In Sylvan Shadows

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In Sylvan Shadows
In Sylvan Shadows (D&D novel).jpg
Cover of the first edition
Author R. A. Salvatore
Country United States
Language English
Series The Cleric Quintet
Genre Fantasy
Published 1992 (Wizards of the Coast)
Media type Print (paperback)
Preceded by Canticle
Followed by Night Masks

In Sylvan Shadows is second book in R. A. Salvatore's book series, The Cleric Quintet.

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Cadderly must leave his home to combat the evil unleashed by the Chaos Curse. To counter Castle Trinity's plans for conquest, the cleric and his friends enter the beautiful forest of Shilmista. But among the trees and glades of the forest, Cadderly must battle a monstrous evil.

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