Imus local elections, 2013

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Imus local elections, 2013
← 2010 May 13, 2013 2016 →
Nominee Emmanuel Maliksi Homer T. Saquilayan
Party Liberal Nacionalista
Running mate Armando Ilano Patrizenette Camia-Villena
Popular vote 47,312 44,646
Percentage 51.45 48.55

Mayor before election

Emmanuel Maliksi

Elected Mayor

Emmanuel Maliksi

Local elections were held in the newly created city of Imus in Cavite on May 13, 2013 in conjunction with the 2013 Philippine midterm elections. Registered voters of the city elected candidates for the following elective local posts: district representative, provincial board members representing the city, mayor, vice mayor, and twelve councilors at-large.

Mayor Emmanuel Maliksi of the Liberal Party narrowly won over ousted Mayor Homer Saquilayan while his running mate, Vice Mayor Mandy Ilano was reelected overwhelmingly. Maliksi's ticket took all but two seats in the Sangguniang Panlungsod.


The most recent elections conducted in the then-municipality of Imus in 2010 is considered as one of the most controversial, if not the most controversial, elections with questionable results. In the country's first-ever automated election, where precinct optical count scanning (PCOS) machines were utilized, then comebacking Homer T. Saquilayan defeated the then incumbent Mayor Manny Maliksi, once his vice mayor and the son of then governor Ayong Maliksi, by 8, 499 votes. On May 21, 2010, Maliksi filed an election protest alleging irregularities caused by the PCOS machine count, among others "double-shading" of ballots, ambiguous votes, and over-voting.

After the first recount, Imus Regional Trial Court Judge Cesar Mangrobang released a decision on November 2011 declaring the younger Maliksi as the duly elected mayor of the town, with 41,088 votes as against that of Saquilayan's 40,423, for a difference of 665 votes. This decision angered the incumbent mayor's supporters and municipal employees and on December 2, 2011, they successfully prevented Maliksi in formally assuming office, thereby causing further tension between the rival camps. Such tension only averted three days before the turn of the year on December 28, 2011, when Saquilayan ceded the post to his rival with the promise of avenging his latest setback before the courts and the COMELEC.

Barely five months later, in May 2012, the COMELEC overturned the decision of Mangrobang, citing that he gravely abused its discretion when it issued the order since it did not have the necessary grounds and ordered Saquilayan to be reinstated. This prompted Maliksi to file a motion for reconsideration but it was dismissed by the poll body in September 2012 "for lack of merit." On October 10, 2012, Maliksi elevated his appeal to the Supreme Court and filed a petition for an issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO). Five days later, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno issued him a TRO.

The TRO was lifted by the Supreme Court on March 12, 2013 and declared Saquilayan as the duly elected mayor. He took his oath six days later, on March 18. Maliksi, however, refused to recognize the ruling and filed for a motion for reconsideration, which the court granted on April 11, 2013, thereby reinstating him as mayor.


Names in boldface denote the winners.

District Representative[edit]

The candidates for district representative, mayor, and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes win their respective seats. They are elected separately; therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

Ayong Maliksi is running for Governor, his party nominates former Board Member, Alex Advincula. Albert Villaseca is also nominate by Nacionalista party.

Philippine House of Representatives election at Cavite's 3rd district
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Alexander Advincula 57,141 65.95
Lakas Albert T. Villaseca 28,759 33.19
PMP Eleazar Salon 743 0.86
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes ' '
Liberal hold

Board Members[edit]

Voters of Imus elect two (2) members to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cavite as part of the third district, which is contiguous with the legislative district. The two candidates with the highest amount of votes for the positions win.

Larry Boy Nato is the only incumbent who sought reelection, which Rodrigo Arguelles did not run in favor of Councilor Arnel Cantimbuhan.

