In Heaven

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"In Heaven"
Song by Peter Ivers
from the album Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack
Language English
  • March 19, 1977 (1977-03-19) (Eraserhead)
  • 1982 (1982) (Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack)
Length 1:36
Composer(s) Peter Ivers
Lyricist(s) David Lynch

"In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)" (often referred to as just "In Heaven") is a song by Peter Ivers. It was composed by Ivers and features lyrics written by David Lynch; the song is featured in Lynch's 1977 film Eraserhead and its 1982 soundtrack album.

Covers and samples[edit]

  • Devo (sung by Booji Boy) covered the song live in 1979 as the penultimate song in their set.[1]
  • The song was sung by fans of English psychobilly band the Meteors at the start of their 1981 debut album, The Case of The Meteors in Heaven.
  • The song formed the coda of "A Time for Rejoicing", the final track on Toy World (1981), the second Cardiacs album.
  • A cover of the song appeared on the Danse Society's 1982 Seduction album.
  • British gothic rock band Bauhaus introduced a cover of the song into their regular set for their final UK tour in the summer of 1983. Their version was featured on the Rest in Peace: The Final Concert album, a posthumous live recording of their last show at London's Hammersmith Palais on 5 July 1983. The band's former bassist, David J, later performed "In Heaven" live as a duet with Pixies singer Black Francis at a solo show at the Los Angeles Echoplex in December 2009.[2]
  • The Rubella Ballet song "Slant and Slide", a B-side to their 1984 single "42°F", ended with the chorus to "In Heaven".
  • It was covered by the Pixies in 1987 as part of the recording session for their initial demo tape; this version was later released in 2002 on the Pixies EP.[3] The band re-recorded the track for a session for John Peel's BBC radio show in May 1988, which was later released on the Pixies at the BBC album.[4] The song was a regular part of the Pixies' setlist, and a live version by the band appeared as a B-side of the "Gigantic" single, and was also included on The Complete B-Sides album.[5] A version of the song was recorded by the Joe Harvard Band for the Pixies tribute album Dig for Fire, although it was omitted from the final album track listing.[6]
  • The song made up part of the Modest Mouse song "Workin' on Leavin' the Livin'", the B-side of their 1998 single "Never Ending Math Equation".
  • Icelandic band Bang Gang included a version of the song on their 1998 debut album You.
  • The song was sampled in the Mellow Man Ace song "Heaven" from his 2000 album From the Darkness into the Light.
  • The song was used as the basis for the Apartment 26 song "Heaven", which appeared on their 2004 album Music for the Massive.
  • American composer and producer Keith Kenniff covered the song on his 2007 album Ayres, under his Helios moniker.
  • American rock musician Jay Reatard covered the song in a duet with Lindsay Shutt in 2008.[8][9]
  • Swedish artist Freddie Wadling performed a Swedish-language cover of the song on his album Den Mörka Blomman (The Dark Flower), released in 2009.
  • Zola Jesus covered the song, retitled "Lady in the Radiator",[10] as part of the David Lynch Foundation's "The Music of David Lynch" concert on April 1, 2015 at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • American punk rock group Holy Crust sampled parts of the original song to produce an avant-garde cover on a concept EP telling the story of the film.[11]

Other media references[edit]

The eighth issue of Spawn the Series was titled "In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)".


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