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Not to be confused with Inquest.
Origin Turnhout, Belgium
Genres Technical death metal
Years active 1994–2014
Labels Teutonic Existence Records, Shiver Records, Soulreaper Records, Good Life Recordings
Associated acts Aborted, Leng Tch'e
Members MiQe Löfberg
Douglas Verhoeven
Gert Monden
Korneel Lauwereins
Frederick Peeters
Past members Noise Grinder
Sven de Caluwé
Laurent Swaan
Wim Roelants
Manu van Tichelen
Joël Decoster
Jan Geenen
Valéry Bottin

In-Quest is a death metal band from Belgium. Formerly signed with Good Life Recordings, they are currently[when?] unsigned. The band have been active underground since the early 90s, with Sven de Caluwe of Aborted as a singer from 2002 to 2004. He was replaced by Swedish singer Mike Löfberg from Blockhead. They have released five albums and two EP's to date, with a new album called 8: The Odyssey Of Eternity released on August 8, 2013. On February 12, 2014 the band split up.

In-Quest have played at a number of festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands, such as Frostrock, Euroblast, Xmass Festival, Flanders Fields of Death, Arnhem Metal Meeting, and (alongside bands like Slipknot, Fear Factory, Nile, Motörhead, Saxon, and Ensiferum) Graspop Metal Meeting in 2005 (Metal Dome), 2006 (Marquee 1) and 2009 (at Mainstage).[1] Also in 2006, In-Quest opened for Fear Factory, on their "Fifteen Years of Fear" tour.[2][3] They also supported Nile in 2005 on their EU tour.


Final Line-Up[edit]

  • Mike "MiQe" Löfberg - vocals (2004-2014)
  • Gert Monden - drums (1994-2014)
  • Douglas Verhoeven - lead guitar (1999-2014)
  • Korneel "Korre" Lauwereins (bass 2007-2010) - rhythm guitar (2010-2014)
  • Frederick Peeters - bass (2010-2014)

Former members[edit]



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