Implosion (Ghost Whisperer)

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Ghost Whisperer episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 15
Directed by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Written by John Gray
Production code 515
Original air date March 5, 2010
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Dead To Me"
Next →
"Old Sins Cast Long Shadows"
Episode chronology

"Implosion" is the 100th episode and the 15th episode from Season 5 of Ghost Whisperer, it originally aired on March 5, 2010 on CBS in United States.


Melinda believes that some old war antiques she has are haunted. When she goes back to the man who sold them to her, George Mastersargeant, he gets very anxious and won't answer her questions. She becomes even more convinced when she has a vision where she steps on a landmine and everything explodes and starts seeing a ghost boy who seems to be playing soldier. Suspicious, she and Eli follow George Mastersargeant to an old, abandoned army base. Melinda discovers George was simply stealing artifacts from the base. She once again sees the little boy but he eludes her. When she sees him again, she finds him holding what is an old land mine from Vietnam. Melinda becomes a little confused because she doesn't see any evidence of her ghost boy being killed by the bomb and when she goes back to search the base again, she discovers the body of her ghost boy in an airtight container. She finds out the boy was missing for a couple of days and had gone to this base because his father, a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan, used to take him there. The last time the ghost boy, Joey, was there, he wanted to take one of the land mines as a souvenir but was startled into hiding when he heard someone come. The container he was in closed on him and he suffocated but not before seeing Professor Bedford take one of the live bombs. In the meantime, Professor Bedford is demanding the Book of Changes from Eli, Melinda and Ned so he calls from Delia's real estate office telling them to bring the book to him or the bomb he has will go off. Eli brings the book and frees Delia. When Professor Bedford finally has the book in his hands, he's horrified to find that the book erased itself and the Shadows get angry, setting off the bomb blowing up him and Delia's office. Melinda crosses Joey over and reunites him with his father. The Book of Changes puts itself back into another one of Ned's Economics books.[1]


Main cast[edit]

Guest Starring[edit]

  • Joey Luthman as Joey Kale
  • Connor Gibbs as Aiden Lucas
  • Alexie Gilmore as Julie
  • Stephen Lee as George
  • Chris Divecchio as Jim
  • Sarah Teresa as Ghost Nurse
  • Dwain Murhpy as Private Mace
  • Frank Krueger as Dennis
  • Jeff Leaf as Ghost Soldier


  • Bruce Davison as President Bedford
  • Jose Zúñiga as Officer Luis Simon
  • Ion Overman as detective Sam Blair

Production notes[edit]

The episode was filmed in December 2009.


Ratings and viewership[edit]

The episode averaged 7.36 million viewers, rating of 1.6/6 and a share of 9.


  • The episode features the songs:
    • “Ooh Wee" by Sharon Little
    • “Sunlight" by Turtle Giant
    • “Still Be Here" by Toy Horses
  • The episode marks the last appearance of President Bedford as a living human. In 5.18 he is seen as a ghost for the last time, warning Melinda about the Shadows.
  • The episode marks the third time when Jennifer Love Hewitt directs an episode. The previous ones were Season 4's "Body of Water" and Season 5's premiere, "Birthday Presence".
  • On the celebration for the 100th episode Jennifer Love Hewitt held a speech for what they [the cast and crew] have done and how she made friends while filming the show.