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Ina Kaplan
Born (1987-05-14) 14 May 1987 (age 32)
Essen, Germany
Sport country Germany
Tournament wins
Major3x Euro Tour
Ranking info
Highest WPA ranking1 (Euro Tour)

Ina Kaplan (Née Jentschura, born 14 May 1987) is a German professional pool player. Kaplan reached the final of the European Pool Championships in 10-ball in 2010, finishing as runner-up Jasmine Ouschan. Kaplan is an eleven time German national champion and is the second female player (after Franziska Stark) to win all three disciplines in one event at the championships.

Kaplan is also a three time winner of events on the Women's Euro Tour, winning events in 2013, 2014 and 2017, as well as also three times a runner-up. As of 2019, Kaplan is third on the all-time list of winners on the tour, behind Jasmine Ouschan and Kristina Tkach with a total of 12 medals from the events. Kaplan is also a promoter of pool events, usually promoting women only events. Ina is married to fellow German pool player Jörn Kaplan, who they also share professional pool club, where she was the first woman to play in the highest tier, the 1. Bundesliga.


Early life[edit]

Kaplan began playing billiards whilst on a sailing holiday to the Netherlands with her family at the age of 12.[1] However, she did not take up the game until she was 16, when she would play at pub where she could play for free on a monday night.[1] She was later asked to join a pool club, where she joined BSV Essen.[1] Kaplan would later play professionally from this club.[1]

Professional career[edit]

At the German Championship 2007 Kaplan reached the quarterfinals in the Eight-ball event for the first time, and the following season reached the semi-final of the national championships.[2][3] By the 2009 event, Kaplan won her first national championship with victories against Kim Witzel and Simone Künzl she won the title in the 8-ball and in the 9-Ball respectively.[4][5]

In March 2010, Kaplan took part for the first time at the European Pool Championships. There she reached the final against Jasmin Ouschan in the 10-Ball event and also reached the semi-final in the 9-ball event. At the 2011 European Pool Championships she reached the last 16 in both the 10-Ball and straight pool events.[6]

In 2012, Kaplan reached her first final on the Women's Euro Tour with the second place at the tournament in the 2012 Treviso Open, held in Guimarães.[7] The following season, Kaplan reached the semi-final of the 2013 Treviso Open, and entered her first world championship, where she reached the knockout rounds of the 2013 WPA World Nine-ball Championship.[8] In November 2013, Kaplan played at the 2013 WPA Women's World Ten-ball Championship, and reached the last 32 stage.

Back on the Euro Tour Kaplan reached the semi-final of 2013 Austria Open, before winning the next tournament at the 2013 Treviso Open.[7]. The 2014 European Championships saw Kaplan finish as runner-up at the 9-ball event, where she was defeated by Katarzyna Wesolowska 2-6.[9] At the German Championship 2014 she became the second player (after Franziska Stark in 1991) to become German champion in three disciplines in the same year, winning the straight pool, 9-ball and 10-ball events.[10][11][12] In addition, she reached the final in the 8-ball, which she against lost to Melanie Süßenguth verlor.[13][14]

Since 2011 Kaplan has played at billiards club BC Siegtal 89. With this team she played in the 2014 season in the 1. Bundesliga, the first tier of German club pool. With this, Kaplan was the first woman to play in the highest German pool league.[15] Kaplan competed in 1. Bundesliga while pregnant in 2014.[16]

At the Team World Cup event in 2014, Kaplan played together with Thorsten Hohmann, Ralf Souquet and Sebastian Staab to represent Germany. The team defeated both Austria 4-2 and South Africa 6-0 to finish second in their group, behind Great Britain.[17][1] The team defeated Russia in the second round 4-2, before losing on a shootout 5-7 to Japan, after a 3-3 draw.[18][1]

Overall record[edit]

Overall, Kaplan is a three time winner of events on the Euro Tour, having won the 2013 Treviso Open, 2014 Luxembourg Open, and the 2017 Treviso Open.[19] Kaplan also has reached the final on three occasions, reaching number 1 in the rankings on three occasions, first in 2013, and most recently in 2017.[20] As of 2019, Kaplan is third on the all time list of winners on the tour, behind Jasmine Ouschan, and Kristina Tkach.[21] As of 2019, Kaplan has won a total of 11 German national titles, second on the list of all time winners, behind Franziska Stark, winning the 9-ball event on five occasions, the 10-ball event on three, the 8-ball event twice and the straight pool tournament once.[22]

Personal life[edit]

In 2012, Ina married pool player Jörn Kaplan, with whom she won the 2014 German Mixed Championship.[23] The couple have a child.[24] Kaplan currently works as a research assistant in the Department of German Studies at University of Siegen.[25]

Kaplan has also organised her own pool tournaments. In 2014, Kaplan organised a eight-women tournament to be played inside a shopping mall held at City Galerie Siegen known as the Autohaus Keller Cup.[26] The event was won by Kristina Grim, however a second event held the following year was won by Kaplan herself.[27] The events were notable for players not wearing a regular dresscode for WPA events, with players being encouraged to "dress elegantly".[26]


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