Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui

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Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui
Consort ChunHui.JPG
Portrait of Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui
Born 1713 (1713)
Died 1760 (aged 46–47)
Burial Yuling Mausoleum, Eastern Qing tombs, China
Spouse Qianlong Emperor
Issue Yongzhang
Heshuo Princess Hejia
House Su (by birth)
Aisin Gioro (by marriage)
Father Su Zhaonan
Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui
Traditional Chinese 純惠皇貴妃
Simplified Chinese 纯惠皇贵妃

Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui (1713–1760) was a consort of the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing dynasty.


Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui was Han Chinese by birth and her family name was Su (蘇). Her personal name is unknown. Her father was Su Zhaonan (蘇召南). Sometime during the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor (r. 1722–1735), she became a concubine of Hongli, the emperor's fourth son.

In 1735, the Yongzheng Emperor died and was succeeded by Hongli, who was enthroned as the Qianlong Emperor. After his coronation, the Qianlong Emperor granted Lady Su the rank of Imperial Concubine under the title "Imperial Concubine Chun" (純嬪). In 1735, Lady Su gave birth to Yongzhang (永璋; 1735–1760), the emperor's third son. Two years later, she was promoted to "Consort Chun" (純妃). In 1744, she bore the Qianlong Emperor his sixth son, Yongrong (1744–1790). One year later, she gave birth to the emperor's fourth daughter, Heshuo Princess Hejia (和碩和嘉公主; 1745–1767) and was promoted to "Noble Consort Chun" (純貴妃) within the same year.

In 1760, Lady Su was promoted to "Imperial Noble Consort Chun" (純皇貴妃), a rank which made her second only to the Empress in the imperial harem. She died within that year and was posthumously honoured as "Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui" (純惠皇貴妃). She was interred in the Yuling Mausoleum at the Eastern Qing tombs.

Error in name[edit]

The 20th-century historical text Draft History of Qing incorrectly recorded Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui's family name as "Sugiya" (蘇佳). While some Qing dynasty imperial consorts who were of Han Chinese origin changed their family names to Manchu-sounding names after marrying the emperors, Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui never changed hers. This was because she came from a commoner background, and her family was hence not eligible to be placed under a Manchu banner.


  • Yongzhang (永璋; 15 July 1735 - 26 August 1760), the Qianlong Emperor's third son.
  • Yongrong (永瑢; 28 January 1744 - 13 June 1790), the Qianlong Emperor's sixth son.
  • Heshuo Princess Hejia (和碩和嘉公主; 24 December 1745 - 29 October 1767), personal name unknown, the Qianlong Emperor's fourth daughter. She married Fulong'an (福隆安) of the Fuca clan.

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