Yeongdong Bridge (비 내라는 영동교)
Kim Young-im & No Brain About 500 Years (한 오백 년) & Arirang (아리랑)
Jeon In-kwon & Park Ki-young Beautiful Rivers & Mountains (아름다운 강산)
Nam Kyeong-eup & Min Woo-hyuk A Flower Yet to Bloom (못다 핀 꽃 한 송이)
Insooni & Jung Dong-ha Father (아버지)
301 April 29, 2017 Lee Hyun & Lee Su-mi Min Woo-hyuk Where are You Now, My Love? (내 사랑 지금 어디) Son Jun-ho (431)
JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) & Park Jae-jung My All-Girls' High School Days (여고시절)
Son Jun-ho Dancing with My First Love (춤추는 첫사랑)
Boohwal Will from Love (사랑의 의지)
Park Hye-kyoung feat. Skull Goodbye (잘 있어요)
Vromance Never Forget (잊지마)
Lim Jeong-hee Stay by My Side (내 곁에 있어주)
302 May 6, 2017 Kim Hee-Gap & Yang In-ja NAVI Put on My Lipstick (립스틱 짙게 바르고) Jung Dong-ha (422)
DIA Men are a Bother to Women (남자는 여자를 귀찮게 해)
Kim Ji-woo & Cha Jeong-wu feat. Lim Hee-sook I Dreamed a Dream & I Really Didn't Know (진정 난 몰랐네)
Kim Jung-min White Magnolias (하얀 목련)
Soulights Little Lovers (작은 연인들)
Jung Dong-ha We Broke Up Too Easily (우린 너무 쉽게 헤어졌어요)
303 May 13, 2017 Huh Gak The Teahouse That Winter (그 겨울의 찻집) Min Woo-hyuk (429)
Second Moon & Lee Bong-geun That's It (타타타)
Min Woo-hyuk The Leopard of Kilimanjaro (킬리만자로의 표범)
Bubble Sisters I Want to Know (알고 싶어요)
Cheetah Q
Seomoon Tak feat. Song Yong-jin Passion (열정)
304 May 20, 2017 Singing of the brilliant spring with friends Kim Hyung-joong & Seo Young-eun My Longing for You Goes On (그리움만 쌓이네) Yangpa & Oh Yeon-joon (432)
Park Sang-min & Kim Jung-min A Story of You and the Rain (비와 당신의 이야기)
Lee Hyun (Homme) & Lee Jong-wook Don't Leave Me (떠나지 마)
KCM & Lim Jeong-hee Love of a Thousand Years (천년의 사랑)
Na Yoon-kwon & Min Woo-hyuk For a Thousand Days (천일동안)
Yangpa & Oh Yeon-joon Sea Child (바다 아이) & Blue Night of Jeju-do (제주도의 푸른 밤)
305 May 27, 2017 Lyricist Ji Myeong-gil Min Woo-hyuk Maze of Love (사랑의 미로) Lee Bong-geun (433)
Lovelyz I Don't Know About Love Yet (난 사랑을 아직 몰라)
Kim Tae-woo Dance (춤을 추어요)
No Brain Celebration Song (축제의 노래)
U Sung-eun & Kisum Waves (파도)
Lee Bong-geun Yoke of Love (사랑의 굴레)
Bubble Sisters Love, Happiness and Parting (사랑과 행복 그리고 이별)
306 June 3, 2017 Lee Nan-young Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Tears of Mokpo (목포의 눈물) Kim So-hyun (424)
Park Ki-young Blue Dream of the Tea House (다방의 푸른 꿈)
Kim Nani & Jeong Seok-soon Song of the Seabird (해조곡)
Lee Sun Jung Band Cry, Weatherstripping (울어라 문풍지)
NAVI Dream of the Sea (바다의 꿈)
Kim Kyung-ho Mokpo is a Harbor (목포는 항구다)
Kim So-hyun Where Did My Father Go? (아버지는 어데로)
307 June 10, 2017 Park Mi-kyung Nine Muses A Obsession (집착) Sandeul (421)
Min Woo-hyuk feat. Tania To You Deep in My Memory (기억 속의 먼 그대에게)
Sandeul (B1A4) Like a Dandelion Spore (민들레 홀씨 되어)
Sol Bi feat. Real Smell Don't Be Like That (넌 그렇게 살지 마)
Park Ki-young When it Rains on a Tuesday (화요일에 비가 내리면)
Jannabi Unreasonable Reason (이유 같지 않은 이유)
Ali Eve's Warning (이브의 경고)
308 June 17, 2017 Noh Sa-yeon Jannabi Your Shadow (님 그림자) Lee Bong-geun (438)
Kim Jung-min Encounter (만남)
Lim Jeong-hee For Us (우리에겐)
Shin Yu Wish (바램)
U Sung-eun & Bong9 (GB9) This Heart Back Here (이 마음 다시 여기에)
Mamamoo Love (사랑)
Lee Bong-geun Roundabout Way (돌고 돌아가는 길)
309 June 24, 2017 Big Match of 7 Winners from the First Half of 2017 Yangpa Morning Dew (아침 이슬) Jung Dong-ha (443)
Ben & Im Se-jun Sad Destiny (슬픈 인연)
Roy Kim Girl (소녀)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Bridge over Troubled Water & Hand in Hand (손에 손잡고)
Min Woo-hyuk When Lilacs Wilt (라일락이 질 때)
Jung Dong-ha feat. Voisper Baby on an Island (섬집 아기)
Lee Bong-geun Spring Passes By (봄날은 간다)
310 July 1, 2017 Clon TheEastLight. Funky Tonight KCM (435)
Kim Chung-ha Choryeon (초련)
Hong Kyung-min Bing Bing Bing (빙빙빙) & Nan ()
Seventeen (Except: Mingyu) Escaping the City (도시탈출)
KCM Kungtari Shabara (쿵따리 샤바라)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Love and Soul (사랑과 영혼)
U Sung-eun & Kisum Come Back (돌아와)
311 July 8, 2017 The Blue Astro With You (그대와 함께) Homme (432)
Park Bo-ram My Secret (혼자만의 비밀)
Kim Yong-jun (SG Wannabe) That I Love You (사랑하고 있다는 걸)
Huh Gak Endless Love
Ali Kind Love (착한 사랑)
Homme Feeling Only You (너만을 느끼며)
BtoB Blue Under the Sky (하늘 아래서)
312 July 15, 2017 Composer Park Shi-chun Sonya Serenade of the Front Line (전선야곡) U Sung-eun & Bong9 (437)
Go Jae-geun feat. Kim Seol Be Strong, Geum Soon (굳세어라 금순아)
Park Sang-min Lamenting Serenade (애수의 소야곡)
Kim Nani & Jeong Seok-soon Motionless Windmill (돌지 않는 풍차)
No Brain Parting at Busan (이별의 부산 정거장)
Oh My Girl (Except: JinE) Sweet 18 (낭랑 18세)
U Sung-eun & Bong9 (GB9) The Moonlight Night in Shilla (신라의 달밤)
313 July 22, 2017 Summer Special Part 1:
Summer Story with Your Friends
Song Jae-hee & Dohee An Encounter by Chance (어쩌다 마주친 그대) Ahn Se-ha & Sandeul (439)
Kim Ki-bang & Lyn Uphill Road (오르막길)
Lee Won-jong & Sung Ji-ru Talk of Dreams (꿈의 대화)
Kim Young-chul & Hwang Chi-yeul Waves (파도)
Yoon Hae-young & Jeong Won-yeong Rain and You (비와 당신)
Ahn Se-ha & Sandeul (B1A4) The Flight (비상)
314 July 29, 2017 Summer Special Part 2:
Vacation with Music
Chae Yeon If You Go to LA (나성에 가면) Kim Tae-woo (428)
Jung Dong-ha Busan Seagulls (부산 갈매기)
Min Woo-hyuk Yeongil Bay's Friend (영일만 친구)
Lazybone Mallipo Love (만리포 사랑)
Park Hye-kyoung Ulleungdo Twist (울릉도 트위스트)
Kim Tae-woo Gamsugwang (감수광)
U Sung-eun & Bong9 (GB9) Hong Kong Lady (홍콩 아가씨)
315 August 5, 2017 Summer Special Part 3:
Richard Marx
Bubble Sisters Satisfied Kim Jo-han (429)
Kim Jo-han Right Here Waiting
Ali Endless Summer Nights
Nakjoon Hold On to the Nights
Ben & Im Se-jun Now and Forever
Jannabi Don't Mean Nothing
316 August 12, 2017 Composer Jeong Doo-soo Park Ki-young Farewell in the Airport (공항의 이별) Bong9 (435)
Cheon Dan-bi Spinning a Water Mill (물레방아 도는데)
Boohwal Should Have a Beautiful Heart (마음이 고와야지)
Nam Sang-il A Soft Heart (마음 약해서)
Min Woo-hyuk Blues of Dusk (황혼의 부르스)
Seenroot Mapo Terminal (마포 종점)
Bong9 (GB9) Brokenhearted (가슴 아프게)
317 August 19, 2017 Lee Eun-ha Kim Yong-jun (SG Wannabe) You Let Me Go with a Smile (미소를 띄우며 나를 보낸 그 모습처럼) Choi Jung-won (433)
