In the Ghetto (album)

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Studio album by Maiko Zulu
Released 2001
Recorded Maiko Zulu Studio, Lusaka, Zambia
Genre Reggae
Producer Dread Arts Production

In the Ghetto is a Reggae album by Maiko Zulu. The album was produced in 2001 with the hit song In The Ghetto.

All lyrics written by Maiko Zulu; all music composed by Maiko Zulu.

No. Title Length
1. "Give Thanks (Maiko Zulu)"  
2. "In The Ghetto"  
3. "Criminal"  
4. "Gun Culture"  
5. "President’s Daughter (Maiko Zulu)"  
6. "Cocaine (original version)"  
7. "Good Man (original version)"  
8. "Small People (original version)"  
9. "Revelation (original version) (Maiko Zulu)"  
10. "Badada (Sista D)"  
11. "Maunga (Sista D)"  
12. "Mpezeni (original version"  

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