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Ina Mihalanche
Ina Mihalache.jpg
Ina Mihalache in 2004
Born (1985-05-14) May 14, 1985 (age 33)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Education Classe Libre of Cours Florent
Ina Mihalache
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Logo of the programme
YouTube information
Subscribers +200,000

Ina Mihalache (born May 14, 1985), known as Solange, is a Canadian actress, video artist, visual artist, comedian[1] and editor. She has resided in France since 2004.

She is mainly known for her YouTube channel SolangeTeParle, which presents programmes on various subjects and where she adopts the asocial personality of Solange, a character of her own invention. She created her channel in November 2011, and was met with modest success, reaching 200,000 subscribers by April 2016. Mihalache aims to portray emotion through the use of film which cover a broad range of interests including culture, art, sexuality and feelings.


Mihalache was born in Montreal, Quebec on May 14, 1985. She is the daughter of a Romanian immigrant to Canada, Dumitru Mihalache, having fled the dictatorial regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu; and a Quebec woman, Doris Duguay.[2] At the age of ten, she decided to lose her Quebec accent to adopt the "French of France" accent she heard on the radio or on French-language television channels such as TV5.[2] She explains that this was an "aesthetic choice", which fuels a controversy in her native province.[3]

She arrived in Paris in 2004, and entered the Cours Florent. Subsequently, she was admitted to the Classe Libre under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Garnier and Olivier L. Brunet,[2] but failed four times in the competition entrance to the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique.

Her main artistic and cinematic influences are Anna Karina, Emmanuelle Riva,[4] Lars von Trier, Sophie Calle, and Tehching Hsieh.[5]

After being introduced to the Talents Cannes de l'Adami by Mathieu Amalric in the short film Deux cages sans oiseaux,[6][7] she devoted herself to the production of atypical works, such as the trilogy Réussites/Patiences,[8] addressing the questions of inadequacy, The isolation, the idleness, and the nudity of the body in the public space. She also works for France Télévisions as editor and voice-over.

In November 2011, she created the blog Solange te parle,[9] compilation of clips with themes, like Norman Thavaud. The character of Solange delivers comical and often absurd advice to solve the problems of the daily life of an asocial young woman. Her reasonings of pataphysical character evoke La Minute nécessaire de monsieur Cyclopède of Pierre Desproges and Jean-Louis Fournier, or some conceptual experiences of the American artist John Baldessari.[10] Ina Mihalache later stated about her creation: "Solange is inadequate. She does not know how to do things, but she tries".[11]

In April 2012, she played the character of Sasha Maréchal in the France 3 documentary:,[12] alongside journalist Patrick Pesnot. Sasha Maréchal illustrated her survey of drawings and animated sequences.

In July 2012, she collaborated with Radio France with a series of 54 daily capsules broadcast on France Inter on Thomas Baumgartner's Antibuzz: Solange lit tous tes tweets whose themes are taken from a few tweets.[2][13][14] She returned on the antennae in February 2013 with the series Solange dans le bus,[15] diffused every Tuesday in the programme of Pascale Clark Comme on nous parle.[16] Another series, Solange pénètre ta vie intime, made up of testimonies of women confiding in Solange, appears on the site of the Mouv' on 14 February 2013, broadcast daily on the site of the station until June 2013.[17] The series resumed in January 2014, this time doubling daily on the antenna.[18]

At theatre she plays the title role in the young audience Virginia Wolf directed by Nathalie Bensard and adapted from the eponymous album of Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault.[19]

On 6 January 2016, she published her first book, Payange editions, Solange te parle, inspired by her experience on the Internet.

On 30 January 2016, the screening of her feature film Solange et les vivants (screened between 2013 and 2014 and produced by participative financing[20]) began at the Luminor Hôtel de Ville.[21] The national projection began on 9 March 2016.[22]

In October 2016 she joined Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts in the promotion of Chantal Akerman.[23]

In February 2017, she published her second work entitled Très intime,[24] verbatim of the chronicles broadcast on Le Mouv, published by Payot, with a foreword.


Year Title Role Creator Director Notes
2007 Deux cages sans oiseaux Sister Muriel Mathieu Amalric
Tu peux ne pas du tout penser à moi Olivier L. Brunet (co-director)
2008 Grossesses et Macarons Clémentine Anne Flandrin
2011 : L'affaire des vedettes de Cherbourg Sasha Maréchal Olivier L. Brunet
2012 : L'affaire des missiles Exocet
L'entropie du milieu humain Geek presenter Vivien Loiseau
2016 Solange et les vivants Solange Ina Mihalache Lead role
Ma révolution Teacher Ramzi Ben Sliman


Video works[edit]

Years Title Notes
2010 Réussites/Patiences Performance/triptych video of 8 hours featuring two actresses in real time
2011– Solange Te Parle Internet video series


Year Title Publisher ISBN
2016 Solange te parle Payot ISBN 9782228914512
2017 Très intime ISBN 9782228917063


Years Title Notes
2012 Solange lit tous tes tweets Series of 54 sound capsules for France Inter and the programme "Antibuzz" by Thomas Baumgartner
2013 Solange dans le bus Series of sound capsules for France Inter and the programme "Comme nous nous parle" by Pascale Clark
2013–14 Solange pénètre ta vie intime Series of sound capsules for the Mouv'

Editing and voice overs[edit]

Year Title Network Notes
2008 Signes de l'espérance France 2 Editing
2009 Les Silences de Maurice Zundel Editing and voice over
2010 Ultreïa!
2011 La Beauté du geste France 3 Editing


Year Title Notes
2014 Virginia Wolf Nathalie Bensard's young audience show, based on the album of Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault, with Marie Craipeau; title role


Cours Florent[edit]

Year Named work Reward Result
2007 Ina Mihalache in Babylone by Matthieu Dessertine "Jacques" for the best actor Won


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