Lee Ye-joon Winter Rose (겨울 장미)
Go Jae-geun Spring Rain (봄비)
Lim Jeong-hee Confusing (아리송해)
Oh Kevin Still You Are My Love (아직도 그대는 내 사랑)
Laboum Don't Look Back (돌이키지 마)
Choi Jung-won Night Train (밤차)
318 August 26, 2017 DJ Doc[3] Kim Chung-ha Run to you Wanna One (423)
Jisook & Goon jo (423)
Hong Jin-young Dance with DOC (DOC와 춤을)
KCM Remember (그녀의 속눈썹은 길다)
Wanna One Summer Story (여름 이야기)
Untouchable Sorrow of Superman (슈퍼맨의 비애)
Jisook & Goon jo (Ulala Session) OK? OK! (미녀와 야수)
Muzie feat. Skull Murphy's Law (머피의 법칙)
319 September 2, 2017 Seven Singers Sing Each Other's Songs Yurisangja A Sad Expression of Regret (슬픈 언약식) (Kim Jung-min) Park Ki-young (439)
Kim Kyung-ho You Do Not Answer (대답 없는 너) (Kim Jong-seo)
Kim Jong-seo Springtime in My Life (내 생에 봄날은...) (Can)
Kim Jung-min Broken Friendship (흔들린 우정) (Hong Kyung-min)
Can May I Love You? (사랑해도 될까요) (Yurisangja)
Hong Kyung-min Starting (시작) (Park Ki-young)
Park Ki-young Forbidden Love (금지된 사랑) (Kim Kyung-ho)
320 September 9, 2017 Songwriter Kim Ki-pyo GFriend White Wind (하얀 바람) Paul Potts & Bae Da-hae (431)
Oh Kevin I Love Even Your Sorrow (그대 슬픔까지 사랑해)
Han Dong-geun Wandering (방황)
Song So-hee & Ko Yeong-yeol Seoul Woman (서울 여자)
Ben Love Is a Cold Temptation (사랑은 차가운 유혹)
Paul Potts & Bae Da-hae My Heart at Your Side (내 마음 당신 곁으로)
Pristin Crash-land of Love (사랑의 불시착)
321 September 16, 2017 Singing Men on the Cusp of Autumn Park Sang-min They Said (...라구요) Min Woo-hyuk (434)
K2 (Kim Sung Myun) Autumn Love (가을 사랑)
Voisper Forgotten Season (잊혀진 계절)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Love is the Flower of Life (사랑은 생명의 꽃)
Park Jae-jung Autumn Letter (가을엔 편지를 하겠어요)
Hwang Chi-yeul When I Stand Under the Shade of Roadside Tree (가로수 그늘 아래 서면)
Min Woo-hyuk Unsent Letter (부치지 않은 편지)
322 September 23, 2017 Lee Mi-ja Lyn The Island Teacher (섬마을 선생님) Min Woo-hyuk (420)
Youme Lady (아씨)
Baek A-yeon A Woman's Life (여자의 일생)
Park Jae-jung Twilight Blues (황혼의 블루스)
Min Woo-hyuk Journey (여로)
Hong Kyung-min Farewell (작별)
323 September 30, 2017 Sonya Tell Me, Mountain Yudal (유달산아 말해다오) Lee Se-joon (424)
Kim Jae-hwan (Wanna One) Goose Daddy (기러기 아빠)
Lee Ye-joon Camellia Lady (동백아가씨)
Park Hye-shin Sambaekri Hanryeosudo (삼백 리 한려수도)
Kim Yong-jun (SG Wannabe) Goodbye Seoul (서울이여 안녕)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) One Flower (꽃 한 송이)
324 October 7, 2017 Chuseok Special with Family Min Woo-hyuk & Semi (LPG) Beautiful Restriction (아름다운 구속) Eunkwang & Hwang Soon-ok (427)
Jeong Seung-ho & Jeong Won-yeong Soft Persimmon (홍시)
Hong Yoon-hwa & Kim Min-ki Honey & I’m So Fortunate (다행이다)
Im Ha-ryong & Im Young-sik Moon of Seoul (서울의 달)
Ali & Jo Yong-jun A Tiring Day (지친 하루)
Eunkwang (BtoB) & Hwang Soon-ok With Love (사랑으로)
325 October 14, 2017 You Make This Song Even More Beautiful Moon Myung-jin & The Ray Farewell Journey (이별여행) Jung Dong-ha & Paul Kim (439)
Rose Motel & Lee Joo-hyuk (Gift) With a Heart that Should Forget (잊어야 한다는 마음으로)
Min Woo-hyuk & Woo Soo In Your Dream (너의 꿈 속에서) (from musical Frankenstein (프랑켄슈타인))
Kim Kyung-ho & Kwak Dong-hyun Toward Tomorrow (내일을 향해)
Youme & Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) My Love by My Side (내 사랑 내 곁에)
Jung Dong-ha & Paul Kim Girl (소녀)
326 October 21, 2017 Shin Hae-chul Hong Kyung-min & Second Moon An Invitation to Daily Life (일상으로의 초대) 4Men (436)
Monni A Letter to Myself (나에게 쓰는 편지)
Kim Hyun-sung feat. N.EX.T Here, I Stand For You
Yuju (GFriend) When Our Lives End (우리 앞의 생이 끝나갈 때)
Park Jae-jung Don’t Be Sad (슬픈 표정 하지 말아요)
4Men You Are Deep Inside My Heart (내 마음 깊은 곳의 너)
Voisper The Knight of a Doll Part.Il (인형의 기사 Part II)
327 October 28, 2017 Kim Kwang-seok Son Seung-yeon Though I Loved You (사랑했지만) Voisper (430)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) Love That Is Too Painful Isn't Love (너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을)
Homme Around 30 (서른 즈음에)
Son Ho-young Those Days (그 날들)
Hong Kyung-min, Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja), Yoon Hee-seok, Choi Seung-yeol & Im Jin-ung A Letter to a Cloudy Autumn Sky (흐린 가을 하늘에 편지를 써)
Baek A-yeon On the Street (거리에서)
Voisper For all the Privates who left home (이등병의 편지)
328 November 4, 2017 Composer Park Hyun-jin Voisper Impatiens Love (봉선화 연정) Son Jun-ho & Kim Sang-jin (432)
DIA Unconditional (무조건)
Chae Yeon If I Am Shaken with the Wind or Get Wet With Rain (바람에 흔들리고 비에 젖어도)
Goon jo (Ulala Session) feat. Chung Kang-hee Sintoburi (신토불이)
Son Jun-ho & Kim Sang-jin Four Beats (네 박자)
Park Ki-young The Southern Man, the Northern Woman (남남북녀)
Son Seung-yeon Only (뿐이고)
329 November 11, 2017 Park Gang-sung Youme I Can't Look at You (바라볼 수 없는 그대) Huh Gak (434)
Kim Beop-rae Trace (흔적)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) After the Breakup (이별 그 후)
Bae Da-hae Looking at You from Behind in the Rain (그대 뒷모습에 비는 내리고)
NAVI Waiting for Tomorrow (내일을 기다려)
KCM Toy Soldier (장난감 병정)
Huh Gak You Outside the Door (문 밖에 있는 그대)
330 November 18, 2017 Composer Yoon Il-sang Ailee I Have a Lover (애인... 있어요) Davichi (443)
Wheesung feat. V-Hawk Reminiscence (회상)
Goon jo (Ulala Session) Amor Fati (아모르 파티)
Kim Jae-hwan (Wanna One) Forget You (잊을게)
DK (December) Fate (인연)
Son Seung-yeon I Miss You (보고 싶다)
Davichi Last Love (끝사랑)
331 December 2, 2017 The Seven, Singing Their Passion Kim Jin-woo Love Again (또 다시 사랑) Park Joon-myeon (431)
Park Ki-ryang Joy (환희)
Choi Il-hwa Teahouse of the Winter (그 겨울의 찻집)
Hong Kyung-in Beautiful Goodbye (아름다운 이별)
Park Joon-myeon Last Station for Farewell (이별의 종착역)
Kim Myeong-guk In the Rain (빗속에서)
Boom Saturday Night Fever (토요일은 밤이 좋아)
332 December 9, 2017 Shin Jung-hyeon Choi Seung-yeol You (님아) Ali (421)
Astro Beautiful Lady (미인)
Boohwal Don't Tell Me You're Going (간다고 하지 마오)
DK (December) feat. Kang Min-jeong The One Who Will Leave (떠나야 할 그 사람)
Park Ki-young Spring Rain (봄비)
Ali A Lie (거짓말이야)
333 December 16, 2017 Song So-hee I Will Forget You (나는 너를) Mamamoo (432)
Rose Motel Woman in the Rain (빗속의 여인)
Son Seung-yeon Beautiful Country (아름다운 강산)
Yangpa One Cup of Coffee (커피 한 잔)
