Imperial Resort Beach Hotel

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Imperial Resort Beach Hotel
General information
Location Entebbe,  Uganda
Coordinates 00°02′48″N 32°28′16″E / 0.04667°N 32.47111°E / 0.04667; 32.47111
Technical details
Floor count 4
Other information
Number of rooms 181
Number of suites 6

Imperial Resort Beach Hotel is a hotel in Entebbe, Uganda.


It is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest fresh-water lake, not far from Uganda's largest airport, Entebbe International Airport. This location is approximately 42 kilometres (26 mi), by road, south of Kampala, Uganda's capital city.[1] The coordinates of Imperial Resort Beach Hotel are:00 02 48N, 32 28 16E (Latitude:0.0467; Longitude:32.4710).


The establishment has 181 rooms, on 4 (four) floors.[2] Of the rooms, five (5) are junior suites and one (one) is a presidential suite.The hotel is a member of the Imperial Hotels Group, which owns three hotels in Entebbe and three others in Kampala. As of July 2014, the groups hotels and real estate holdings include the following:

Entebbe, Uganda
Kampala, Uganda

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Coordinates: 00°02′48″N 32°28′16″E / 0.04667°N 32.47111°E / 0.04667; 32.47111