Imperial China: 900–1800

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Imperial China: 900–1800
Author F. W. Mote
Country United States
Language English
Subject Chinese history
Publisher Harvard University Press
Publication date
Media type Paperback/Hardcover
Pages 1136
ISBN 0-674-01212-7
OCLC 54436613

Imperial China: 900–1800 is a book of history written by F. W. Mote, Professor of Chinese History and Civilization, Emeritus, at Princeton University. The book was published in 1999 by Harvard University Press, ISBN 0-674-01212-7.[1]


As the title suggests, Imperial China covers the 900-year period from the year 900 to 1800. In terms of Chinese history, it covers from the fall of the Tang dynasty to the middle of the Qing dynasty, shortly before the beginning of China's Century of Humiliation at the end of the Qing dynasty. It covers the Five Dynasties, Liao dynasty, Song dynasty, Western Xia state, Jin dynasty, Yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty and the first 150 years of the Qing dynasty.


The nearly 1,000 pages of text are divided into five parts and are further divided into 36 chapters.

Part One[edit]

Conquest Dynasties and the Northern Song: 900-1127

Part Two[edit]

Conquest Dynasties and the Southern Song: 1127-1279

  • 9. The "Wild Jurchens" Erupt into History
  • 10. The Jurchen State and Its Cultural Policy
  • 11. The Later Xi Xia State
  • 12. Trends of Change under Jin Alien Rule
  • 13. The Southern Song and Chinese Survival
  • 14. Chinese Civilization and the Song Achievement
  • 15. Southern Song Life – A Broader View
  • 16. A Mid-Thirteenth-Century Overview

Part Three[edit]

China and the Mongol World

Part Four[edit]

The Restoration of Native Rule Under the Ming

  • 21. From Chaos toward a New Chinese Order
  • 22. Zhu Yuanzhang Builds His Ming Dynasty
  • 23. Civil War and Usurpation
  • 24. The "Second Founding" of the Ming Dynasty
  • 25. Ming China in the Fifteenth century
  • 26. The Changing World of the Sixteenth century
  • 27. Ming China's Borders
  • 28. Late Ming Political Decline, 1567-1627
  • 29. The Lively Society of the Late Ming
  • 30. The Course of Ming Failure

Part Five[edit]

China and the World in Early Qing Times

  • 31. Alien Rule Returns
  • 32. The Kangxi Emperor: Coming of Age
  • 33. The Kangxi Reign: The Emperor and His Empire
  • 34. The Yongzheng Emperor as Man and Ruler
  • 35. Splendor and Degeneration, 1736-1799
  • 36. China's Legacy in a Changing World


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