In Moderation

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In Moderation
In Moderation.jpg
Studio album by 8stops7
Released 1999
Genre Alternative rock, post-grunge, hard rock, alternative metal
Length 47:09
Label Reprise Records
Producer Paul Lani, David Kahne, and Toby Wright
8stops7 chronology
Birth of a Cynic
In Moderation
Singles from In Moderation
  1. "Question Everything"
    Released: 2000
  2. "Satisfied"
    Released: 2000

In Moderation is the second studio album by 8stops7 and the major label debut for the band. Four songs on this album were re-released and had been included on the band's debut album, Birth of a Cynic. Their initial release on Birth of a Cynic fell below expectations with only 200 albums being produced[1] and no songs from it being issued as a single.

The release of In Moderation spawned a redefining of the bands success entailing a national (US) tour, with several exceeding 15,000 patrons. The album sold in excess of 150,000 copies in its first year of release.[citation needed]

The band's members, Evan Sula-Goff, Seth Watson, Adam Powell, and Alex Viveros are attributed equal credit for writing the songs on In Moderation, while the four which had appeared on Birth of a Cynic were originally attributed to Evan Sula-Goff; considered, in the AMG musical review for In Moderation, to be the bands solidifying member.[2]

Chart performance[edit]

In Moderation charted on the Billboard Top Heatseekers peaking at 34 on the year 2000, and produced two singles, "Question Everything" and "Satisfied", respectively achieving 25 and 35 on the Billboard Alternative chart, and 16 and 26 on the billboard US Mainstream Rock chart.[3] "Question Everything" also reached number 38 on the US Adult Top 40 chart.[4][5]


  • Evan Sula-Goff (vocals, guitar)
  • Seth Watson (guitar, background vocals)
  • Adam Powell (drums, background vocals)
  • Alex Viveros (bass, background vocals)
Additional musicians

Support and technical[edit]

Track listing[edit]

  • In Moderation: total track time, (47:09)
  1. "Satisfied" (3:05)
  2. "Not Alive" (3:38)*
  3. "Question Everything" (4:28)
  4. "Regression" (3:05)
  5. "Good Enough" (3:11)
  6. "Better" (3:26)
  7. "Uninspired" (3:48)
  8. "Esteem" (4:20)*
  9. "Wider" (3:07)*
  10. "My Would-Be Savior" (2:52)
  11. "Forget" (12:09)*

* Asterisk indicates four songs previously released on the band's debut album, Birth of a Cynic (1997).

Hidden track[edit]

The album's 11th track, listed as the last song, "Forget", tracks for (12:09). "Forget" actually fades out at (4:22) and is followed by (3:45) of silence. Then an unlisted track, titled "Empty", begins to play and tracks for the remaining (4:02). This hidden track features the background vocals of the Water Sisters, and a piano accompaniment played by Gary Sula-Goff.[7]