Mamamoo The Dance in Rhythm (리듬 속의 그 춤을)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) A Petal (꽃잎)
334 December 23, 2017 King of Kings Special Ahn Se-ha & Sandeul (B1A4) Passing (지나간다) Min Woo-hyuk (422)
Jung Dong-ha Is Anyone There (누구 없소)
Yangpa Ask to Sowol (소월에게 묻기를)
Goon jo (Ulala Session) As I Told You (말하자면)
Min Woo-hyuk Dream ()
Voisper Snow Flower (눈의 꽃)
335 December 30, 2017 Kim Tae-woo Tuning (조율) KCM (442)
Eunkwang (BtoB) A Thorn Tree (가시나무)
Homme The Wind Blows (바람이 분다)
Son Jun-ho & Kim Sang-jin Belle (아름답다) & Le Temps des Cathédrales (대성당들의 시대) (from musical Notre-Dame de Paris (노트르담 파리))
Park Ki-young O Holy Night
KCM Spring in My Hometown (고향의 봄)


List of episodes aired in 2018

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner (Votes)
336 January 6, 2018 New Year Special Choi Song-hyun The Pierrot Smiles at Us (삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지) Song Young-kyu (423)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) Wind Song (바람의 노래)
Lee Jung-sub I Have to Go (나는 가야지)
Youngji Festival
Choi Byung-suh Friend (친구여)
Song Young-kyu As You Live in This World (이 세상 살아가다 보면)
337 January 13, 2018 Lyricist Lee Kun-woo KARD Wingless Angel (날개 잃은 천사) GB9 (416)
Boom Ecstatic Proposal (황홀한 고백)
Bae Da-hae Not Anyone Can Love (사랑은 아무나 하나)
NRG On the Phone (통화 중)
Hong Kyung-min Secret Garden (비원)
GB9 Are You Crying (그대 우나 봐)
Goon Jo (Ulala Session) Speed (스피드)
338 January 20, 2018 The Seven Voices of 2018 Voisper I Love You (난 널 사랑해) Kim Yong-jin (421)
Yu Tae-pyeongyang Moon of Seoul (서울의 달)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) Don't You Worry (걱정 말아요, 그대)
Park Jae-jung When Spring Comes (꽃피는 봄이 오면)
GB9 Only the Sound of Her Laughter (그녀의 웃음소리뿐)
Baek A-yeon Dream of a Doll (인형의 꿈)
Min Woo-hyuk Always You're by My Side (언제나 그대 내 곁에)
339 January 27, 2018 Lee Sang-woo Park Ki-young Like the Collar Sways in the Wind (바람에 옷깃이 날리듯) Kim Nani & Jeong Seok-soon (434)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) Love Like a Sad Picture (슬픈 그림 같은 사랑)
Day6 Now (이젠)
Ali Pathetique (비창)
Paul Kim A Night's Dream (하룻밤의 꿈)
Lee Ha-rin 100m Before Meeting Her (그녀를 만나는 곳 100m 전)
Kim Nani & Jeong Seok-soon Unfillable Vacancy (채워지지 않는 빈 자리)
340 February 3, 2018 Lee Ho-seop & Kim Yon-ja Min Woo-hyuk Square One (원점) Kim Kyung-ho (439)
Youngjae (Got7) Mercury Lamp (수은등)
Yu Tae-pyeong-yang Memory (추억) & In Your Memories (추억으로 가는 당신)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho Nation of Morning (아침의 나라에서)
U Sung-eun Unrequited Love (짝사랑)
Kim Kyung-ho feat. Woo Jong-sun (Method) Amor Fati (아모르 파티)
Soran Within Ten Minutes (10분 내로)
341 February 10, 2018 Composer Kim Hyeong-seok Jo Kwon Holding on to the End of Tonight (이 밤의 끝을 잡고) Park Ki-young (422)
Kim Chung-ha Killer & Get Up
KCM Come Back to Me Again (그대 내게 다시)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) I Believe
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Again (그때 또 다시)
Paul Kim A Reason Called Love (사랑이라는 이유로)
Park Ki-young Like the First Day (처음 그 날처럼)
342 February 17, 2018 Seollal Season Special:
Favorite Karaoke Titles
Wax For You (너를 위해) Wheesung (422)
Park Ye-seul The Man from Back Then (그때 그 사람)
Hyunsik (BtoB) Emergency Room (응급실)
Kim Jung-min No Matter What (무조건)
Drug Restaurant Love Two (사랑 Two)
Wheesung Drunken Truth (취중진담)
343 February 24, 2018 Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) At Any Time (무시로) No Brain (438)
Youngji Bruise ()
Chung Young-ju Chilgapsan (칠갑산)
Lee Hyun (Homme) A Shot of Soju (소주 한 잔)
No Brain Tears
Hong Jin-young Sexy Man (섹시한 남자)
Special 344 March 3, 2018 KBS 45th Anniversary Special Yoon Bok-hee, Ali, Jung Dong-ha, Hwang Chi-yeul & Min Woo-hyuk Everyone (여러분)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri Arirang (아리랑)
Ali For Once in My Life (내 생애 단 한 번만)
Yoon Bok-hee Musical Jesus Christ Superstar (지저스 크라이스트 슈퍼스타) medley
Choi Jung-won Musical medley
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho The State Examination (무과시험) & Rise, All Subjects (백성이여 일어나라) (from musical The Last Empress (명성황후))
Hwang Chi-yeul Joy (환희)
Jung Dong-ha The Flight (비상)
Min Woo-hyuk The Leopard of Kilimanjaro (킬리만자로의 표범)
Ahn Sook-sun Love Song (사랑가) (from pansori Chunhyangga (춘향가))
Ahn Sook-sun & Nam Sang-il Cutting a Gourd (흥보 박타는 대목) (from pansori Heungbuga (흥보가))
Song So-hee & Ko Yeong-yeol You Say It's Over (이별이래)
Choi Baek-ho & Lyn About Romance (낭만에 대하여) & Burden (멍에)
Park Ki-young & Kim Hyuk-gun (The Cross) The Prayer
Hong Kyung-min & Um Hong-gil Evergreen Tree (상록수)
Yang Hee-eun I Like It (참 좋다)
Yang Hee-eun & other guests Morning Dew (아침 이슬)
345 March 10, 2018 Composer Lee Young-hoon Kim Kyung-ho Gwanghwamun Love Song (광화문 연가) Tei (432)
Kim Ji-woo & Choi Jae-rim Flying in the Deep Night (깊은 밤을 날아서)
Vromance Sunset Glow (붉은 노을)
Jung Dong-ha I Don't Know Yet (난 아직 모르잖아요)
Cheon Dan-bi When I Stand Under the Shade of Roadside Tree (가로수 그늘 아래 서면)
Kim Nani & Jeong Seok-soon Old Love (옛 사랑)
Tei Farewell Story (이별 이야기)
346 March 17, 2018 Jang Gyeong-su Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) Thousand Year Stone (천년바위) Chung Young-ju (429)
V.O.S Baby Doll (꼬마 인형)
UNB Note of Youth (젊음의 노트)
Yurisangja Maybe It Was a Dream (꿈이였나 봐)
Chung Young-ju Woman from Casbah (카스바의 여인)
Yu Tae-pyeongyang I've Heard Rumors (풍문으로 들었소)
Soran Because of Affection (정 때문에)
347 March 24, 2018 Legendary Songs in Textbooks Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) feat. Kim So-hyun Nostalgia (향수) Min Woo-hyuk (449)
Song So-hee & Second Moon Face (얼굴)
Momoland Balloons (풍선)
V.O.S We Are (우리는)
Sonya Tearful Tumen River (눈물 젖은 두만강)
Park Ye-seul Come Back to Busan Port (돌아와요 부산항에)
Min Woo-hyuk Death Song (사의 찬미)
348 March 31, 2018 Composer Gil Ok-yun Boohwal The Third Bridge (제 3한강교) Baek Hyeong-hun & Ki Se-jung (395)
Park Ki-young My Love (내 사랑아)
Voisper Can't Live Without You (그대 없이는 못 살아)
Baek Hyeong-hun & Ki Se-jung Love Forever (사랑은 영원히)
No Brain A Song of Seoul (서울의 찬가)
Kixs (DMTN) feat. Dari (DMTN) You Will Not Know (당신은 모르실 거야)
