In My Lifetime (song)

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"In My Lifetime"
Single by Jay-Z
B-side "I Can't Get Wid Dat"
Released 1994
Format CD
Recorded 1993–1994
Length 4:28
Songwriter(s) Shawn Carter
Producer(s) Ski
Jay-Z singles chronology
"Show & Prove"
"In My Lifetime"
"Dead Presidents"
"Show & Prove"
"In My Lifetime"
"Dead Presidents"

"In My Lifetime" is the debut single by Jay-Z. It is produced by Ski and contains samples from "Oh Baby" by Aretha Franklin and two Soul II Soul songs: "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)" and "Get a Life". It is not featured on either of Jay-Z's first two albums, but is remixed by Big Jaz on the Streets Is Watching soundtrack. The original version of the single was sold by Jay-Z and his friend Damon Dash out of Dash's car in 1993.[1] It was released by Payday Records, but Jay-Z had royalty conflicts with his label and soon decided to start Roc-A-Fella Records to release his material. It features two b-sides, the Big Jaz remix and the Clark Kent-produced "Can't Get Wid That".

Formats and track listings[edit]


  1. "In My Lifetime (Big Jaz Radio Remix)" (4:18)
  2. "In My Lifetime (Original Ski Radio Version)" (4:10)
  3. "In My Lifetime (Skistrumental)" (4:28)
  4. "In My Lifetime (Big Jazmental Remix)" (4:05)



  1. In My Lifetime (Original Ski Radio Version) (4:10)
  2. In My Lifetime (Original Ski Street Version) (4:28)
  3. In My Lifetime (Skit instrumental) (4:28)


  1. In My Lifetime (Big Jaz Radio Remix) (4:48)
  2. In My Lifetime (Big Jazmental Remix) (4:05)
  3. Can't Get Wit That (DJ Clark Kent Version) (4:10)

Vinyl b/w "I Can't Get Wid Dat"[edit]


  1. "In My Lifetime"
  2. "In My Lifetime (Radio Edit)"
  3. "In My Lifetime (Instrumental)"


  1. "I Can't Get Wid Dat"
  2. "I Can't Get Wid Dat (Radio Edit)"
  3. "I Can't Get Wid Dat (Instrumental)"


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