Impending Doom (German band)

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Impending Doom
Origin Thuringia, Germany
Genres Black metal,[1] death metal[1]
Years active 1993–2001
Labels Voice of Life
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Past members Olaf Riegler
Uwe Rödel

Impending Doom was a German blackened death metal band. The band was formed in 1993 but split-up in 2001. Their song "Screams of a Raven" appeared on the compilation album Voices of Death (Part I), produced by Voice of Life Records. Through the band's eight-year career they released three full-length albums, two EPs, three split albums, four demos, and two compilation albums. Much of the band's lyrical content revolved around Satanic themes and imagery.

Last known line-up[edit]

  • Thomas Born - bass
  • Patrick W. Engel – guitar
  • Andreas Kaufmann – vocals
  • Pierre Krüger – drums
  • Marcus Regel – guitar


Studio albums

  • Caedes Sacrilegae (1997)
  • Signum of Hate (1998)
  • Apocalypse III The Manifested Purgatorium (2001)


  • Blasphemy Incarnate (2000)
  • The Great Pale Hunter (2001)


  • Messias Abaddon (1995)
  • Pagan Fires (1996)
  • Promo Tape 11/97 (1997)
  • Promo Recordings 11/99 (1999)


  • Thuringian Circle (1997)
  • Cromlech (1999)
  • Scornful Chalice/Luciferian Curse (2001)

Compilation albums

  • Pagan Fires/Messias Abaddon (1997)
  • Beyond the Altar of Obscurity (2003) (Released after the band breakup by Voice of Life records)


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