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In the Studio with Redbeard is a North American radio program, produced and hosted by Dallas, Texas based rock and roll disc jockey Redbeard.

The show is a weekly hour-long "rockumentary" interview with music program which looks at the making of many of the greatest albums recorded in rock and roll history, although sometimes it would spotlight the history of rock and roll bands. Redbeard interviews the musicians who created these albums.

The show first went on the air nationally the week of June 26, 1988, initially broadcast by sixty rock stations including WXRK/92.3: New York, KLOS/95.5: Los Angeles, WLUP-FM/97.9: Chicago, WMMR/93.3: Philadelphia, KTXQ/Dallas, WHJY/94.1: Providence, WRIF/101.1: Detroit, KRQR: San Francisco, WKLS: Atlanta and distributed by The Album Network through 1999, which grew the network to 180 stations. "In the Studio" is now in its 30th consecutive year, having passed the 1,200 show mark in June 2011, and is distributed by Beardedfisch Productions. Now has the episodes online at its website without the music.


Three major "hold-out" guests who have yet to appear on the show are Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello.

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