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Imre Augustich.
Augustich's house of birth in Murski Petrovci

Imre Augustich or Agostich (Slovene: Imre Augustič September 29/30, 1837 – July 17, 1879) was a Slovene writer, poet, journalist, and representative of Vas county in the National Assembly of Hungary. He was the author of Prijátel (Friend), the first newspaper in the Prekmurje Slovene.

Born in Murski Petrovci (Prekmurje, Tišina municipality), his father, Lajos Augustich, was a petty nobleman and economic officer for the Szapáry family. His mother, Julianna Zanaty, was born in Szombathely. Augustich studied in Szombathely and Budapest, and early in his career was a notary for the Batthyány family in Murska Sobota and Alsószölnök, and became a reporter and journalist in Budapest.

The first works Augustich wrote in Hungarian supported magyarization in the Kingdom of Hungary. Lastly persisted throughout the next Hungarian Slovene people.[clarification needed] In 1875 work to the Prijátel.[clarification needed] Augustich translated verses of Sándor Petőfi, János Arany, Pál Gyulai and others, at the same time renewing the Prekmurian literary language and literature.

He died of tuberculosis in Budapest.


  • A polgári házasság. Népszerű jog- és társadalmi tudomány dr. H-ain és dr. Ch-nd után. (Pest, 1868.)
  • Návuk vogerszkoga jezika za zacsetnike. Budapest, 1876.
  • Prirodopis s kepami, 1879
  • Prijátel 1875–1879


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