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Industry Construction, Civil engineering
Founded 2006
Headquarters Dietlikon, Switzerland
Key people
Anton Affentranger, Chairman
Christian Bubb, CEO
Revenue CHF2,522.6 million (2011)[1]
CHF93.7 million (2011)[1]
CHF61.4 million (2011)[1]
Number of employees
5648 (2011)

Implenia (SIXIMPN) is the largest construction company in Switzerland. Notably it successfully fought off a takeover by the UK hedge fund, Laxey Partners in 2008.[2]


The company was created in March 2006 through a merger between Zschokke (founded 1872) and Batigroup (founded 1997). It acquired the building business of Bilfinger Construction in December 2014.[3]


The company has three divisions:

  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Global Solutions

Major projects[edit]

Major projects involving the company include the Roxburgh Dam completed in 1953,[4] the Dinorwig Power Station completed in 1984,[5] the Sunniberg Bridge completed in 1998[6] the Stade de Genève completed in 2003[7] and the Swissmill Tower that was rebuilt by April 2016.[8]

The company is working on the Gotthard Base Tunnel project which is expected to be completed in 2015.[9] Along with Bilfinger SE, Frutiger AG and Impresa Pizzarotti, Implenia forms part of the Transco consortium responsible for the Sedrun work site of the tunnel.[10]


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