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The …in Death series of novels, written by Nora Roberts under her pseudonym, J. D. Robb, features NYPSD ("New York City Police and Security Department") Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke and is set in a mid-21st century New York City. The stories also regularly feature other characters, including Captain Ryan Feeney, Detective Delia Peabody, Detective Ian McNab and Dr. Charlotte Mira.

The series is ongoing and will go on as long as Roberts desires to write it; however, she has famously stated that the series will never contain one of Eve and Roarke's children, as the series will end with Eve's eventual pregnancy.[1]


  1. Naked in Death (1995, ISBN 978-0-425-14829-7) ............. 10 years a cop, the damaged Eve Dallas hunts a murderer, the Irish billionaire Roarke is in her sights.
  2. Glory in Death (1995, ISBN 978-0-425-15098-6) ............... 2 beautiful women murdered, Eve can't believe Roarke knew them
  3. Immortal in Death (1996, ISBN 978-0-425-15378-9) ........... a top model murdered by Eve's best friend; can't be - and not just before Eve's wedding
  4. Rapture in Death (1996, ISBN 978-0-425-15518-9) ........... on honeymoon - but - a series of suicides and the first is one of Roarke's employees!
  5. Ceremony in Death (1997, ISBN 978-0-425-15762-6) ......... a top cop is murdered and mutilated - by a satanic cult.
  6. Vengeance in Death (1997, ISBN 978-0-425-16039-8) ....... a techno-geek stalking, torturing, murdering and leaving riddles - with a 10 year old secret.
  7. Holiday in Death (1998, ISBN 978-0-425-16371-9) ............. Christmas killing according to the 12 Days of Christmas - then it gets close to home.
  8. Midnight in Death, Silent Night Anthology (1998, ISBN 978-0-515-12385-2)
  9. Conspiracy in Death (1999, ISBN 978-0-425-16813-4) ....... a serial killer with surgical precision, preying on the vulnerable. Cat and mouse with Eve.
  10. Loyalty in Death (1999, ISBN 978-0-425-17140-0) ............. The revolutionary group, Cassandra, is now blowing up Roarke's properties - and killing.
  11. Witness in Death (2000, ISBN 978-0-425-17363-3) ............. at the theatre, Eve witnesses on-stage murder. How good is the acting?
  12. Judgment in Death (2000, ISBN 978-0-425-17630-6) ........... in the private club called Purgatory, everyone can be judged, including cops.
  13. Betrayal in Death (2001, ISBN 978-0-425-17857-7) ............. a hotel maid at one of Roarke's hotels is killed by a hitman - but who sent him and is the target Roarke?
  14. Interlude in Death, Out of this World Anthology (2001, ISBN 978-0-515-13109-3)
  15. Seduction in Death (2001, ISBN 978-0-425-18146-1) ...........23 and in love; but dead by midnight. Mistakes, obsessions, desire.
  16. Reunion in Death (2002, ISBN 978-0-425-18397-7) ..............a killer with a vendetta who really loves murder - Eve is reminded of her past.
  17. Purity in Death (2002, ISBN 978-0-425-18630-5) ................ 'The Purity of Justice' - criminals are going insane, nastily, brutally, unpredictably.
  18. Portrait in Death (2003, ISBN 978-0-425-18903-0) ............. a killer targeting the young and beautiful for no clear reason - panic begins.
  19. Imitation in Death (2003, ISBN 978-0-425-19158-3) ............... the murderer is copying famous killers, Jack the Ripper and on and on and on
  20. Remember When with Nora Roberts (2003, ISBN 978-0-399-15106-4)
    Two-part book: the first part is a present-day Nora Roberts story which sets up the back story for the second part, which features Eve Dallas and has been republished as Big Jack (2010, ISBN 978-0-425-23490-7)[2]
  21. Divided in Death (2004, ISBN 978-0-399-15154-5) .............. someone killed her cheating husband and best friend - it looked like Reva did it.