349 April 7, 2018 Park Sang-min Light and Shadow (빛과 그림자) Choi Jung-won (432)
Choi Jung-won As I Live (사노라면)
Uni.T If You Go to LA (나성에 가면)
GB9 Daybreak Rain (새벽비)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) Farewell (이별)
Kim Nani & Jeong Seok-soon Love, Once Again (사랑이여 다시 한 번)
350 April 14, 2018 Let's Sing Spring MAMAMOO Violet Fragrance (보랏빛 향기) MeloMance (423)
Poppin Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri feat. DJ Koo With You (님과 함께)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Thought of You (그리움만 쌓이네)
Weki Meki Sweety
MeloMance Goodbye (안녕)
Youme Wild Rose (찔레꽃)
GB9 You and I (그대 그리고 나)
351 April 21, 2018 Cho Yong-pil Lena Park The Woman Outside the Window (창 밖의 여자) Kim Kyung-ho (405)
Kim Kyung-ho Fire Cracker of Asia (아시아의 불꽃)
Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) Mona Lisa (모나리자)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho The Unknown World (미지의 세계)
Kim Tae-woo Friend (친구여)
352 April 28, 2018 Ali That's My Life Too (그 또한 내 삶인데) Lyn (428)
Kim Jong-seo I Can't Find the Nightingale (못 찾겠다 꾀꼬리)
Ha Dong-kyun Wind Song (바람의 노래)
Bada Dream ()
Lyn Red Dragonfly (고추잠자리)
353 May 5, 2018 Jung Dong-ha Tragic Love (비련) Seventeen (432)
Davichi I Wish Now It Will Be That (이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네)
Seventeen Short Hair (단발머리)
Min Woo-hyuk Lonely Runner (고독한 Runner)
Han Dong-geun Teahouse of the Winter (그 겨울의 찻집)
Rose Motel Let's Go on a Trip (여행을 떠나요)
354 May 12, 2018 Shane Filan[4] Baek Hyeong-hun & Ki Se-jung Uptown Girl V.O.S (429)[5]
Eric Nam The Rose & My Love
Sohyang You Raise Me Up
Lee Hyun (Homme) Fool Again
Ali Flying Without Wings
V.O.S World of Our Own
355 May 19, 2018 Songwriter Park Joo-yeon UNI.T Let's leave now (이제 떠나가 볼까) Jung Seung-hwan (393)
Ben Shade of farewell (이별의 그늘)
Lee Hyuk One thing I know (내가 아는 한 가지)
Park Hye-kyoung For the love that I saved (아껴둔 사랑을 위해)
Lee Hyun (Homme) If you are like me (나와 같다면)
Jung Seung-hwan Love is forgotten by another love (사랑이 다른 사랑으로 잊혀지네)
356 May 26, 2018 Jo Hyun-ah (Urban Zakapa) Farewell for me (날 위한 이별) Lee Ji-hoon (427)
Hong Jin-young Change
Baek Hyeong-hun & Ki Se-jung Your wedding (너의 결혼식)
Yurisangja It's just love. (사랑일 뿐야)
Lee Ji-hoon To you again (너에게로 또 다시)
V.O.S Again (그 때 또 다시)
357 June 2, 2018 Foreign Stars Who Love Korea Special Robin Deiana (  France ) Without You (너 없는 동안) Greg Priester (419)
Christina Confalonieri feat. Kim Hyun-joon (  Italy ) Fly Me to the Moon
Sam Okyere feat. Lee Eun-bi (  Ghana ) Do Not Leave Me (날 떠나지 마)
Sime (EXP EDITION) (  Croatia ) Never Ending Story
Cao Lu (  People's Republic of China ) Purple Scent (보랏빛 향기)
Greg Priester (  United States ) To J (J에게)
358 June 9, 2018 Jung Hoon-hee Soran Fog (안개) Yang Dong-geun (424)
Lee Hyun (Homme) Deserted Island (무인도)
Forte di Quattro We Are One (우리는 하나)
K.Will Flower Garden (꽃밭에서)
Park Ki-young Ask to Sowol (소월에게 묻기를)
Ko Yeong-yeol & Seunghee (Oh My Girl) A Love Song (연가)
Yang Dong-geun He's a Fool (그 사람 바보야)
359 June 23, 2018 Jang Yun-jeong Navi Jjan Jja Ra (짠짜라) Kim Yong-jin (419)
Voisper Ollae (올래)
Son Jun-ho Call the Soul (초혼)
Ryu Won-jeong Flower ()
Solbi & Goon-jo I Like You (당신이 좋아)
Lovelyz Oh My Goodness (어머나)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) I'm Worried (애가 타)
360 June 30, 2018 First Half of 2018 Winners Jung Seung-hwan Myself Reflected in My Mind (내 마음에 비친 내 모습) Kim Na-ni & Jeong Seok-soon (428)[6]
Lee Ji-hoon Reflection of You in Your Smile (미소 속에 비친 그대)
Yang Dong-geun feat. Manuka It's a Fireball (불놀이야)
Tei Evergreen Tree (상록수)
V.O.S Get Up (일어나)
Kim Kyung-ho Pick Me (나야 나)
Kim Na-ni & Jeong Seok-soon Does Anybody Know This Person? (누가 이 사람을 모르시나요) & Simcheongga (심청가)
361 July 7, 2018 The Fantastic Duo, Singing Happiness Special
(Singers & their managers)
Jeup (Imfact) & Kim Kyung-moon[7] Sunset Flow (붉은 노을) Min Young-ki & Ji Woo-jin (423)[8]
Jo Young-gu & Lee Dae-ro feat. Poppin' Hyun-joon[9] Mona Lisa (모나리자)
Killagramz & Jo Yoon-cheol[10] To You (그대에게)
U Sung-eun & Choi Dong-yeol feat. Baek Ji-young[11] Love Rain (사랑비)
Min Young-ki & Ji Woo-jin[12] As I Say (말하는 대로)
Park Ki-young & Lee Yoon[13] Now (이제는)
362 July 14, 2018 Kim Hyeon-cheol Wheesung[14] I'm Happy (난 행복해) The One (422)
Kim Won-joo (4Men) & Ben[14] The Blue in You (그대 안의 블루
Kwak Jin-eon One Late Night in 1994 (1994년 어느 늦은 밤
Monni What's Wrong? (왜 그래
The One Please (제발)
Ko Yeong-yeol & Seunghee (Oh My Girl)[15] Train to Chuncheon (춘천 가는 기차)
Park Jae-jung For Lifetime (일생을)
363 July 21, 2018 Choi Jin-hui The One Heavenly Reunion (천상재회) Forte di Quattro (431)
Hong Kyung-min Water Spray (물보라
Voisper Baby Doll (꼬마인형)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) We Broke Up Too Easily (우린 너무 쉽게 헤어졌어요)
Kim Na-ni & Jeong Seok-soon If I Am Shaken with The Wind (바람에 흔들리고 비에 젖어도)
Kei (Lovelyz)[16] The Maze of Love (사랑의 미로)
Forte di Quattro Belated Regret (미련 때문에)
364 July 28, 2018 Bang Mi Min Woo-hyuk This Autumn I Will Love (올 가을엔 사랑을 할 거야) Sonya (429)
Son Seung-yeon Don't Hesitate (주저하지 말아요)
Imfact False Rumour (뜬소문)
Duetto Love and Memories (사랑도 추억도)
Voisper Seasonal Changes Twice (계절이 두번 바뀌면)
The One One Way Ticket (나를 보러 와요)
Sonya feat. Ha Hui-dong & Choi Soo-jin What Women Want (여자는 무엇으로 사는가)
365 August 4, 2018 Kim Won-jun ONF In the Dead of the Night (모든 잠든 후에) Hoya (429)
Voisper Short Promise (짧은 다짐)
Seo In-young Show
Min Woo-hyuk The World is to Me (세상은 나에게)
South Club While You're Not Here (너 없는 동안)
Monni Always (언제나
Hoya You're Mine (넌 내꺼
366 August 11, 2018 2018 Hot Summer with Cool Friends Special Park Jin-joo & Kim Ri[17] Only That is My World (그것만이 내 세상) Jeong Yeong-joo & Lee Jeong-yeol (417)
Seo Kyung-seok & Lee Yoon-seok[18] Friend (친구여)
Hwang Seok-jeong & ZANNABI[19] Dream ()
Outsider & Jang Moon-bok[18] feat. Seong Hyun-woo As I Told You (말하자면
Jeong Yeong-joo & Lee Jeong-yeol[18] You're Far Away (님은 먼 곳에
Tae Jin-ah & Kangnam[18] Wind, Wind, Wind (바람 바람 바람)
367 August 18, 2018 Gayo Stage Special Forestella The Moonlight in Shilla (신라의 달밤) Ali (424)
