In Other Worlds

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In Other Worlds
Author A. A. Attanasio
Country United States
Language English
Series Radix Tetrad
Genre Science fiction novel
Publication date
1985, re-released 2008 Phoenix Pick
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 175 (176 2008 Edition)
ISBN 0-552-99168-6 (978-160450-262-6 2008 Edition)
OCLC 14244036
Preceded by Radix
Followed by Arc of the Dream

In Other Worlds is a 1985 novel by American writer A. A. Attanasio, the second in his Radix Tetrad. It contains humans, zōtl, Rimstalkers, other spatial dimensions, and time-travel/temporal distortion as do other novels in the Radix series, though they are re-envisioned.


Carl Schirmer's life is transformed when he is turned into energy by an eighth-dimensional being and transported to a faraway world at the edge of a black hole.

What follows is a thrilling ride similar to Flash Gordon involving a woman from the end of time, a man who can live off sunlight, and an alternate, paradisaical Earth in which World War II never happened.


  • Carl Schirmer: An everyman who is abducted and transformed by the Eld Skyle. A reluctant hero who soon learns to wield a laser baton, fly a rocket ship, and find true love.
  • Eld Skyle: An eighth-dimensional life-form who feeds on the imperfections of other life-forms, transforming them into idealized versions of their former selves.
  • Evoë: A denizen of the strange world the Eld Skyle brings Carl to.
  • Zee: A friend of Carl's who discovers key secrets to the universe.

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