Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangshun

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Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangshun
Born 1822
Died 1866 (aged 43–44)
Spouse Daoguang Emperor
Issue Yixuan, Prince Chun
Gurun Princess Shouzhang
Yihe, Prince Zhong
Yihui, Prince Fu
House Uya (by birth)
Aisin Gioro (by marriage)
Father Lingshou
Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangshun
Traditional Chinese 莊順皇貴妃
Simplified Chinese 庄顺皇贵妃
Lady Uya
Traditional Chinese 烏雅氏
Simplified Chinese 乌雅氏

Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangshun (1822–1866) was a consort of the Daoguang Emperor of the Qing dynasty. She was the paternal grandmother of the Guangxu Emperor through her son, Yixuan (Prince Chun). She was also the paternal great-grandmother of Puyi, the Last Emperor, through her grandson Zaifeng (Prince Chun).


Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangshun was born in the Manchu Uya (烏雅) clan. Her personal name is unknown. Her father was Lingshou (靈壽), a bitieshi (筆帖式; an official whose duties include translating and copying documents).

Lady Uya first entered the Forbidden City as a changzai (first class female attendant). In 1839, she was promoted to the rank of Noble Lady under the title "Noble Lady Lin" (琳貴人). A year later, she gave birth to the Daoguang Emperor's seventh son, Yixuan. Two months after Yixuan's birth, she was promoted to "Imperial Concubine Lin" (琳嬪). In 1842, she gave birth to the Daoguang Emperor's ninth daughter, Gurun Princess Shouzhuang (壽莊固倫公主) and was promoted to "Consort Lin" (琳妃) three months later. In 1844, she bore the Daoguang Emperor's eighth son, Yihe (奕詥). In the following year, she bore him his ninth son, Yihui (奕譓). Two years later, she was promoted to "Noble Consort Lin" (琳貴妃).

In 1850, the Daoguang Emperor died and was succeeded by his fourth son Yizhu, who was enthroned as the Xianfeng Emperor. The Xianfeng Emperor granted Lady Uya the title "Dowager Imperial Noble Consort Lin" (皇考琳貴太妃). In 1861, the Xianfeng Emperor died and was succeeded by his son Zaichun, who was enthroned as the Tongzhi Emperor. The Tongzhi Emperor honoured Lady Uya as "Grand Dowager Imperial Noble Consort Lin" (皇祖琳皇貴太妃).

Lady Uya died in 1866 during the reign of the Tongzhi Emperor and was granted the posthumous title "Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangshun" (莊順皇貴妃). She was interred in the Muling Mausoleum at the Western Qing tombs in 1867. In 1874, Lady Uya's grandson, Zaitian (Yixuan's son) succeeded the Tongzhi Emperor and was enthroned as the Guangxu Emperor. The Guangxu Emperor increased the amount of offerings at Lady Uya's tomb and had more ancestral worship rites performed for her.


  • Yixuan (奕譞; 1840–1891), the Daoguang Emperor's seventh son. He was the biological father of Zaitian, the Guangxu Emperor.
  • Gurun Princess Shouzhuang (壽莊固倫公主; 1842-1884), the Daoguang Emperor's ninth daughter.
  • Yihe (奕詥; 1844-1867), the Daoguang Emperor's eighth son.
  • Yihui (奕譓; 1845-1877), the Daoguang Emperor's ninth son.

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