  22. Visions in Death (2004, ISBN 978-0-399-15171-2) .............. the first one just had her eyes removed, as well as being dead.
  23. Survivor in Death (2005, ISBN 978-0-399-15208-5) .............. Nixie crept downstairs for a drink - and saved her own life, it seemed.
  24. Origin in Death (2005, ISBN 978-0-399-15289-4) ................ the Icove case - a genius geneticist with a special interest in cloned girls
  25. Memory in Death (2006, ISBN 978-0-399-15328-0) ............ someone nasty from Eve's past - and then she's found dead. Eve hates killers - and memories.
  26. Haunted in Death, Bump in the Night Anthology (2006, ISBN 978-0-515-14117-7) .
  27. Born in Death (2006, ISBN 978-0-399-15347-1)
  28. Innocent in Death (2007, ISBN 978-0-399-15401-0)
  29. Creation in Death (2007, ISBN 978-0-399-15436-2)
  30. Eternity in Death, Dead of Night Anthology (2007, ISBN 978-0-515-14367-6)**
  31. Strangers in Death (2008, ISBN 978-0-399-15470-6)
  32. Salvation in Death (2008, ISBN 978-0-399-15522-2)
  33. Ritual in Death, Suite 606 Anthology (2008, ISBN 978-0-425-22444-1)
  34. Promises in Death (2009, ISBN 978-0-399-15548-2)
  35. Kindred in Death (2009, ISBN 978-0-399-15595-6)
  36. Missing in Death, The Lost Anthology (2009, ISBN 978-0-515-14718-6)
  37. Fantasy in Death (2010, ISBN 978-0-399-15624-3)[3][better source needed]
  38. Indulgence in Death (Nov. 2, 2010, ISBN 978-0-399-15687-8)
  39. Possession in Death, The Other Side Anthology (Nov. 30, 2010, ISBN 978-0-515-14867-1)
  40. Treachery in Death (Feb. 22, 2011, ISBN 978-0-399-15703-5)
    Time of Death ( June 28, 2011) (reprint of novellas Eternity in Death (30), Ritual in Death (33), and Missing in Death (36))
  41. New York to Dallas (Sep. 13, 2011, ISBN 978-0-399-15778-3)
  42. Chaos in Death, The Unquiet Anthology (Sep. 27, 2011, ISBN 978-0-515-14998-2)
  43. Celebrity in Death (Feb. 21, 2012, ISBN 978-0-399-15830-8)
  44. Delusion in Death (Sep. 13, 2012, ISBN 978-0-399-15881-0)
  45. Calculated in Death (Feb. 23, 2013, ISBN 978-0-399-15882-7)
  46. Thankless in Death (September 2013, ISBN 978-0-399-16442-2)
  47. Taken in Death, Mirror, Mirror Anthology (October 2013)
  48. Concealed in Death (February 2014, ISBN 978-0-399-16443-9)
  49. Festive in Death (September 2014, ISBN 978-0-399-16444-6)
  50. Obsession in Death (February 2015, ISBN 978-0-399-17087-4)
  51. Devoted in Death (September 2015, ISBN 978-0-399-17088-1)
  52. Wonderment in Death, Down the Rabbit Hole anthology (September 2015, ISBN 978-1-501-22377-8)
  53. Brotherhood in Death (February 2016, ISBN 978-0-399-17089-8)
  54. Apprentice in Death (September 2016, ISBN 978-1-101-98797-1)
  55. Echoes in Death (February 2017, ISBN 978-1-250-12311-4)
  56. Secrets in Death (September 2017, ISBN 978-1-250-12315-2)
  57. Dark in Death (January 2018, ISBN 978-1-250-16153-6)


Below are all deaths - murder victims, murder investigations, and others - that occur in the span of the In Death books, including weapon, cause of death, and the perpetrator. This list does not include any attacks on persons that do not result in death.

