Impeachment of Man

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Impeachment of Man is a book by Savitri Devi. It recounts a history of the general indifference toward the suffering of non-human life. It puts forth a pro-vegetarian, anti-vivisectionist, biocentric, and misanthropic conservationist point of view. It does so within the context of Devi's pro-Hitler and pro-Nazi political views, and devotes space to anti-Semitism and denouncing Jewish dietary practices.

Written from July 1945 - 29 March 1946, it was first published in Calcutta in 1959. Noontide Press printed a 156-page paperback in October 1991 (ISBN 0-939482-33-9).

Opening epigraph[edit]

  • “Thou shalt love God in all things, animals and plants” —Alfred Rosenberg

Table of contents[edit]

  • Foreword (by the publisher to the 1991 printing)
  • Preface (June 22, 1959)
  1. Man-centered Creeds
  2. Pessimistic Pantheism
  3. Joyous Wisdom
  4. Action Precedes Theory
  5. Lights in the Night
  6. Diet, Dress, Amusement and Hard Work
  7. Ritual Slaughter of Animals
  8. Knowledge and Therapy
  9. The Rights of Plants
  10. Active Kindness
  11. Race, Economics and Kindness. The Ideal World

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