The One feat. Nam Joo-hui Love that Left Autumn (가을을 남기고 간 사랑)
Baek A-yeon You Are Crying (당신도 울고 있네요)
Son Seung-yeon Wild Rose (찔레꽃)
The Brothers A Wanderer's Sorrow (나그네)
Ali A Man in a Yellow Shirt (노란 셔츠의 사나이)
368 August 25, 2018 Rose Motel Spring Days Flit Through My Mind (봄날은 간다) Min Woo-hyuk (426)
Melody Day Parting at Busan (이별의 부산 정거장)
Seo Ji-an & Seo Je-i[20] I Come Back to Samgakji (돌아가는 삼각지)
Min Woo-hyuk Parents (부모) & 어매)
Song So-hee Tearful Duman River (눈물 젖은 두만강)
Hwang Chi-yeul Faraway Hometown (머나먼 고향)
369 September 8, 2018 Eun-hee Seo Young-eun With a Flower Ring On (꽃반지 끼고) Choi Jung-won (429)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) Summer Wine (썸머 와인)
Poppin' Hyun-joon & Park Ae-ri feat. Nam Ye-sool Lighthouse Keeper (등대지기)
GB9 Dream Way (꿈길)
Jeong Se-woon Sans Toi Ma Mie (쌍 뚜아 마미)
Choi Jung-won I Love You (사랑해)
370 September 15, 2018 YB Park Jae-jung It Must Have Been Love (사랑했나봐) Jung Dong-ha (425)
Ken (VIXX) Since I Let You Go (너를 보내고)
Romantic Punch Peppermint Candy (박하사탕)
Jung Dong-ha Love Two (사랑 two)
Monni Forget You (잊을게)
Ali A Flying Butterfly (나는 나비)
371 September 22, 2018 2018 Chuseok Special Kim Young-hee & Kwon In-sook Affection (애모) Bong-gu & Kim Seong-sook (427)
Han Hyun-min & his family No Matter What (무조건)
Nam Bo-won & Jo Kil-ja Broken Clock (고장난 벽시계)
Mina & Ryu Philip Joy (환희)
Hong Hye-geol & Yeo Esther Rose (장미)
Bong-gu & Kim Seong-sook Oh, Love (사랑으로)
372 September 29, 2018 Bunny Girls The One Old Story (옛날이야기) South Club (393)
Hong Kyung-min I Can't Go Like This (그냥 갈 수 없잖아)
DIA He Doesn't Miss Me (보고 싶지도 않은가 봐)
Geum Jan-di [ko] Take Him There (그 사람 데려다 주오)
Kim Na-ni [ko] Black Rose (검은 장미)
South Club Waves (파도)
373 October 6, 2018 Korean Lyric Awards Special Pentagon The Pierrot Smiles At Us (삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지) Youngji (424)
Jung Dong-ha The Melancholy Of Love (사랑 그 쓸쓸함에 대하여)
Yoo Tae-pyeong-yang [ko] Beautiful Country (아름다운 강산)
Cold Cherry Green Day (푸르른 날)
Park Ki-young The Wind Blows (바람이 분다)
Youngji Binari (비나리)
374 October 13, 2018 South Club Forgotten Season (잊혀진 계절) Forestella (429)
KCM Where You Are Stepping At (그대 발길 머무는 곳에)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) Rain on the Window (유리창엔 비)
Forestella Arirang All Alone (홀로 아리랑)
Paran That's It (타타타)
Kim Yong-jin (Bohemian) A Plantain (파초)
375 October 20, 2018 The Late Kim Joong-soon Special Youngji Please Let Me Forget (잊게 해 주오) Monni (431)
Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho I Truly Didn't Know (진정 난 몰랐네)
Duetto Lost Love (잃어버린 정)
Hong Kyung-min Did I Come to Cry? (울려고 내가 왔나)
Romantic Punch Busan Seagulls (부산 갈매기)
Monni Rainwater (빗물)
376 October 27, 2018 Yoon Bok-hee Seo Jian Why Look Back (왜 돌아보오) Monni (435)
Tae Pyung Yang & Kim Jun Su & Go Young Yeol Life ()
Yang Dong-geun & Heritage Place of Singing (노래하는 곳에)
Park Ki Young Wanderer (나그네)
Paul Potts & Bae Da Hae Everyone (여러분)
Monni Gethsemane
377 November 3, 2018 KBS Top10 Songs Monni The Face I Miss (Min Hae Kyung) (보고싶은 얼굴 (민해경)) BEN (422)
Lee Se Joon Heaven (Kim Hak Rae) (하늘이여 (김학래))
Dreamcatcher (group) To DJ (Yoon Si Nae) (DJ에게 (윤시내))
South Club As Time Goes By (Choi Ho Sub) (세월이 가면 (최호섭))
V.O.S For a Long Time After That (Shin Seung Hun) (그 후로 오랫동안 (신승훈))
BEN Marry Me (Im Chang Jung) (결혼해줘 (임창정))
378 November 10, 2018 Choi Yang Sook Kim Yong Jin Twilight Elegy (황혼의 엘레지) Forestella (432)
Jeong Se-woon I Will Wait (기다리겠어요)
Youngji The One I Met by the River (호반에서 만난 사람)
BEN & Ha Eun Autumn Letter (가을 편지)
Musical "1446" team It Snows (눈이 내리네)
Forestella Footprints in the Sand (모래 위의 발자욱)
379 November 24, 2018 Lookalike Celebrity Special Lee Chul Min & Cho Yoon Ho Seoshi (Shin Sung Woo) (서시 (신성우)) An Seok Hwan & KMC (410)
Lee Hye Jung & Hong Yun Hwa Unpredictable Life (Lee Moon-se)(알 수 없는 인생 (이문세))
Nam Sang Il & Park Gu Yoon Nest (Nam Jin) (둥지 (남진))
An Seok Hwan & KMC Lie on the Sea (The Treble Clef) (바다에 누워 (높은음자리))
Bae Young Man & Han Min Gwan Because I Am A Man (Cho Hang Jo) (남자라는 이유로 (조항조))
Sleepy & Son Hun SU Night After Night (In Soon I) (밤이면 밤마다 (인순이))
380 December 1, 2018 Kim Hyun Sik & Yoo Jae Ha South Club Because I Love You (Yoo Jae Ha) (사랑하기 때문에 (유재하)) Ha Dong-kyun (424)
Monni Making Memories (Kim Hyun Sik) (추억 만들기 (김현식))
Ailee My Love By My Side (Kim Hyun Sik) (내 사랑 내 곁에 (김현식))
Kim Na Ni & Jung Seok Soon With You Forever (Lee Moon Sae & Yoo Jae Ha) (그대와 영원히 (이문세))
Ha Dong-kyun Like Rain and Music (Kim Hyun Sik) (비처럼 음악처럼 (김현식))
Vromance I Loved You (Kim Hyun Sik) (사랑했어요 (김현식))
381 December 8, 2018 Kim Yeon Ji Hidden Road (Kim Hyun Sik & Yoo Jae Ha) (가리워진 길 (유재하/김현식)) Im Tae-kyung (431)
Lyn Love Love Love (Kim Hyun Sik) (사랑 사랑 사랑 (김현식))
Wheesung Alleyway (Shinchon Blues) (골목길 (신촌블루스))
JK Kim Dong Uk Always You Are by My Side (Kim Hyun Sik) (언제나 그대 내 곁에 (김현식))
Jukjae Past Days (Yoo Jae Ha) (지난 날 (유재하))
Im Tae-kyung You in My Arms (Yoo Jae Ha) (그대 내 품에 (유재하))
382 December 15, 2018 Kim Sang Hee Monni True Love (참사랑) Romantic Punch (429)
Matilda Ulsan Big Baby (울산 큰 애기)
Im Tae-kyung Bright Moon of the 15th Night (삼오야 밝은 달)
Poppin Hyun Joon & Park Ae Ri Road with Cosmos Flowers (코스모스 피어 있는 길)
Kim Yeon Ji One Suit Gentleman (단벌 신사)
Romantic Punch Gyeongsang Youth (경상도 청년)
383 December 22, 2018 King of Kings Special Forte di Quattro Turning the Pages of Memories (Lee Sun Hee) (추억의 책장을 넘기면 (이선희)) Kim Yong Jin (434)
BEN Beautiful Goodbye (Kim Gun Mo) (아름다운 이별 (김건모))
Kim Kyung-ho I Swear (Jo Sung Mo) (다짐 (조성모))
Min Woo Hyuk Pine Tree, Pine Tree, Green Pine Tree (An Chi Hwan) + Do You Hear the People Sing (Les Miserables) (솔아 솔아 푸르른 솔아 (안치환)

+민중의 노래(뮤지컬 “레미제라블”))

The One Lived Like A Fool (Kim Do Hyang) (바보처럼 살았군요 (김도향))
Kim Yong Jin Those Days (Kim Kwang Seok) (그 날들 (김광석))
384 December 29, 2018 Park Ki Young Only That Is My World (Deulgukhwa) (그것만이 내 세상 (들국화))) Romantic Punch (440)
Monni Jasmine (Lee Seung Chul) (말리꽃 (이승철))
Ali Mona Lisa (Cho Young Pil) (모나리자 (조용필))
Forestella Magic Castle (The Classic) (마법의 성 (더 클래식))
