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Imperium Games was an American game company that produced role-playing games and game supplements.


Marc W. Miller partnered with Sweetpea Entertainment to license his science-fiction property Traveller in exchange for funding to get Imperium Games running in February 1996, as a new publisher solely dedicated to Traveller material, beginning with a new, fourth edition of the game titled Mark Miller's Traveller, commonly abbreviated T4. Sweetpea advanced Imperium Games seed money to launch in exchange for equity and media rights.[1]:330

Lester W. Smith and Timothy Brown, former employees of original Traveller publisher Game Designers' Workshop (GDW), came to work for Imperium Games.[1]:63 Don Perrin also designed role playing products for Traveller.[2] Larry Elmore created most of the black-and-white artwork for Marc Miller's Traveller.[1]:332 Chris Foss created much of the color concept art for the new edition of Traveller, produced 12 pages of artwork for the edition's first supplement, Starships, and illustrated a number of covers for the line.[1]:332[1]:333

When Sweetpea Entertainment bought out the stock of the many creators who had worked on T4 and took over some of the day-to-day operations of the company, Timothy Brown took the helm of Imperium Games under Sweetpea's guidance, and was now the only official staff for Imperium, with others acting as freelancers.[1]:332


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