Imperial Valley Solar Farm

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Imperial Valley Solar Project
Imperial Valley Solar Farm is located in California
Imperial Valley Solar Farm
Location of Imperial Valley Solar Project in California
Country United States
Location Imperial County, California
Coordinates 32°46′34″N 115°52′51″W / 32.77611°N 115.88083°W / 32.77611; -115.88083Coordinates: 32°46′34″N 115°52′51″W / 32.77611°N 115.88083°W / 32.77611; -115.88083
Status Operational
Operator(s) Imperial Valley Solar, LLC
Solar farm
Type Flat-panel PV
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 99 MW

The Imperial Valley Solar is a 99-megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic power station located in Imperial County, California. Originally the project was called SES Solar Two, and was to be of Stirling engine design, and the project was approved by California Energy Commission on September 29, 2010. Since then AES Solar has changed the technology from solar thermal to photovoltaic.[1][2]

There are many similarly named solar plants in the area including Imperial Valley Solar Company 1 and the proposed Imperial Solar Valley 2, both near Niland; Tensaka's Imperial Solar Energy Center South (#58468) and the proposed Imperial Solar Energy Center West, and Imperial Solar Energy Center South (#57490). Also Mount Signal Solar was formerly called Imperial Valley Solar 1.

Electricity production[edit]

Generation (MWh)[3]
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2013 14,324 20,100 34,424
2014 22,740 28,996 52,995 50,216 54,049 45,771 41,333 54,391 49,421 41,741
Total 189,371


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