Inaba Yoshimichi

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Inaba Yoshimichi.
In this Japanese name, the family name is Inaba.

Inaba Yoshimichi (稲葉 良通?, 1515 – January 5, 1589), also known as Inaba Ittetsu (稲葉 一鉄),[1] was a Japanese samurai warrior in the Sengoku period.[2]

Yoshimichi was considered one of the "Mino Triumvirate" (西美濃三人衆 Nishi Mino Sanninshū?), along with Andō Michitari and Ujiie Bokuzen. In 1567, they agreed together to join the forces of Oda Nobunaga.[3]

He took part in the Battle of Anegawa,[4][5]

His son, Inaba Masanari, was the husband of Saitō Fuku.

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