Imperial Bank of Canada

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Imperial Bank of Canada
Imperial Bank
FateMerged with the Canadian Bank of Commerce
SuccessorCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Founded1873 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
FounderHenry Stark Howland
Area served

The Imperial Bank of Canada was a Canadian bank based in Toronto, Ontario in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.


Founded in 1873 as the Imperial Bank in Toronto by Henry Stark Howland, former vice president of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. The bank became the Imperial Bank of Canada in 1874.[1]

In 1875, the president of the Imperial Bank of Canada was H.S. Howland, founder of the original Imperial Bank. The bank had a capital of $1,000,000 and the head office was located on Wellington Street in Toronto, Ontario.

The Imperial Bank of Canada branches expanded beyond Toronto and were found in St. Catharines, Ingersoll, Welland and Port Colborne.[2]

In 1875, it amalgamated with the Niagara District Bank,[3] which had been chartered on May 19, 1855 in Montreal.[4]

Although George Albertus Cox became the bank's president in 1890, Howland remained at the bank until his death in 1902. Cox remained President until 1906. Daniel Robert Wilkie succeeded Cox as president of the Imperial Bank of Canada and died as President in 1914.

Imperial Bank of Canada acquired Weyburn Security Bank in 1931 and Barclays Bank (Canada) in 1956.

It merged with the Canadian Bank of Commerce in 1961 to form the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Imperial Bank in Gowganda, Ontario, 1910

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