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In the Line of Duty (traditional Chinese: 皇家師姐; simplified Chinese: 皇家师姐; Jyutping: Wong⁴ gaa¹ si¹ ze²) is a series of girls with guns feature films produced by Hong Kong movie studio D & B Films which star, in the first two, Michelle Yeoh and, in subsequent instalments, Cynthia Khan as a police officer who combines use of firearms with martial arts. The third was the first to use the In the Line of Duty title, retroactively applied to the two Michelle Yeoh vehicles.[1]

Due to the entries being thematically rather than narratively related and their varying titles and release order in different territories and formats, what is considered part of the series and which number of it is open to debate. One wide interpretation is, in order of original release:

  1. Yes, Madam! (皇家師姐, 1985) aka Police Assassins 2 or II (UK VHS), Police Assassins (UK DVD); co-starring Cynthia Rothrock
  2. Royal Warriors (皇家戰士, 1986) aka Police Assassins (UK VHS); co-starring Hiroyuki Sanada and Michael Wong
  3. In the Line of Duty III (皇家师姐Ⅲ 雌雄大盗, 1988) aka Force of the Dragon (UK VHS); co-starring Hiroshi Fujioka
  4. In the Line of Duty 4 (皇家師姐Ⅳ 直擊證人, 1989) aka In the Line of Duty (UK); co-starring Donnie Yen
  5. Middle Man (皇家师姐伍 中间人, 1990) aka In the Line of Duty V: Middle Man (USA); co-starring David Wu and Elvina Kong
  6. Forbidden Arsenal (地下兵工廠, 1991); co-starring Waise Lee
  7. Sea Wolves (海狼, 1991);[2] starring Gary Chau and Simon Yam


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