Book Victim Cause of Death Weapon Perpetrator
Naked in Death Sharon DeBlass shot in head, chest and groin Smith & Wesson Model 10 Gerald DeBlass
Lola Starr (Alice Williams) SIG 210, 1980 Derrick Rockman
Georgie Castle Ruger P90
Gerald DeBlass Gunshot   suicide
Joseph Finestein poisoned pie Hetta Finestein
Glory in Death Cicely Towers slash across throat long-bladed knife C. J. Morse
Yvonne Metcalf
Louise Kirski
C. J. Morse's mother (pre-book)
Immortal in Death Boomer (Carter Johannsen) strangulation & blunt trauma thin baseball bat Lt. Jake Casto
Hetta Moppett (pre-book) blunt trauma to the head
Pandora excessive trauma cane
Cockroach (Lament Ro) blunt trauma to the head iron pipe
Jerry Fitzgerald drug overdose Immortality, morphine and Zeus
Rapture in Death Drew Mathias hanging suicide by mind control via subliminals found virtual reality goggles Dr. Reeanna Ott
S. T. Fitzhugh slashed wrists
Senator Pearly jumping
Cerise Devane
Dr. Reena Ott Electric shock to the throat Police Stunner suicide
Ceremony in Death Det. Sgt. Frank Wojinsky cardiac arrest by drugs Digitalis and Zeus Selina Cross & Alban
Alice Lingstrom chased into street and hit by car paranoia
Lobar (Robert Allen Mathias) removal of heart athame
Thomas Wineburg stabbed in heart
Louis Trivane stabbed in throat & disembowelment Mirium Hopkins
Selina Cross slashed throat Alban
Alban stabbed in heart Jamie Lingstrom
Vengeance in Death Thomas X. Brennen disembowelment, amputation   Liam Calhoun
Shawn Conroy exsanguination
Jennie O'Leary slow hanging rope
Liam Calhoun overload of nervous system stunner Roarke
Holiday in Death Marianna Hawley rape, sodomy, strangulation Christmas garland Simon Lastrobe
Sarabeth Greenbalm
Donnie Ray Michael
Brent Holloway
Midnight in Death Harold Wainger torture and hanging (strangulation) nylon strapping rope (hangman's noose) David Palmer
APA Stephanie Ring
Carl Neissan
Conspiracy in Death Snooks (Samuel Petrinsky) removal of heart surgical instruments Dr. Michael Waverly
Erin Spindler removal of kidneys
Jilessa Brown removal of liver
Officer Ellen Bowers blunt trauma metal pipe
Dr. Tia Wo injection of barbiturates drug overdose
Jan the nurse blunt trauma to head, single blow  
Dr. Westley Friend (pre-book) injection of barbiturates drug overdose
Loyalty in Death J. Clarence Branson Drilled to the wall through the heart Branson 8000 Drill Lisbeth Cooke
Colonel Howard (Fixer) Bassi Beaten and drowned in river Droids Cassandra (Clarissa & B. Donald Branson)
300+ unlisted victims Bomb explosion in Tea Room of Plaza Hotel Terrorist bombs
Lieutenant Anne Malloy and "less than 400" unlisted victims Bomb explosions and panicked stampede for exits in Madison Square Garden
B. Donald Branson Fall from crown of Statue of Liberty. Gravity Misadventure
Clarissa Branson (Charlotte Rowan) Jump from crown of Statue of Liberty Suicide
Witness in Death Richard Draco stabbed in heart during stage performance of Witness for the Prosecution butcher knife Areena Mansfield
Linus Quim coerced suicide hanging
Judgment in Death Detective Taj Kohli blunt trauma to head metal baseball bat Sergeant Arthur Clooney
Lieutenant Alan Mills chest cut, from neck to stomach; disembowelment knife
Captain Boyd Bayliss drowning taped-down to bathtub
Lewis unknown drug pressure syringe to heart Unknown female assassin
'Clarence Haggerty' Yawly shot in the head police issued weapon Eve Dallas
Betrayal in Death Darlene French raped, beaten and strangled two-foot sterling silver wire Sylvester Yost
Jonah Talbot
Sylvester Yost slashed across throat mug shard suicide
Mick Connelly stabbed in stomach knife Michel Gerade
Interlude in Death Reginald Weeks bludgeoned to death metal bat Bryson Hayes
Zita Vinter suicide drugs drugged in wine
