In the Night Tour

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In The Night Tour
Tour by Kelly Key
Associated album Studio K
Start date April 16, 2011 (2011-04-16)
Kelly Key concert chronology
  • Holiday Tour
  • In The Night Tour

In The Night Tour[1] was the seventh concert tour by Brazilian pop recording artist Kelly Key to promote concerts only in GLBT nightclubs.[2]


The tour (without an album basis) brought the singer's biggest hits in remixed versions by DJ especially for the gay community, as well as covers and new songs added during the tour. The shows promoted by Kelly Key performed only indoors as nightclubs as discos and nightclubs as a way to fit the work done by singers like Wanessa and Lorena Simpson.[3] The tour has gogoboys and special effects on stage and screen.[2]

Set List[edit]

Act 1: Welcome to... In The Night Tour
  • 01. "K Diferente"
  • 02. "Só Quero Ficar"
  • 03. "Anjo"
  • 04. "O Amor e o Poder"
  • 05. "Adoleta" (remix)
  • 06. "Pegue e Puxe" (remix)
  • 07. "I Deserve It"
  • 08. "Poker Face" (Lady Gaga cover)
Act 2: Só Para Maiores (en: Only for people over age)
  • 09. "Barbie Girl" (remix)
  • 10. "Baba" (remix)
  • 11. "Escondido"
    • Intro: "Summer Lie" (Eliza G song)
  • 12. "Shake Boom"
  • 13. "O Problema é Meu"
  • 14. "Cachorrinho" (remix)
  • 15. "Pegue e Puxe"
  • 16. "4 Minutes" (Madonna cover)

Additional songs[edit]

Opening acts[edit]


Date City Country Venue
South America
April 16, 2011 Brasília Brazil Blue Space[4]
April 17, 2011 Santo Antônio de Jesus Feira de Eventos do Recôncavo[5]
April 23, 2011 Rio de Janeiro Le Boy[6]
May 7, 2011 Santos Capital Disco / Liquid Love
May 14, 2011 São José do Rio Preto Mixed Club[7]


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