In the Shadow (2010 film)

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In the Shadow
In the Shadow.jpg
Original theatrical poster
Directed by Paul Özcan[1]
Produced by Jimmy Philémond-Montout
Written by Seb Lecocq
Starring Maximilien Poullein
Jordan Jones
Emmanuelle Coutellier
Music by KAV
Cinematography Jimmy Philémond-Montout
Raphael Drouhot
Edited by Alban Periaut
Johan Pringarbe
Shiba Inu Production
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
75 minutes
Country France
Language English

In the Shadow is a 2010 French horror film written by Seb Lecocq and directed by Paul Özcan,[2] it stars Maximilien Poullein, Jordan Jones and Emmanuelle Coutellier.[3]


Three criminology students visit the site of the murders perpetrated by an infamous serial killer. They intend to collect proof on film for a final document paper.[4]


  • Ivan Trojan as Hakl
  • Sebastian Koch as Zenke
  • Soňa Norisová as Jitka
  • Jiří Štěpnička as Pánek
  • David Švehlík as Beno
  • Marek Taclík as Bareš
  • Filip Antonio as Tom
  • Martin Myšička as Jílek
  • Miroslav Krobot as Kirsch
  • Halka Třešňáková as Translator


The film is produced by Shiba Inu Production and is the Directorial debut film for French-Turkish filmmaker Paul Özcan,[5] the shooting began on February 16, 2010 in Paris.[6] In the Shadow is the first feature film for the Franco-Canadian producer Jimmy Philémond-Montout.[7] The first teaser poster and trailer was released on 13 March 2010.[8]


It was released at the end of the year 2010 in the United States.[9] The Swiss release was on the 30 November 2010.[10]


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