Douglas Skinner (former Commander) suicide drugs voluntary suicide
Seduction in Death Bryna Bankhead rape and drug overdose rape drugs Whore & Rabbit Kevin Morano
Grace Lutz Lucias Dunwood
Dr. Theodore McNamara bludgeoning, drowning lamp Lucias Dunwood & Kevin Morano
Kevin Morano poisoned unidentified drug Lucias Dunwood
Lucias Dunwood suicide
Reunion in Death Marsha Stibbs (pre-book) hit to the head glass table Maureen Brighton
Julianna's three husbands (pre-book) poisoned cyanide Julianna Dunne
Walter C. Pettibone
Henry Mouton
Eli Young
Spencer Campbell
Purity in Death Ralph Wooster bludgeoned baseball bat Louis K. Cogburn
Louis K. Cogburn police stunner(s) light & sound frequencies, severe inter-cranial pressure driving victim to suicide The Purity Seekers
Detective Kevin Holloway tranqed
Chadwick Fitzhugh slit own throat
Mary Ellen George hanged self
Nick Greene stabbed self in heart
Hannah Wade stabbed repeatedly kitchen knife Nick Greene
Dru Geller   light & sound frequencies The Purity Seekers
Portrait in Death Rachel Howard stabbed through heart stiletto Gerald Stevenson (Steve Audrey)
Kenby Sulu
Alicia Dilbert
Siobhan Brody (Roarke's mother, pre-series) beaten to death   Patrick Michael Roarke
Imitation in Death Jacie Wooton slit throat, massive blood loss (killed à la Jack the Ripper) Scalpel Niles Renquist
Lois Gregg sexually assaulted and strangled (killed à la Boston Strangler) Robe sash/belt
Remember When Andrea Jacobs slash across throat stiletto Trevor Whittier
Tina Cobb severe trauma to head, torso, set on fire baton
Divided in Death Felicity Kade stunned, fourteen stab wounds to chest bread knife Blair Bissel
Carter Bissel stunned, eighteen stab wounds to chest
Chloe McCoy suicide pills drugged
Joseph Powell laser to carotid artery military laser
Visions in Death Elisa Maplewood beating, rape, strangulation, removal of eyes red ribbon John Blue
Lily Napier
Marjorie Kates
Breen Merriweather
Ineza Blue
Ten Unknown Women
Annalisa Sommers Celina Sanchez
Survivor in Death Inga Snood slash across throat combat knife Corporal Jilly Isenberry, Sergeant Roger Kirkendall, Sergeant Isaac Clinton
Grant Swisher
Keelie Swisher
Coyle Swisher
Linnie Dyson
Meredith Newman
Detective Owen Knight
Detective James Preston
Corporal Jilly Isenberry broken neck fall down stairs  
Origin in Death Dr. Wilfred B. Icove stabbed in chest scalpel Deena Flavia
Dr. Wilfred Icove, Jr. Avril Icove
Evelyn Samuels Deena Flavia
Deena Flavia laser blast laser Jonah Delacourt Wilson (clone)
Dr. Wilfred B. Icove (clone)
Jonah Delacourt Wilson (clone) Eve Dallas and Roarke
Memory in Death Rosie O'Hara (pre-book) explosion in nightclub bomb unnamed terrorist
Max "Tubbs" Lawrence jumped out of window under the influence of drugs Zeus misadventure
Leo Jacobs crushed by falling body   Max Lawrence
Trudy Lombard fractured skull by multiple blows sap Zana Lombard (Marnie Ralston)
Haunted in Death Radcliff C. Hopkins III bullets to torso, arm, and head 9mm Smith & Wesson Maeve Buchanan
Bobbie Bray (pre-book) single bullet to head Radcliff "Hop" C. Hopkins I
Born in Death Sophia Belego (pre-book) unknown unknown Winfield Chase
Emily Jones (pre-book) head trauma
Natalie Copperfield strangulation after torture manual
Bick Byson
Randall Sloan hanging tranquilized then hanged
Madeline Bullock broken neck manually
Innocent in Death Trevor Straffo (pre-book) broken neck, head trauma push down stairs Rayleen Straffo
Adele Versy (pre-book) overdose surgical paralytic substance
Craig Foster poisoned ricin
Reed Williams paralyzed by poison, drowned surgical paralytic substance
Creation in Death Edwina Spring (pre-book) Torture, Exsanguination by cut wrist Tortured with knife, blow torch, drugs, needles, and dry ice Robert Lowell Sr.
