In-Fidelity Recordings

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In-Fidelity Recordings
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founder Bruce Milne
Steven Stavrakis
Distributor(s) Inertia Distribution
Genre Various
Country of origin Australia
Location Melbourne, Victoria
Official website

In-Fidelity Recordings is a record label founded in September 2002 by Bruce Milne and Steven Stavrakis.

Bruce Milne established the Au Go Go label and Stavrakis was co-founder of Waterfront Records and Fellaheen. Between them they have worked with such seminal Australian acts as Magic Dirt, Spiderbait, Ratcat, The Meanies, The Hardons, The Scientists, Ben Lee, Snout and Eastern Dark. They have also been involved in introducing international acts such as Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney and Butthole Surfers to an Australian audience.

The first release on the label was the debut album from The Datsuns. The band had been feted by major labels around the world, finally signing a one-album deal with V2 Records in all territories outside Australia and New Zealand where they chose to go with In-Fidelity. The Datsuns' debut album was released on 16 October 2002.


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