Imperial Japanese Navy Armor Units

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This is a list of Imperial Japanese Navy armored units that were equipped with Type 89 Chi-Ro Medium Tank, Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank, Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank and the Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank.

  • Shanghai SNLF Tank Company (served during Shanghai Incident period)
  • Tank Platoon of Kure 5th SNLF-(served in Milne Bay)
  • Tank Unit of Sasebo 7th SNLF-(served in Betio, Tarawa) commander: Ensign Ohtani
  • Kwajalein Armor Unit of Sasebo 7th SNLF-(served in Kwajalein Atoll)
  • Navy tank unit of 55th Guard Unit, Yokosuka 1st SNLF- (served in Saipan, Marianas)
  • Itoh Armored Detachment SNLF-(served in Leyte, Philippines) commander: Commander Itoh
  • Makin Armor SNLF Detachment of Navy 3rd Special Base Force (served in Makin)