Sangguniang Panlalawigan election at Cavite's 3rd district
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Ony Cantimbuhan 52,141 36.06
Liberal Larry Boy Nato 51,253 35.44
Nacionalista Anthony "AAA" Astillero 19,800 13.69
Nacionalista Rodrigo "Roding" Camia 19,359 13.39
PMP Lucius Minaldo 2,062 1.43
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes ' '


Imus Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Emmanuel Maliksi 47,312 51.45
Nacionalista Homer T. Saquilayan 44,646 48.55
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes ' '
Liberal hold

Vice Mayor[edit]

Imus Vice Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Armando Ilano 53,676 61.82
Nacionalista Patrizenette Camia-Villena 33,149 38.18
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes ' '
Liberal hold

City Councilors[edit]

Upon the adoption of a city charter, seats in the new Sangguniang Panglungsod of Imus (Imus City Council) have increased from eight (8) to twelve (12) and were elected at-large, similar to that of neighboring city of Dasmariñas and 98% of component cities in the Philippines.


Of the incumbent councilors elected in 2010, only one did not seek re-election:

  • Argel Joseph Reyes, and
  • Arnel Cantimbuhan, who is running for provincial board member representing Imus.

Aside from re-electionist candidates, names in italics denote appointed councilors and ex officio officials, in the case of SK Federation President Darlon Jay Sayarot.

Administration coalition (Team Maliksi)[edit]
Liberal Party/Team Maliksi
Name Party Result
Emilio Aguinaldo V (inc.) Liberal won
Vincent "Vince" Amposta (inc.) Liberal won
Raymond Arguelles (inc.) Liberal won
George Cabarloc Jr. Liberal lost
Rommel Camerino Liberal lost
Oscar "Oca" De Quiroz (inc.) Liberal won
Leonardo Antonio Deocadis (inc.) Liberal won
Eunice Ferriol (inc.) Liberal won
Mary Jemeny "Jem" Yulo-Guinto* (inc.) Liberal won
Shernan Jaro (inc.) Liberal won
Dennis Lacson (inc.) Liberal won
Darlon Jay Sayarot Liberal won
Primary opposition coalition (Team Saki-Villena)[edit]
Nacionalista Party-Lakas-Magdalo/Team Saki-Villena
Name Party Result
Renato Aguirre Nacionalista lost
Jeffrey Asistio (inc.) Nacionalista won
Myrna Camaisa Nacionalista lost
Raymond Camama Nacionalista lost
Carina Camerino Nacionalista lost
Elena Damaso Nacionalista lost
Nelson Louie Genido Nacionalista lost
Darwin Marti Remulla Nacionalista lost
Lucio Salvador Nacionalista lost
Alexander San Juan Nacionalista lost
Edgardo Saquilayan Nacionalista won
Alexander Villanueva Nacionalista lost
Independent candidates not in tickets[edit]
Independent/City of Imus
Name Party Result
Domingo Reyes Independent lost
Ronnie Sapinoso Independent lost
Deng Sarte Independent lost


Imus City Council election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Shernan Jaro 52,432 5.92
Liberal Eunice Ferriol 50,643 5.72
Liberal Mary Jemeny Yulo-Guinto 50,313 5.68
Liberal Emilio Aguinaldo V 49,787 5.62
Liberal Darlon Jay Sayarot 47,468 5.36
Liberal Dennis Lacson 47,468 5.34
Nacionalista Jeffrey Asistio 45,040 5.09
Liberal Leonardo Antonio Deocadis 41,726 4.71
Liberal Raymond Arguelles 41,391 4.67
Liberal Vincent Amposta 40,272 4.55
Liberal Oscar De Quiroz 39,860 4.50
Nacionalista Edgardo Saquilayan 35,823 4.05
Liberal Rommel Camerino 35,560 4.02
Liberal George Cabarloc Jr. 34,946 3.95
Nacionalista Alex Villanueva 34,645 3.91
Nacionalista Darwin Marti Remulla 32,876 3.71
Nacionalista Myrna Camaisa 32,486 3.67
Nacionalista Carina Camerino 29,123 3.29
Nacionalista Lucio Salvador 26,698 3.02
Nacionalista Raymond Camama 23,643 2.67
Nacionalista Rey Aguirre 23,037 2.60
Nacionalista Alexander San Juan 20,912 2.36
Nacionalista Elena Damaso 18,648 2.11
Nacionalista Nelson Louie Genido 18,615 2.10
Independent Ronnie Sapinoso 5,179 0.58
Independent Domingo Reyes 3,744 0.42
Independent Deng Sarte 3,235 0.37
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes ' '

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