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Imogen Hollins
Imogen Hollins.jpg
Doctors character
Portrayed byCharlie Clemmow
Duration2009–2012, 2014
First appearance4 August 2009
Last appearance19 December 2014
Introduced byPeter Eryl Lloyd
ClassificationFormer; regular

Imogen Elizabeth "Immie" Hollins is a fictional character in the BBC soap opera Doctors, played by Charlie Clemmow. Imogen made her first appearance on 4 August 2009. Imogen is the daughter of Karen and Rob Hollins and the sister of Jack Hollins. Since her arrival Imogen has had a number of storylines, including kissing Elise Stone and being bullied by Lauren Porter. She departed Doctors on 24 September 2012. She made brief returns on 3 March 2014, 5 June 2014 and 19 December 2014.[1] 19 December was her final appearance.


Imogen has an Interest in Art. She studies art at North Letherbridge Sixth Form College where in December 2009 she held an art exhibition for her family. It was planned to be a joint exhibition with college friend, Casper Reed. Imogen fancied Casper and he felt the same back towards Immie but a jealous student, Fizz Campbell ruined their chances and told Casper Immie was in a relationship with another older boy, who actually was Immie's brother, Jack. Casper became jealous and became very upset, causing him to ruin all Imogen's work making her very upset. In the end Imogen held her head up high and surprised everyone including her brother & parents with nearly stripping completely naked. Her Parents, Rob & Karen were not impressed, but after they cooled down. Everything was fine.

In late January 2010 Karen, Immie's mum, was approached by Gerry Cutler who was the father of a University friend of Jack. He asked if Lewis, his son, could stay at their house over the Easter holidays as he was going away. Karen accepted but unfortunately, unaware to Karen, Rob, Immie & Jack, Lewis had a serious mental problem. As the week continued it came clear that there was problems with Lewis but he covered his tracks very easily. Imogen was the first to notice it, she tried to warn her mother, father & brother, but they ignored her. Jack said she was being 'pathetic'. Jack was the second member of the family to notice it but didn't say anything. Then Karen noticed a mark in her kitchen table, a knife mark. She knew it was Lewis. Imogen then realised that her art project was tampered with, by Lewis. She told her mum and they got worried. Jack was called to a fake interview at the University, Karen was very worried and went to the University, trying to find Jack. Amongst the hostages were, Ellie, Sia, Ned. Lewis was armed with a gun and shot hostage Sia. Karen tried to talk Lewis out of killing them all, it didn't work. Karen's husband, Rob came running up with a colleague and Dr. Simon Bond. Rob was called down but Simon stayed to help injured Sia. After a scream Rob came running back up and charged in. After a struggle with the gun Karen got the gun off Lewis and he was shot by a police officer. Lewis was killed. Karen, Rob, Jack & Imogen all burnt Imogen's art work the following day.

After the ordeal of the shooting at the University it took Imogen time to recover. On the Monday after it all happened, at school, she met a girl called Elise Stone. As soon as they met they had a very close relationship and on 4 February Elise told Imogen she was a Lesbian, Elise then kissed Immie. That evening Imogen went home and told her mother, Karen that she was a lesbian, Karen was very shocked. The next day Imogen was dressed differently to how she normally dressed. She told her father, Rob it was the way her 'breed' dressed.

Due to the amount of stress and pressure put on Imogen from Karen's abortion and her parents splitting up, Imogen began to steal. Although it started off at small amounts, it soon increased and eventually she was caught. To try to get out of it, Imogen lied and said that she hadn't stolen anything from the shop she had been caught in. Rob believed her and did his best to defend her. Eventually, she confided in Jack that she had done it. Jack told her to continue lying, even though it was wrong. When it went to court, guilt finally won out and she confessed to stealing. This angered Rob and she was temporarily thrown out of the house, having to stay with Jimmi and Cherry for a while until Rob let her back in. Imogen was sentenced to community service. Due to her criminal record, Imogen found it very difficult to find a job. Karen managed to persuade Julia to give Imogen a small, part-time job as a receptionist while Mrs Tembe, their usual receptionist was away on holiday, and her replacement, Lauren Porter was very busy due to the demanding work. Imogen took an instant dislike to Lauren as she was a bully and was very nasty to Imogen and others. Nobody could see through Lauren's evil ways except for Imogen and Mrs Tembe after she returned. However, when Lauren was murdered Imogen felt slightly guilty for saying bad things to Lauren.

She returned in 2014 at the wedding of her mother, Karen.



She is the youngest child and only daughter to, Sergeant Rob Hollins of Letherbridge Police Station and Karen Hollins, Senior Receptionist at the Mill Health Centre, also in Letherbridge. She is two years younger than her brother, Jack Hollins.



In August 2011, Imogen became the center of a bullying plot involving her and Lauren Porter (Alexis Peterman). Clemmow said that the bullying storyline is close to her heart, saying: "The storyline is close to my heart because I was on the end of some nasty bulling at secondary school. But thankfully it didn't become too serious because I spoke out and my parents got involved to stop it before it escalated. I hope this storyline will show bullying victims they don't need to suffer in silence."[2]


On 3 September 2012, it was confirmed that cast members Nicolas Woodman who plays Jack Hollins and Clemmow would be departing. Clemmow's departure scenes aired on 24 September 2012.[3]


Clemmow was nominated for "Best Daytime Star" in the 2011 Inside Soap Awards.[4]

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