In extremis (film)

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In extremis (aka To the Extreme)
Directed by Etienne Faure
Produced by Etienne Faure
Written by Etienne Faure
Starring Sébastien Roch,
Julie Depardieu
Jérémy Sanguinetti
Distributed by Avila Films, Odessa Films (France)
Picture This! Entertainment (USA, Canada)
Release date
23 August 2000 (France)
Running time
110 minutes
Language French

In extremis is a 2000 French film written and directed by Etienne Faure. It tells the story of Thomas, a young man whose lover dies, leaving Thomas to fight for custody of her orphaned son. It takes its name from the Latin phrase which means "in the furthest reaches" or "at the point of death".


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