In Honour of Icon E - A Tribute to Emperor

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In Honour of Icon E
Compilation album by Various artists
Released 2012
Genre Black metal
Label Tryzna Production & Metal Swamp

In Honour of Icon E is a tribute album to the Norwegian black metal band Emperor. This album was released in 2012 by Tryzna Production and Metal Swamp in cooperation with Plastic Head Distribution.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Svartalv – "Introduction"
  2. Saltus – "Curse You All Men!"
  3. Troll – "Towards The Pantheon"
  4. Infer – "Ye Entrancemperium"
  5. Demonical – "Night Of The Graveless Souls"
  6. Helheim – "Heksesabbat (Witches Sabbath)"
  7. Midnight Odyssey – "Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times"
  8. Silva Nigra – "Moon Over Kara-Shehr"
  9. Necrodeath – "Lord Of The Storms"
  10. Horna – "Herramme Viha (Wrath Of The Tyrant)"
  11. Karpathia – "Ancient Queen"
  12. Ancestral Volkhves – "S Siloju Ja Horju (With Strength I Burn)"
  13. Mesmerized – "Empty"
  14. Crionics – "The Loss And Curse Of Reverence"
  15. Taake – "I Am The Black Wizards"
  16. Setherial – "Inno A Satana"