Jung Dong Ha The Victory (Koreana) (The Victory (코리아나))
Romantic Punch We Are The Champions (Queen)


List of episodes aired in 2019

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner (Votes)
385 January 5, 2019 New Year Special Yoo Tae Pyung Yang & Saengdonggam Crew Get Up (Kim Kwang Seok) (일어나 (김광석)) Hoya (429)
Lee Man Gi & Hong Kyung Min White Butterfly (Kim Jung Ho) (하얀 나비 (김정호))
Kim Dong Gyu & Son Jun Ho You will never walk alone & Gipsy Kings-Volare (Carousel)
Kim Kyung Rok & Park Jae Jung & Gilgu I Wish Now It Will Be That (Cho Young Pil) (이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네 (조용필))
Suh Young Eun I Dream (꿈을 꾼다)
Hoya Snow Flower (Park Hyo Shin) (눈의 꽃 (박효신))
386 January 12, 2019 SSAW Sunwoo Jung A A Diary of 10 Years Ago (10년 전의 일기를 꺼내어) JK Kim Dong-wook & Monni (420)
Jung Dong Ha People Must All Change (사람들은 모두 변하나 봐)
Monni Always Winter (언제나 겨울)
Moon Si On Someone's Dream (어떤 이의 꿈)
Hong Kyung Min Spring Summer Autumn Winter (봄 여름 가을 겨울)
JK Kim Dong-wook Bravo, My Life
387 January 19, 2019 Composer Song Mog In Kim So Hyun & Song Jun Ho Tears of Mokpo (Lee Nan Young) (목포의 눈물 (이난영)) Kim Joon Su & Yoon Tae Pyung Yang & Ko Young Yeol (419)
Romantic Punch Dad's Youth (Oh Gi Taek) (아빠의 청춘 (오기택))
Moon Si On Wife's Song (Shim Yeon Ok) (아내의 노래 (심연옥))
Park Ki Young Song of a Seabird (Lee Nan Young) (해조곡 (이난영))
Koh Yu Jin & Ryan Symphonic Poem of the Sea (Kim Jung Gu) (바다의 교향시 (김정구))
Kim Joon Su & Yoon Tae Pyung Yang & Ko Young Yeol Life Away From Home (Ko Bok Su) (타향살이 (고복수))
388 January 26, 2019 Lee Kwang Cho Poppin Hyun Joon & Park Ae Ri A Joyful Life (즐거운 인생) Yurisangja (432)
NC.A Too Far to Be Close to You (가까이하기엔 너무 먼 당신)
Hwang Chi-yeul When Time Passes (세월 가면)
Ha Eun Oh You Are a Beautiful Woman (오 그대는 아름다운 여인)
Monni On a Night Like Tonight (오늘 같은 밤)
Yurisangja I Lost My Love (사랑을 잃어버린 나)
389 February 2, 2019 Lunar New Year Special Kim Seung Hyun's Family Embrace (Noh Sa Yeon) & Companion (Tae Jin A) (만남 (노사연) & 동반자 (태진아)) Kim Bong Gon & Kim Do Hyun & Kim Da Hyun (427)
Monni's Kim Shin Ui & Kim Hyung Jae Now (Jo Young Nam) (지금 (조영남))
Sung Byeong Suk & Seo Song Hee Name Tag of Love (Hyeon Cheol) (사랑의 이름표 (현철))
Kim Bong Gon & Kim Do Hyun & Kim Da Hyun Pansori Chunhyang Love Song & Rhododendron (Maya) (판소리 춘향가 사랑가 & 진달래꽃 (마야))
Yoo Hye Ri & Choi Su Rin I Will Show You (Ailee) (보여줄게 (에일리))
Hong Hyun Hee & Jason Eve's Warning (Park Mi Kyung) (이브의 경고 (박미경))
390 February 9, 2019 Lee Jang Hee Yuk Joong Wan Band I Can't Tell You (애기할 수 없어요) Tei (418)
Min Woo Hyuk & Son Jun Ho Goodbye Sadness (슬픔이여 안녕)
Astro Rose (장미)
Ha Eun I Will Give You Everything (나 그대에게 모두 드리리)
Tei Goodbye (Kim tae Hwa) (안녕 (김태화))
391 February 16, 2019 Kim Yeon Ji Whistle (Jang Mi Soo) (휘파람을 부세요 (정미조))) Forestella (429)
Yoo Tae Pyung Yang & Ko Young Yeol & Kim Joon Su That's You (그건 너)
NC.A Too Lonely To Dance Alone (Kim Wan Sun) (나 홀로 춤을 추긴 너무 외로워 (김완선))
Kim Kyung-ho It's Been A Long Time (한동안 뜸했었지)
Forestella Who Cares When I Like It (Kim Se Hwan) (좋은 걸 어떡해 (김세환))
Monni Let's Forget It (Kim Wan Sun) (이젠 잊기로 해요 (김완선))
392 February 23, 2019 Queen Forestella Bohemian Rhapsody Seomoon Tak (439)
Ha Eun Love Of My Life
Nam Tae-hyun Somebody to love
Son Seung Yeon We Are The Champions
Seomoon Tak I Was Born To Love You
Kim Jong-seo Don't Stop Me Now
393 March 2, 2019 Singing 100 Years of Korea with People SF9 (band) Ah! Republic of Korea Jung Dong-ha ft. Min Young Ki (426)
Yoon Chung Il & Kim Joon Su The Old Site of Ruined Castel & The Beggar's Song
Seo Ji An Evergreen Tree
Jung Dong-ha ft. Min Young Ki Beautiful Country
JK Kim Dong-wook Spring Days Flit Through My Mind
Monni Morning Dew
394 March 9, 2019 Yuk Joong Wan Band As I Live Ha Eun (425)
Park Ki Young Champions
Min Woo Hyuk Does Anyone Know This Person?
Ha Eun Raining Gomoryeong
Dream Note Faraway Hometown
Ali & Oh Jung Hae Arirang
395 March 16, 2019 Jo Sung Mo Na Yoon Kwon For Your Soul Kim Yeon Ji (421)
ONF I Swear
GB9 Do You Know
Kim Yeon Ji A Thorn Tree
Romantic Punch Immortal Love
Ha Eun To Heaven
396 March 23, 2019 Kim Byeong Geol Yuk Joong Wan Band At Andong Station Hong Kyung-min & Samuel (431)
fromis 9 All Together Cha Cha Cha
Monni Tears of a Man
Hong Kyung-min & Samuel Chan Chan Chan
Kim Bo Hyung The Southern Man, the Northern Woman
Kim Yong Jin City Pierrot
397 March 23, 2019 Cheong Tae Choon & Park Eun Ohk Jatanpung Poet's the Village Song So-hee (432)
Jang Beom June Candlelight
Ali 92 The Rainy Spell, in Jongno
Im Tae Kyung ft. Yoon Young Seok The Leaving Ship
Seo J To You, My Love
Monni Reminiscence
Song So-hee Garden Balsam
398 April 6, 2019 Lee Ho Jun Nam Tae-hyun Where Your Steps Linger Son Seung-yeon (434)
Park Si-hwan You Outside the Door
Dreamcatcher Like an Indian Doll
Yuk Joong Wan Band Last Night Story
Kim Yong Jin ft. MIGYO When it Rains on Tuesday
Son Seung-yeon Saturday Night Fever
399 April 13, 2019 Melodies of Love that Touch Your Heart Kim So Hyun & Son Jun Ho Promise for a Hundred Years Lee Se Joon (420)
Ladies' Code Miniskirt
Lee Chang Min Amor
Nam Tae-hyun Wish
Jannabi For Love
Lee Se Joon Reason Why I Live
400 April 20, 2019 The Global Special Part 1 ( Kim Yeon Ja Special ) Ben Mercury Lamp Ben (723)
Pentagon Nation of Morning
Min Woo Hyuk Within 10 Minutes
Jung Dong-ha Don't Look Sad
Iz One Amor Fati
Son Seung-yeon Is It For Real?
401 April 27, 2019 The Global Special Part 2 ( Japanese People Favorite K-POP Song ) Gummy Come Back to Busan Port Kim Jae-hwan (741)
JBJ95 Mirotic
Jung Dong-ha From the Beginning Until Now
Kim Jae-hwan I Believe
Ali Snow Flower
NCT Dream No.1
402 May 4, 2019 The Stars' Great Challenge Singing Surprises Hong Jin-young Bruise Park Hyun-bin (417)
Park Gu-Yun The Flight
Park Hyun-bin "Caruso" & "With Love"
Yu Jina "Five Hundred Years" & "Song of Flower"
Sul Woon-Do Love
Cho Hang Jo Song for You
403 May 11, 2019 Han Dong Jun and Yurisangja Monni Pledge of Love SBSB (423)
N.Flying Just Knowing That You're in This World
Song So-hee & Son Tae Jin Only You
Chungha & Kim Jae-hwan May I Love You?
