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Type News site
Format Online
Owner(s) Lambrakis Press Group
Founded November 1999
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Website is a Greek News site. The site, which is owned by Lambrakis Press Group (DOL),[1] is written in the Greek language[2] and exists from November 1999.[1] is among the most visited news websites in Greece.


The site is described by its owning company as "the largest Internet portal that operates in Greece".[1] According to DOL, the site contains news, real-time information on the Athens Stock Exchange, city guides, general information about Greece, coverage of various special interests such as agrotourism, cars, computers, cinema, music, and free services, including email, Internet fora, and chatrooms.[1] is published by Ramnet, a company that belongs to DOL, its headquarters are in Athens, Greece.[3]

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