In the Year 2889

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In the Year 2889
In the Year 2889 Video cover.jpg
Video cover
Directed by Larry Buchanan
Produced by Larry Buchanan
Edwin Tobolowsky
Written by Harold Hoffman
Lou Rusoff
Starring Paul Petersen
Quinn O'Hara
Charla Doherty
Neil Fletcher
Hugh Feagin
Cinematography Robert C. Jessup
Edited by Larry Buchanan
Distributed by AIP-TV
Release dates
1967 (1967)
Country United States
Language English

In the Year 2889 is a 1967 apocalyptic, science fiction, made-for-television film about the aftermath of a future nuclear war. American International had commissioned low-budget cult film auteur Larry Buchanan to direct and produce the film as a colour remake of Roger Corman's Day the World Ended (1955).[1]

The film's title borrows from a short story of the same title by Jules Verne and his son, Michael Verne,[2][3] (which, unlike the film, is set in the year 1997). A nuclear war has wiped out most of Earth's citizens, and the movie follows a group of survivors who take refuge from rising radiation levels, a ruthless tough guy and cannibalistic mutants in a Dallas mansion.[4]


In a post nuclear Earth, survivors are held up in a valley and have to protect themselves from mutant human beings, and each other in some cases.


  • Paul Petersen as Steve
  • Quinn O'Hara as Jada
  • Charla Doherty as Joanna Ramsey
  • Neil Fletcher as Captain John Ramsey
  • Hugh Feagin as Mickey Brown
  • Max W. Anderson as Granger
  • Bill Thurman as Tim Henderson
  • Byron Lord as Mutant


The AIP gave the film's director Larry Buchaman the script of the 1955 Roger Corman science-fiction film Day the World Ended to use for the film. This resulted in a almost line-for-line remake.

This was Larry Buchaman's fifth Azalea Production film and he completed it on May 1967. The film was made after the success of an earlier film Master of the World (1961). Since this was a remake the makers needed a new title and since the AIP already registered this title for a forgotten project, it was used in this film.


It was released in 1967 as a TV movie. All promotional materials, including the TV Guide, post the title as "Year 2889," but the on screen credits are indeed "In the Year 2889."


The film holds an extremely low score of 2.7/10 from 604 users on the Internet Movie Database.

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