The Brothers To My Bride
SBSB I Love You
404 May 18, 2019 Kang San-ae Kim Yong Jin You Can Do It Seomoon Tak (432)
Crying Nut Crooked
Park Si-hwan Said
SBSB Yaeleolala
Monni Grandpa and Watermelon
Seomoon Tak Like the Salmon Tracing Up the River
405 May 25, 2019 Ha Joong Hee Kwak Dong Hyun Pebble Kim Joon Su & Yoo Tae Pyung Yang (428)
SBSB Red Shoe Girl
Tei & Kim Joo Ho Love, Once Again
Forestella The Face I Miss
Park Ki-young Joyful Arirang
Kim Joon Su & Yoo Tae Pyung Yang Road with Cosmos Flowers
406 June 1, 2019 Elton John SBSB Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Romantic Punch (431)
Kim Ho Young Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Nam Tae-hyun Rocket Man
Monni Your Song
Son Seung-yeon Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Romantic Punch Crocodile Rock
407 June 8, 2019 Kim Hak Rai Park Si-hwan A Heart of Sorrow Lee Chang Min (421)
Monni Winter Sea
SBSB In The Sky
DickPunks I Don't Like Love in a Cage
Lee Chang Min The Sun
Kim So Hyun & Son Jun Ho I Am
408 June 15, 2019 Lee Sang-min SBSB 3!4! Yuk Joong Wan Band (429)
Day6 Up & Down
Monni Leave
Weki Meki Come A Come
Goon Jo & Kangnam Wingless Angel
Yuk Joong Wan Band Oh Happy
409 June 22, 2019 Kim Jin Ryong Yuk Joong Wan Band Southbound Train Duetto (382)
Duetto Life Is
PENTAGON Greedy Woman
Kim Yong Jin Buried Pain
Kassy Even If I Loved You
410 June 29, 2019 The First Half of 2019 Special, 7 Teams' Big Match Jung Dong-ha DNA Lee Chang-min (424)
Forestella If I Leave
Seomoon Tak Bang Bang
Ben Turning the Pages of Memories
Ha Eun Invisible Love
Lee Chang-min Weeds
Monni Deserted Island
411 July 6, 2019 2019 Summer Special, Part 1: So Chan-whee & Kim Hyun-jung Lee Chang-min The Chance to Say Goodbye Jung Yu-ji (431)
Park Bom Break Up With Her
AB6IX Bruise
Kim Yeon-ji Tears
Jung Yu-ji Lonely Love
412 July 13, 2019 2019 Summer Special, Part 2: Glamorous Transformation of the Comedians Trotrama (Seo Taehun, An Somi, & Kim Taewon) Ecstatic Proposal Kim Jun-hyun (408)
Lee Seung-yun A Flying Butterfly
ONGALS Here We Are
Moon Se-yoon Old Love
Lee Bong-won Because I Am a Man
Kim Jun-hyun Nocturne
413 July 20, 2019 2019 Summer Special, Part 3: Oh My Star, Oh My Friend KCM & Kim Kyung-hyun (The Cross) Only That Is My World Jang Yun-jung & Young Ji (422)
Choi Jung-won & Kim Young-ju "Super Trouper", "Thank You for the Music", & "Dancing Queen" medley
Kwon In-ha & Lim Jae-hyun Like It
Yoo Tae Pyung Yang & Min Eun-kyung Father
Jang Yun-jung & Young Ji My Love Fades Away
Kim Hyun-cheol & Klang The Blue in You
414 July 27, 2019 Yoon Si-nae Monni I Want to Leave You Bobby Kim (426)
Forte di Quattro Poem of Love
Lee Chang-min To DJ
Bobby Kim Life Is
Jung Yu-ji Let's Study
Park Si-hwan Song For You
415 August 3, 2019 Kim Bum-soo Nilo Promise GB9 (434)
Lee Chang-min It Will Pass
Ben & Francis Last Love
Park Si-hwan Appear
Solji I Miss You
GB9 Hello, Goodbye, Hello
416 August 10, 2019 Centennial of the Korean Provisional Government Establishment: Singing the Next 100 Years JK Kim Dong-wook Pine Tree Monni (436)
Kim So-hyun Bird, Bird, Blue Bird
Jung Dong-ha Hand in Hand
Park Si-hwan Meeting
Yoo Tae Pyung Yang "Sangju Arirang" & "Aegukga"
Monni "Champions" & Oh "Fighting Korea"
417 August 17, 2019 Lee Chi-hyun Moon Myung-jin Only You HoooW & Giant Pink (434)
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) Sorrow of Love
Tei & Choi Jae-rim Before It's All Gone
Park Si-hwan You
HoooW (Son Ho-young & Kim Tae-woo) & Giant Pink Gypsy Lady
Bobby Kim A Night to Remember
418 August 24, 2019 Choi Hee-joon Jang Jane Barefooted Youth JK Kim Dong-wook (413)
Park Si-hwan Jingogae Gentleman
Yuk Joong Wan Band My Lover is an Old Miss
Kim So-hyun "Light and Shadow" & "The Wheel of Fortune"
Hong Kyung-min The Land of Korea
JK Kim Dong-wook Lodger
419 August 31, 2019 Im Chang-jung Jung Yu-ji You Who Resembles Me Huh Gak (406)
Son Seung-yeon Love Affair
Huh Gak A Shot of Soju
Kim Jae-hwan Love Again
CLC Gone with the Wind
Monday Kiz Already to Me
420 September 7, 2019 South Club Again Forestella (431)
Song Ga-in The Love I Committed
Seung Guk-lee Long Time No See
Forestella My Lover
Lim Jae-hyun Marry Me
Norazo Dances with Wolves
421 September 14, 2019 Chuseok Special, I Love My Family, I Love Music Duetto & Yoo Him-chan A Thousand Winds Song Ga-in & Jo Sung-jae (419)
Ham So-won & Jin Hua Because You're My Woman
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) & Yoo Dong-gyu Mother to Daughter
Bobby Kim & Kim Young-geun Because I Love You
Song Ga-in & Jo Sung-jae "Yeongam Arirang" & "Gangwon Arirang"
Lee Moo-song & Noh Sa-bong "Amor Fati" & "Don't Go"
422 September 21, 2019 The Melody that My Heart Remembers, We Sing of Autumn Ben Memory of the Wind Jung Dong-ha (412)
Im Tae-kyung Don't Be Sad
Jung Dong-ha Love Who Left Me Along the Leaves
Song Ga-in Old Hometown Station
Hwang Chi-yeul Forgotten Season
Wax Love that Left Autumn
423 September 28, 2019 Lee Eun-mi Hoppipolla My Heart Beats Lee Ji-hoon & Son Jun-ho (429)
Solji Nocturne
Lee Ji-hoon & Son Jun-ho A Certain Longing
Yoo Hwe-Seung (N.Flying) We Are Breaking Up
Park Ki-young Into the Memory
Monni I Have a Lover
424 October 5, 2019 Koyote U Sung-eun & Giant Pink Disturbance Hoppipolla (417)
Yuk Joong Wan Band Genuine
Nayoung (Gugudan) & VERIVERY (Dongheon & Yeonho) Passion
(G)I-dle Sad Dream
Hoppipolla Breakup
425 October 12, 2019 Baek Seol-hee Hong Kyung-min Passing Spring Coming Spring Boohwal (440)
Choi Jung-won A Hill by the River Where Waterfowls Cry
Yoon Hee-Jung & Kim Soo-yeon Carmen's Nocturne
Shin Hyun-hee (Seenroot) America Chinatown
Sook Haeng San Francisco
Boohwal Spring Days Flit Through My Mind
426 October 19, 2019 DJ Bae Cheol-soo Romantic Punch Sugar Yoo Hwe-seung (432)
Jannabi Viva la Vida
Johan Kim Hey Jude
Forestella Heal the World
Bobby Kim Someone like You
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) We Are the Champions
427 October 26, 2019 Insooni Kim Kyung-ho Happiness Miraclass (423)
"Sejong, 1446" (Nam Kyung-ju & Jeong Sang-yun & Kim Jun-young) A Goose's Dream
Huh Gak Father
Solji Night After Night
Miraclass Weeping Willow
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) Mom
428 November 2, 2019 Park Sung-hoon Kei (Lovelyz) The Man Who Abandoned Me Hong Kyung-min & Park Seo-jin (442)
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) Love is Not a Joke
Son Tae-jin (Forte di Quattro) & Ko Young-yul Love Must Be a Butterfly
Romantic Punch The Rope of Love
Hong Ja I Hate It
Hong Kyung-min & Park Seo-jin Broken Clock
429 November 9, 2019 Park Geun-tae HYNN I Won't Love N.Flying (424)
Lee Ji-hoon Happy Me
South Club Sonata of Temptation
V.O.S Sunflower
N.Flying Friend
Seo In-young As Time Goes By
430 November 16, 2019 Cha Jung-rak & Bae Ho Forestella Goodbye Baek Chung-kang (414)
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) The End of Love
The Barberettes Love Who Left Me Along the Leaves
Monday Kiz I Come Back to Samgakji
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) The One Who Has Gone into the Fog
Baek Chung-kang Who's Crying
431 November 23, 2019 Yoo Yeol Hong Kyung-min The Way You Look Right Now Jeong Young-joo (416)
HYNN A Song of Love
Baek Chung-kang First Love
Jeong Young-joo Brilliant Days Have Gone
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) Suddenly, One Day
Yuk Joong Wan Band Autumn Rain
432 November 30, 2019 Park Jin-young Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) Love and Remember Monni (398)
Ravi How to Avoid the Sun
Kim Yong-jin Love Has Gone Again
Jung Yu-ji Nobody
Monni Who's Your Mama?
