Imperial Court in Kyoto

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Pre-modern Japan
Imperial seal of Japan
Part of a series on the politics and
government of Japan during the
Nara and Heian periods

Chancellor / Chief Minister
Minister of the Left Sadaijin
Minister of the Right Udaijin
Minister of the Center Naidaijin
Major Counselor Dainagon
Middle Counselor Chūnagon
Minor Counselor Shōnagon
Eight Ministries
Center Nakatsukasa-shō  
Ceremonial Shikibu-shō
Civil Administration Jibu-shō
Popular Affairs Minbu-shō
Military Hyōbu-shō
Justice Gyōbu-shō
Treasury Ōkura-shō
Imperial Household Kunai-shō

Front view of Kyoto imperial palace

Imperial Court in Kyoto was the nominal ruling government of Japan from 794 AD until the Meiji Era, in which the court was moved to Tokyo and integrated into the Meiji government. The shogunate system came after the Imperial Court, in which Minamoto no Yoritomo created in 1192, and became the first Shogun of Japan. Since Minamoto no Yoritomo launched the shogunate, the true power had been in the hand of the Shoguns, who were mistaken several times for the Emperors of Japan by western countries.

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