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In Search Of
Directed by Zeke Zelker
Produced by

Zeke Zelker
Gill Holland
Steve Hays
Matthew Blum
Kyle Kapetanakis

Nicholas Luciano
Written by Zeke Zelker

Michael Rady
Keith Nobbs
Jack Barley
Dan Lauria
Casey Biggs
Jack Barley
Alex Colvin
Ryan McDonald
Barry Glassman
Emily Grace

Laura L. Cottrel
Music by Pat Wilson
Cinematography David Tumblety
Edited by Nicholas Luciano
Distributed by Independent Dream Machine
Release date
November 1, 2008 (Festival)
Running time
108 minutes
Country United States
Language English

In Search Of is a 2008 drama film written and directed by Zeke Zelker and produced by the company Independent Dream Machine.


In Search Of is an unconventional drama where a wrong decision will force good people into bad circumstances while desire changes everything. The film follows ten characters that use sex as a way to get something out of life. Dave (played by Jack Barley) starts a business only so that he can afford the lifestyle that his girlfriend is accustomed to. Lauren is cheating on her husband with her soul mate, while Lauren's son Jack uses his wealth to manipulate those who love him. Andy (played by Keith Nobbs), is a high school football player who falls prey to peer pressure from teammates which forces him to deal with his own sexual desires.


additional cast
  • Laura L. Cottrel as Beth Ann
  • Emily Grace as Mindy
  • Gilbert Cruz as Luis
  • David Siik as Steve
  • Leah Schmidt as Jeni
  • Joshua Burrow as Jay
  • Nick Skawski as kicker
  • Derek Garman as Quarterback
  • Seth Tarboro as Football Player
  • Yadira Maldonado as Katy
  • Rachael Kemery as Shea
  • Tracy Toth as Lauren
  • Hodge Lucas Todd as Legacy


Shot in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and the Lehigh Valley over the course of a year on 35mm and S16mm film, the production used various cameras including a Krasnogorsk hand-cranked camera, achieving all optical effects during production.


On October 22, 2008 the film screened in New York and in London[1] at "Power to the Pixel" during the London Film Festival as one of the two winners of the From Here to Awesome Film Festival.[2][3][4] Its theatrical premiere was held in Allentown, Pennsylvania on November 7, 2008 and grossed $12,608.[5] The film is currently distributing across various platforms.


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