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ImmunoGrid is a project funded by the European Community under Framework 6, to model the mammalian, and specifically human, immune system using Grid technologies. It aims to simulate the immune system at different physiological levels; as such, it fits within the broad description of Systems Biology and is a step towards the development of an in silico model of a human being (the Virtual Physiological Human).

Objectives of ImmunoGrid[edit]

  • To simulate the processes of the mammalian immune system at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels
  • To develop a simulator that can be applied practically to clinical applications, such as the design of vaccines and immunotherapies and the optimisation of vaccine schedules
  • To provide education and training in the area of computational immunology, including Web resources

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Summer Schools[edit]

First Immunomics Summer School, Catania, Italy (2007). FISS 2007
Click here for a PDF flier for the Summer School

This school offered advanced courses to students and researchers interested in the study of immunology and related applications. This course had special focus on Databases, Molecular Modelling and System Modelling with the emphasis on analysis of immune system and related applications, such as vaccine and drug discovery. The course was suitable particularly for graduate students or young investigators from life sciences, medicine, applied mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science.

Lectures by:

Prof. V. Brusic

Prof. M.C. Mazzarino