In Love with You

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In Love With You
Fann Wong - In Love with You cover art.jpg
Studio album by Fann Wong
Released June 17, 2005
Genre Mandarin pop
Label MediaCorp Studios, Hype Records (Singapore)
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In Love With You

In Love With You (愛上了你新歌+精選) is Fann Wong (Chinese: 范文芳)'s compilation album featuring four new tracks, released after a five-year break from music. It is available in Singapore only.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 漸走漸遠
  2. 愛上了你
  3. 天下有心人
  4. Always On My Mind
  5. 逛街(live band版)
  6. Summer Rain
  7. 想你
  8. 一個人生活
  9. 被愛的權利
  10. Luv³
  11. 快樂解薬
  12. 月亮的秘密
  13. 好想
  14. 愛就愛 There Is No Why
  15. 我相信
  16. 你的溫度
  17. Stay