First impeachment process against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

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First impeachment process against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, ao lado de seus vice-presidentes, discursa sobre seu processo de impeachment.png
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, along with his vice presidents, Martín Vizcarra and Mercedes Aráoz, speaks about the impeachment process against him.
Date15–21 December 2017
ParticipantsPedro Pablo Kuczynski and Congress of Peru

The first impeachment process against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, then the incumbent President of Peru since 2016, was initiated by the Congress of Peru on 15 December 2017. According to Luis Galarreta, the President of the Congress, the whole process of impeachment could have taken as little as a week to complete.[1]

The impeachment request was rejected by the congress on 21 December 2017, for failing to obtain sufficient votes for the deposition.[2]


Prior to the beginning of the process to remove him from office, President Kuczynski was accused by the congressional opposition of lying about receiving bribes from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, as he had initially denied receiving any payments at all from the them, but later admitted that he had in fact been receiving payments to a firm he owned, Westfield Capital Ltd, while continuing to deny any irregularities in those payments.[1] A number of other Latin American politicians had previously also been implicated in similar accusations of part-taking in financial irregularities involving Odebrecht, including Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, former Peruvian presidents Alan García, Alejandro Toledo and Ollanta Humala, as well as Keiko Fujimori, chairwoman of the party Popular Force and daughter of the former president Alberto Fujimori, and whom Kuczynski had narrowly defeated in the 2016 general election.

Upon the initiation of impeachment proceedings Congress president Luis Galarreta stated that he expected Kuczynski to be removed from office ″within a week″, as Kuczynski's Peruvians for Change party occupies only 18 of the 130 seats in Congress, while the opposition right-wing Popular Force (which is chaired by Keiko Fujimori) and left-wing Broad Front (headed by a former priest and environmental activist called Marco Arana), both in favor of Kuczynski's removal, together command 81 of the necessary two-thirds congressional majority (87 seats) needed to remove a president from office. According to reports by the Reuters news agency, Kuczynski had also lost the support of his own cabinet members, who had begun to urge him to resign as well. On 14 December 2017 he was also given an ultimatum by the congressional opposition to resign by the end of the day or face impeachment in Congress, to which he responded by saying: "It cost us a lot to get our democracy back. We're not going to lose it again. I'm not going to give up my honour, nor my values, nor my responsibilities as president of all Peruvians." [3]

Vote in the Congress of the Republic[edit]

Partisan makeup of the Congress of the Republic (16 December 2017)[edit]

Party/Coalition Seats Position Ideology
Popular Force 71 Opposition Right-wing
Peruvians for Change 18 Government Centre-right
Broad Front 10 Opposition Left-wing
New Peru 10 Opposition Left-wing
Alliance for Progress 9 Opposition Right-wing
Popular Action 5 Supporting government Centre/Centre-right
APRA 5 Opposition Centre-left
Independents 2 Supporting government -
Government total (with support) 25
Opposition total 105
Vote on removing President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski from office in the Congress of the Republic [4]
Ballot 21 December 2017
12 / 130
Required majority 87 out of 130 (two thirds of the legal number of congressmen)
78 / 130
19 / 130
21 / 130
Sources: Congress of the Republic

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