The Impeachment of Man

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Impeachment of Man is a book by Savitri Devi, in which she recounts a history of the general indifference toward the suffering of non-human life. She puts forth a pro-vegetarian, anti-vivisectionist, biocentric, and misanthropic conservationist point of view. She does so within the context of her pro-Hitler and pro-Nazi political views, and devotes space to anti-Semitism and denouncing Jewish dietary practices.

Written from July 1945 – 29 March 1946, it was first published in Calcutta in 1959. Noontide Press printed a 156-page paperback in October 1991 (ISBN 0-939482-33-9).

Opening epigraph[edit]

  • “Thou shalt love God in all things, animals and plants” —Alfred Rosenberg

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