In the Nude

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In the Nude
In the Nude.jpg
Studio album by Luke
Released June 8, 1993 (1993-06-08)
Recorded 1992–1993
Length 76:23
Label Luke Records
  • Mike "Fresh" McCray
  • John "Swift" Catalon
Luke chronology
I Got Shit on My Mind
In the Nude
Freak for Life
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars link

In the Nude is the third album released by Luther Campbell. It was released on June 8, 1993 for Luke Records and was produced by Mike "Fresh" McCray and John "Swift" Catalon. In the Nude was another success for Luke, making it #54 on the Billboard 200 and #8 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. The album contained several diss tracks towards Luke's then rival, Dr. Dre, most notably "Cowards in Compton" featuring JT Money (who was the vocalist on "Fakin' Like Gangsters", the song from the previous album I Got Shit On My Mind that was an attack on N.W.A) and Clayvoisie. Tweedy Bird Loc, Stank, J, Lil Leak and 4-Clips, dissed Luke for dissing Compton.

In The Nude is the first Luke solo album to be released independently without major-label distribution, particularly after they severed their ties with Atlantic Records the year before.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Do You Hear the Lambs Calling"- 2:10
  2. "Work It Out"- 3:07
  3. "We're Fuckin'"- :42
  4. "Bad Land Boogie"- 3:54 *feat. Home Team
  5. "I Got a Fuckin' Headache"- :31
  6. "Tell Me What You Know"- 6:04
  7. "Dre's Momma Needs a Haircut"- 1:03 (Dr Dre,Death Row records and Snoop Dogg diss)
  8. "Cowards in Compton"- 3:59 *feat. JT Money & Clayvoisie (Diss track aimed at Dr Dre,Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records)
  9. "Head, Head & More Head, Pt. II"- 4:30 *feat. JT Money & Jiggie Gee
  10. "Weenie Roast"- :39
  11. "Menege a Trois, Pt. II"- 5:06
  12. "Pimple on My Dick"- :50
  13. "The Hero"- 3:19
  14. "Whatever"- 5:17
  15. "Stop Looking at My Dick"- :50
  16. "The Hop"- 4:08
  17. "L.L.O.L.M."- 1:25
  18. "Freestyle Joint"- 5:27 *feat. Home Team, JT Money, Clayvoise & Fresh Kid Ice
  19. "$100 Bet"- 1:13
  20. "Bust a Nut"- 5:12 *feat. H-Town
  21. "Wear a Rubber"- 1:11
  22. "Take It Off"- 4:35
  23. "The Boy Got Some Dick"- :24
  24. "Headbanger"- 4:19
  25. "Good to the Last Drop"- :26
  26. "Shout Outs"- 6:15