Impression (software)

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Developer(s) Computer Concepts
Initial release  ()
Written in Assembly language (inline via BBC BASIC)
Operating system RISC OS
Type Desktop publishing
License Proprietary commercial software

In computing, Impression is a desktop publishing application for RISC OS systems. It was developed by Computer Concepts and released around 1989.[1]

The software was one of two packages recommended for use in primary teaching in the 1996 book Opportunities for English in the Primary School.[2] It has been considered one of the most important applications in the history of the RISC OS platform.[3]

Also available were enhanced (Impression Publisher and Impression Publisher Plus) and cut-down versions (Impression Junior and Impression Style). A 32-bit conversion and improvement project initiated in 2003 was named Impression-X.


A project to produce a fully 32-bit compliant version (compatible with the Iyonix PC and later ARM hardware) was announced by X-Ample Technology in 2003.[4][5] This was named Impression-X.[4] In 2004 it was explained that the process of 32-bitting was being complicated partly because of "the massive number of optimisation and 'tricks' Computer Concepts used".[6] In 2005, Drobe editor Chris Williams suggested handing the project over to another party to complete.[7] After only another 10 years, Impression-X was released in May 2015, and is now available from the PlingStore.[8]


A document loader for Impression files was included with the 2.60 release of desktop publishing application Ovation Pro in 2000.[specify][9][10]

The software was copy protected via a dongle.[11]


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