Forte di Quattro December 32
433 December 7, 2019 Ivy 24 Hours Yuk Joong Wan Band (407)
Yuk Joong Wan Band Don't Leave Me
Byul Lies
Stray Kids Again & Again
HoooW (Son Ho-young & Kim Tae-woo) Honey
Jeong Se-woon Invitation
434 December 14, 2019 King of Kings Special Hong Kyung-min & Park Seo-jin Anyhow Song Forestella (417)
Jung Yu-ji Musical
Forestella The Unwritten Legend
Huh Gak Though I loved You
Lee Chang-min Forever
Jung Dong-ha "We Will Rock You" & "Plastic Syndrome" & "Bohemian Rhapsody"
435 December 21, 2019 Kim Joon Su, Yoo Tae Pyung Yang & Ko Young-yul IDOL Hoppipolla (420)
Yoo Hwe-seung N.Flying Entertainer
Lee Ji-hoon & Son Jun-ho We Are
Monni The Shining Light in the Flower
JK Kim Dong-wook In the Rain
Hoppipolla One Million Roses
Special 436 December 28, 2019 Year-End Special with Lee Mi-ja Yoonhan A Woman's Life (Piano Accompaniment)
Lee Mi-ja "Pure Nineteen" & "Blues of Dusk"
Sonya "Music Is My Life" & "The Girl of Heuksando"
Lee Soo-young "Lady" & "Cry Hot Wind"
Lee Se-joon (Yurisangja) "Yellow Sail" & "Jouney"
Lee Mi-ja "The Old Site of Ruined Castle", "Flower of My Hometown", "Hometown Snow", "Blue Dream of the Tea Room" & "Carriage of Flowers"
Min Woo-hyuk "Goose Daddy" & "Goodbye Seoul"
Jang Hye-jin "The Reason of My Life" & "The Island Teacher"
Lee Mi-ja "Sambaekri Hanryeosudo" & "Mother's Love"
"Leave Without a Word", "The Path of Lovers" & "Last Stop"
Camellia Lady
Lee Mi-ja & other guests My Song and My Love


List of episodes aired in 2020

Singers listed in order of performance.

Episode # Broadcast Date Legend or Theme Guest Singers Songs Final Winner (Votes)
437 January 4, 2020 New Year Special Choi Sung-Soo & NC.A Going Together Choi Jung-won & Lee So-jung (424)
Golden You Are the One I Love
Hong Kyung-min & The Heima Going Round and Round
Baek Chung-kang Azaleas
Choi Jung-won & Lee So-jung "Arabian Nights", "Speechless", "A Whole New World" (Aladdin OST medley)
Song So-hee & Ahn Ye-eun In the Wilderness
438 January 11, 2020 Jang Wook-jo Baek Chung-kang Wound Yuk Joong Wan Band (421)
HYNN Baby Doll
Kim Kyung-hun Can't You Return It?
ALi Thousand Year Stone
Poppin Hyun Joon & Park Ae-ri How Do I Say?
Yuk Joong Wan Band Note of Youth
439 January 18, 2020 The Legends Sing Choi Jin-hee Toy Soldier Min Hae-kyung (429)
Kim Bum-ryong The Maze of Love
Min Hae-kyung Wind Wind Wind
Kwon In-ha The Face I Miss
Choi Sung-soo Watercolor Painting in a Rainy Day
Park Kang-sung Reunion
440 January 25, 2020 Spend Your Holidays With Friends Song Ga-in & Sook Haeng Mona Lisa Hwang Chi-yeul & Kangnam (418)
Kim Tae-won & Baek Chung-kang Heenari
Maheun Five Kungtari Shabara
Yang Chi-seung & Choi Eun-joo Joy
Hwang Chi-yeul & Kangnam Woman of Samba
Hwang Seok-jeong & Kim Yong-woo Han River
441 February 1, 2020 Ha Choon-hwa & Hyeon Cheol Min Woo-hyuk Always Thinking About You Min Woo-hyuk (402)
Hyun Jin-young The Man Who Abandoned Me
Poppin' Hyun Joon & Park Ae-ri Give Me Back My Youth
Jung Yu-ji The One I Met by the River
Jung Mi-ae A Waterfowl
THE BOYZ Arirang Mokdong
442 February 8, 2020 Kim Kyung-ho & Kwak Dong-hyun Yeongam Arirang Kim Kyung-ho & Kwak Dong-hyun (413)
Choi Jung-won Love Must Be a Butterfly
Choi Ye-geun Name Tag of Love
Navi My Heart Along With the Stars
Baek Chung-kang Impatiens Love
Hong Kyung-min Good Job, Good Job
443 February 15, 2020 The Grand Comeback of 2020 Emerald Castle Footsteps Hyun Jin-young with Golden Child
Lee Jae-young Temptation
Kim June-sun Arabian Night
Hyun Jin-young with Golden Child My Dear in My Vague Memories
Yukgaksu with Yoo Tae Pyung Yang HeungBo
Space A with Suh Paul "Sexy Man" & "Scarlett Letter" medley
444 February 22, 2020 Na Ae-sim WoongSan Adada Choi Ye-Geun
ALi As Time Goes By
Jeong Young-ju I Don't Mambo
Yuk Joong Wan Band The Church Bell
Paul Potts with Kim Ri Don't Ask About the Past
Choi Ye-Geun When Acacias Bloom
445 February 29, 2020 Jung Su-ra MONNI Ah! Republic of Korea The Rose
PENTAGON (Jinho & Hui) Joy
Min Woo-hyuk Father's Chair
Song So-hee Have You Seen My Love
The Rose City Street
Jeong Young-ju Was It the Wind
446 March 7, 2020 The Sons and Daughters of KBS ALi My Love By My Side Poppin' Hyun Joon & Park Ae-ri
Jo Myeong-seop "The Moonlight Night in Silla" & "Besame Mucho" medley
Choi Ye-geun Wild Flower
Park Seo-jin Wild Rose
Poppin' Hyun Joon & Park Ae-ri Arirang
Park Sang-chul "No Matter What" & "Apartment" medley
447 March 14, 2020 Shin Seung-hun Forestella For a Long Time After That Lee Seok-hoon
VICTON Romeo and Juliet
Jeong Young-ju Invisible Love
MONNI Turn on the Radio
Lee Seok-hoon I Believe
Sejeong Reflection of You in Your Smile
448 March 21, 2020 Prodigies with a Bright Future An So-myeong & Kim So-hyun Golden Stars Kim Tae-yeon & Nam Sang-il
Yang Tae-hwan & MONNI Turn on the Radio Loudly
Hong Jam-eon & Park Sang-chul Dear Ja Ok
Kim Tae-yeon & Nam Sang-il "Sugungga" & "Troubled" medley
Na Ha-eun & VERIVERY Fire
Campbell Asia & Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) Someone like You
449 March 28, 2020 SSaW & Light and Salt Kim Yeon-ji After You Left Purple Rain
Jung Seung-hwan People Must All Change
Jung Dong-ha Old Friend
ALi Someone's Dream
DICKPUNKS The Shampoo Fairy
Purple Rain Like Rain and Music
450 April 4, 2020 Joo Hyun-mi Kim Young-min (Taesaja) Teary Blues Song Ga-in
Min Woo-hyuk Regret Over Tears
Song Ga-in I Really Liked It
Lee Ji-hoon & Son Jun-ho In Your Memories
N.Flying Ye Lai Xiang
Haena (MATILDA) Love Letter
451 April 11, 2020 Sejeong We Met Again Jo Meyong-seop & Jeong Soo-yeon (tie)
IZ*ONE Unrequited Love
Yoo Tae Pyung Yang Hold On with Prostitute's Song
Jo Myeon-seop Itaewon Love Song
Weki Meki Shinsa-dong and the Man
Jeong Soo-yeon Raining Over Yeongdong Bridge
452 April 18, 2020 The 90s' Kids Special Ben In Dream Purple Rain
Hynn Whistle to Me
Ravi & Xydo See Through
Jeong Se-woon Ask Myself
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) 25, 21
Purple Rain It's Art
453 April 25, 2020 KBS Top 10 Songs Kim Bum-ryong I Ran Into You Lee Eun-ha
Park Nam-jung Like an Indian Doll
Lee Sang-woo Parting & Please medley
Jung Su-ra I Can't Find the Nightingale
Lee Chi-hyun Back to You Again
Lee Eun-ha My Love Fades Away
454 May 2, 2020 Park Sang-chul vs. Park Hyun-bin Lee Chang-min (Team Park Hyun-bin) Sparkle Sparkle K-TIGERS ZERO
Choi Jung-won (Team Park Sang-chul) No Matter What
Forestella (Team Park Hyun-bin) Dead Drunk
Purple Rain (Team Park Sang-chul) Dear Ja Ok
Yuk Joong Won Band (Team Park Hyun-bin) Trust Your Darling
K-TIGERS ZERO (Team Park Sang-chul) The Man from the Port
455 May 9, 2020 2020 Family Special Jung Mi-ae & Jo Sung-hwan You and I YOYOMI & Park Si-won
Park Gu-yoon & Park Jung-wook Unpredictable Life
Park Kang-sung & Rue Family Portrait
YOYOMI & Park Si-won I Like You
Yuk Joong Won Band & Kang Deok-cheon The Last Leaf
Roh Ji-hoon & Lee Eun-hye Every Day, Every Moment
456 May 16, 2020 Cho Young-soo Forte di Quattro No One Else MONNI
Loona Love Battery
Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying) Love and War
Monday Kiz (singer) Crazy Love Song
MONNI Lalala


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