Corrine Dagby (pre-book) Robert Lowell Jr.
Melissa Congress (pre-book)
Anise Waters (pre-book)
Joley Weitz (pre-book)
Eighteen Unknown Women (pre-book)
Sarifina York
Gia Rossi
Eternity in Death Gregor Pensky (pre-book) Exsanguination from twin puncture wounds in neck artificial vampire fangs Dorian Vadim
Tiara Kent
Allesseria Carter
Strangers in Death Reginald Thomas Anders (pre-book) Fractured skull Shoved in the shower and slammed head into Italian marble Ava Anders
Ned Custer (pre-book) Slit throat and castration Knife
Thomas Aurelius Anders Strangulation Tranquilized then strangled by rope Suzanne Custer
Salvation in Death Nick Soto (pre-book) Multiple stab wounds Knife Lino Martinez and Penelope Soto
Ronnie Edwards (pre-book) Bombing at a school auditorium in 2043 Bomb The Soldados/Lino Martinez & Penelope Soto
Kobie Smith (pre-book) Bombing at convenience store in 2043
Quinto Turner (pre-book)
Three unnamed minors (pre-book)
Joseph Turner (pre-book, year 2044) hanging   Suicide
José Ortega (pre-book) Drug overdose Unnamed drugs Unintentional suicide
Miguel Flores (pre-book) Stabbed Unknown Steve Chávez
Steve Chávez (pre-book) Unknown Unknown Lino Martinez
Lino Martinez Poisoning Potassium cyanide Juanita Rodriguez Turner
Jimmy Jay Jenkins Billy Crocker
Ritual in Death Ava Marsterson Ritual killing, Slit throat, Multiple stab wounds Multiple Drugs, knives Silas Pratt, Ola Pratt, Lawrence Collins, Bria Collins, Leah Burke, Kiki, Rodney, 6 others
Brian Trosky Hammer to cave in his own skull Drugged and hypnotized
Promises in Death Amaryllis Coltraine Full impact to throat Police Issue Stunner Cleo Grady (On command of Max Ricker)
Rod Sandy Stabbed through torso stiletto
Kindred in Death Deena MacMasters Raped, beaten, sodomized, strangled   Darrin Pauley
Karlene Robins
Missing in Death Dana Buckley Slit throat Bone Dagger Ivan Draski
Fantasy in Death Bart Minnock Beheaded Sword (Holo game) Levar (Var) Hoyt
Indulgence in Death Holly Curlow Strangled Manually Kevin Donahue
Melly Bristow (pre-book) Broken neck Manually Winston Dudley IV and Sylvester Moriarity III
Linette Jones (pre-book) Beaten Tire Iron
Architect (pre-book) Garroted Wire
Larinda Villi (pre-book) Stabbed through heart Unknown
Jamal Houston Bolt through neck Crossbow Sylvester Moriarity III
Ava Crampton Stabbed through heart Bayonet Winston Dudley IV
Luc Delaflote Impaled through heart Harpoon Sylvester Moriarity III
Adrianne Jonas Hanged Bullwhip Winston Dudley IV
Possession in Death Gizi Szabo Stabbed Dagger Sasha Korchov
Vanessa Warwich, Allegra Martin, Lucy Quinn and five others (pre-book) Slit throat
Treachery in Death Charlie Ochi Electrocution Homemade Jammer Bruster Lowe, Leon Slater and Jimmy K Rogan
Rickie Keener Poisoned Apparent (manipulated) Overdose Detective Carl Bix (on orders from Lieutenant Renee Oberman)
Detective William Garnet Sliced Throat Military Knife
Detective Gail Devin (pre book) Broken Neck Unknown unknown (on orders from Lieutenant Renee Oberman)
