Impression (software)

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Impression (software)
Developer(s) Computer Concepts
Initial release  ()
Written in Assembly language (inline via BBC BASIC)
Operating system RISC OS
Type Desktop publishing
License Proprietary commercial software

In computing, Impression is a desktop publishing application for RISC OS systems. It was developed by Computer Concepts and released around 1989.[1]

The software was one of two packages recommended for use in primary teaching in the 1996 book Opportunities for English in the Primary School.[2] It has been considered one of the most important applications in the history of the RISC OS platform.[3]

Also available were enhanced (Impression Publisher and Impression Publisher Plus) and cut-down versions (Impression Junior and Impression Style). A 32-bit conversion and improvement project initiated in 2003 was named Impression-X.


A project to produce a fully 32-bit compliant version (compatible with the Iyonix PC and later ARM hardware) was announced by X-Ample Technology in 2003.[4][5] This was named Impression-X.[4] In 2004 it was explained that the process of 32-bitting was being complicated partly because of "the massive number of optimisation and 'tricks' Computer Concepts used".[6] In 2005, Drobe editor Chris Williams suggested handing the project over to another party to complete.[7] After only another 10 years, Impression-X was released in May 2015, and is now available from the PlingStore.[8]


A document loader for Impression files was included with the 2.60 release of desktop publishing application Ovation Pro in 2000.[specify][9][10]

The software was copy protected via a dongle.[11]


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