Inaam Dus Hazaar

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Inaam Dus Hazaar
Inaam Dus Hazaar poster.jpg
Directed by Jyotin Goel
Starring Sanjay Dutt
Meenakshi Seshadri
Amrish Puri
Gulshan Grover
Music by Rahul Dev Burman
Edited by Omkarnath Bhakri
Release date
  • 27 February 1987 (1987-02-27) (India)
Language Hindi

Inaam Dus Hazaar is a 1987 Bollywood action comedy film directed by Jyotin Goel. It stars Sanjay Dutt and Meenakshi Seshadri in lead roles. It is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's classic North by Northwest. The film was the seventh highest grossing hindi film of 1987


Kamal Malhotra (Sanjay Dutt) is a salesman working with a table-fan manufacturing firm. He lives with his uncle and mother. One night in a jewel exhibition, he meets the Nawab of Chandrapur (Raza Murad). While introducing himself to the Nawab, his name is overheard by a member of a gang, Kamran (Viju Khote). He is invited by Kamran to meet a diamond dealer, Seth Narottam Johri. The members of the gang are actually taking him to be the famous CID officer Kamal Malhotra. He is left drunk in a car and the police arrests him. He explains to the police what happened last night but is unable to prove the identity of the gang.

Another night in a hotel, he finds Narottam Johri and tries to catch him. Narottam Johri is killed by another member of the gang, Luca (Gulshan Grover) and Kamal gets accused of the murder. He escapes from the hotel and tries to catch Luca but the only thing he could get hold of is a train ticket. To save himself and to catch Luca, he flees from the police and travels by the same train in which Luca is travelling. There he meets Sonia Shrivastav (Meenakshi Seshadri) and falls in love with her. To hide his identity, he introduces himself as Ashok Saxena to her.

In the train, the police come searching for him. So he escapes from the train taking Sonia as hostage in the police jeep. Sonia later tells Kamal that she is a model. Actually she works for Captain S.P. Singh (Amrish Puri) whose gang is in search for CID officer Kamal Malhotra.

She makes the Captain understand in a meeting that she is trying to find the true identity of Kamal while tricking him into thinking that she loves him. But Captain realises that she cannot be trusted and asks Luca to kill her. However, Sonia makes a narrow escape and Luca is killed.

One night while Kamal is with the Nawab, he gets kidnapped by Captain's men. However, he again manages to escape by getting himself caught by the police after creating chaos in an auction.

Towards the end, the Nawab organises an exhibition of his jewels which Sonia is supposed to exhibit by wearing them. During the exhibition, Kamal is kept in a closed room as he watches the exhibition on a CCTV. Captain disguises himself as the Nawab by wearing a mask.

At this point, it is revealed that it is actually Sonia who is the real CID officer Kamal Malhotra and she is working with Captain to take revenge for her brother who was killed by Luca. Kamal Malhotra (Sanjay) now realises that Sonia (now also Kamal Malhotra) actually loves him and was doing all this for a good cause.

The story ends with Captain's death after a chase sequence and finally, Kamal Malhotra (Sanjay) marries Sonia Shrivastav (Meenakshi).



# Title Singer(s)
1 "Jo Chham Se Nikal Gayee Raat" Asha Bhosle
2 "Chand Koi Hoga Tumsa Kahan" Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle
3 "Jaane Bhi Do Yaar" Kishore Kumar
4 "Kabhi Ye Haath Hain Humsafar Bhi" Anuradha Paudwal
5 "Chand Koi Hoga Tun Sa" Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle

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