Impetigo (band)

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Origin Bloomington, Illinois
Genres Goregrind, Grindcore, Death metal
Years active 1987–1993; 2007
Labels Wild Rags Records
A Whisper in Darkness
Iron Records
Morbid Records
Razorback Records
Website Lesions of Impetigo
Members Stevo

Impetigo was an Illinois-based grindcore and death metal band. They were among the first bands to use clips from films and other media as intros for their songs. In 2010 they released a DVD entitled "Defiling The Stage" which includes 4 live acts, one in 1987, two in 1990 and one reunion show from 2007.

In 2003, Razorback Records released Wizards of Gore, an Impetigo tribute album, featuring Blood Duster, Mortician, Machetazo, Impaled, Haemorrhage, Exhumed, Cock and Ball Torture, Lymphatic Phlegm, Last Days of Humanity, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Lord Gore, and more. Razorback Records has also released the "ultimate" reissues of the Ultimo Mondo Cannibale and Horror of the Zombies albums, which include the original artwork, liner notes by bassist/vocalist Stevo Dobbins, and bonus tracks.

Their lyrical themes mostly include 70s and 80s splatter films, cannibal films and gore.

Band members[edit]

Original discography[edit]


  • Giallo (1999, 10" picture disc)
  • All We Need Is Cheez (1999)
  • Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (1999, 12" picture disc)
  • Faceless (2000, mCD/7" EP)
  • Buio Omega (2000, mCD/CD-ROM)
  • Giallo/Antefatto (2000)
  • Horror of the Zombies (2001, picture disc LP)
  • Ultimo Mondo Cannibale "Ultimate Edition" (2006)
  • Horror of the Zombies "Ultimate Edition" (2007)


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