Imperial Fault Zone

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United States Geological Survey map with the Imperial Fault Zone outlined in red

The Imperial Fault Zone is a system of geological faults located in Imperial County in the Southern California region, along the border of the United States and Mexico.


The Imperial Fault Zone is a right lateral-moving strike slip fault, representing the northernmost transform fault associated with the East Pacific Rise. It is connected to the San Andreas Fault by the Brawley Seismic Zone. It terminates on its southern end at the Cerro Prieto spreading center.

The Imperial Fault Zone is thought to accommodate slip from both the San Andreas and the San Jacinto fault zones. However, studies covering the last few hundred years show that the slip rate is insufficient to account for the total slip from the San Andreas system.[1] The surface trace is well-located based on mapped surface offsets from historic events.

Earthquake history[edit]

The Imperial Fault Zone has a history of earthquakes of moderate magnitude, including several doublet earthquakes.

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