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In-Fest is a mini indoor music festival in the UK.

In-Fest is short for "Indoor Festival" it is known to feature up and coming rock bands from all over the UK. The festival features metal, punk, and rock bands.

The events are presented by Rebellious Noise (also known as RNevents) a promotions company in the UK.


The original concept for the first In-Fest was so that bands could get some experience playing live and get footage recorded of themselves to use for promotional purposes. It was created by Scott Warren who is the Vocalist/Guitarist for the band F3tch. Scott got a team of friends and family members to help organize the show. After the success of In-Fest1, In-Fest2 was organized.


In-Fest1 was a strict invite only event with only local bands and got far bigger than expected. In-Fest1 featured bands such as:


In-Fest2 Logo

In late 2007, Scott decided to turn his promotional efforts into a promo company with a name. Rebellious Noise was born and quickly became recognised with local bands. Rebellious Noise decided to put on In-Fest2 and gather bigger bands and do everything bigger than last time.

In-Fest2 Was held at a bigger venue this time called "The Space" on the Isle of Dogs in east London.

The bands that appeared at In-Fest2 were:

The show was a huge success and proved just how much the In-Fest series was growing. Many of the people that went to the show were stunned as to how good the show turned out to be. All of the bands have mentioned how they loved the crowd and that they want to come back for future events, Some even named it as the best gig they had done so far.

The show was also filmed on a number of cameras, however, due to the quality of sound there is confusion how the footage will be released. Rebellious Noise have stated that they may release a DVD that would feature highlights from the show or they may put highlight clips online through the company's website.


As soon as In-fest2 was over there were many people asking about In-Fest3. Rebellious Noise confirmed that there would be a In-Fest3 and told people to expect the series to carry on expanding. In early 2010, Rebellious Noise launched the home page of and the official Facebook page with announcements that In-Fest3 news would be on its way.

In-Fest3 had the following line up:

In-Fest3 took place on 8 May 2010 in London, England at "The Space" which is the same venue Rebellious Noise used for In-Fest2. The event was a success and was considered the best In-Fest so far by many people in attendance.

In-Fest 4[edit]

The fourth In-Fest event was announced in November 2010, set to take place on Monday 17 January 2011 at The Purple Turtle in London.

In-Fest 4 will feature:

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In June 2010, Rebellious Noise began promoting a new show called "Sub-Fest", which would be the "Sub" show to their supershows "In-Fest".

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