Detective Strumb (pre-book) Unknown
New York to Dallas Alice McQueen (pre-book) slit throat knife Isaac McQueen
Carla Bingham (pre-book)
Patricia Coppley (pre-book)
Nancy Draper (pre-book)
4 unnamed victims (pre-book)
Riker's Nurse (pre-book)
Sylvia Prentice (aka Stella)
Officer Malvie laser scalpel Sylvia Prentice (aka Stella)
Chaos in Death Jennifer Darnell strangulation manual Dr. Chaos (alter ego to Ken Dickerson)
Coby Vix bludgeoned pipe
Wilson Bickford multiple stab wounds 4-inch, jagged-edged knife
Eton Billingsly multiple stab wounds and bites knife and teeth
Celebrity in Death Cecil Silcock head trauma cast iron skillet Paul Havertoe
K. T. Harris head trauma, drowned pushed, dragged into pool Joel Steinburger
A. A. Asner smashed skull Maltese falcon statue
Bryson Kane (pre-book) broken neck and other injuries fall/pushed down stairs
Marlin Dessler (pre-book) internal bleeding and other injuries fall/pushed off cliff
Angelica Caulfield and unborn fetus (pre-book) overdose drugs
Jacoby Miles (pre-book) beaten ten-pound dumbbell
Sherri Wendell (pre-book) fall, drowned drugs, pushed
Buster Pearlman (pre-book) overdose drugs and alcohol
Allys Beaker (pre-book) fractured skull slipped in shower
Delusion in Death Lance Abrams, John Burke, Joseph Cattery, Paul Garrison, D B Graham, Travis Greenspan, Evie Hydelburg, Wendy McMahon, Cherie Quinz, Cate Simpson, Hilly Simpson, Macie Snyder, Amie Stewart, Gwen Talbert, Brenden Wang, Katrina and 68 unnamed victims. Multiple and varied injuries from weapons of opportunity Psyco-active Chemical Warfare Gas Lewis Callaway
Jeni Curve, Brenda Deitz, Carly Fisher, Allison Nighly and 40 unnamed victims.
Calculated in Death Marta Dickenson broken neck manually Clinton Frye (on orders from Sterling Alexander)
Chaz Parzarri asphyxiation manually
Jake Ingersol blunt head trauma claw hammer
Thankless in Death Barbara Reinhold multiple stab wounds kitchen knife Jerald Reinhold
Carl Reinhold blunt trauma baseball bat
Lori Nuccio strangulation cord
Edie Barrett Farnsworth asphyxiation taped plastic bag
Taken in Death Darcia Jordan multiple stab wounds, slit throat ritualist knife Maj Borgstrom
Concealed in Death Linh Carol Penbroke, Shelby Ann Stubacker, Angel West (Jane Doe), Lupa Dison, Mikki Wendall, Iris Kirkwood, Merry Wolcovich, Crystal Hugh, LaRue Freeman, Carlie Bowen, Kim Terrance, and Shashona Maddox drowning bathtub Montclair Jones
Festive in Death Trey Ziegler blunt head trauma trophy Natasha Quigley
Catiana Dubois fractured skull marble ledge (pushed)
Obsession in Death Leanore Bastwick strangled garrote Lottie Roebuck
Wendall Ledo stabbed pool cue

Note: "stunner" and "laser" are both terms used interchangeably for the fictional weapons that the NYPSD carry in the In Death books; they release a strong electrical, laser-like stun that can do anything from incapacitating to killing the victim.

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