Inaccessible Island (Dellbridge Islands)

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This article is about the Antarctic island. For the other islands, see Inaccessible Island (disambiguation).
Inaccessible Island, Antarctica.jpg
Inaccessible Island from the southeast.
Inaccessible Island (Dellbridge Islands) is located in Antarctica
Inaccessible Island (Dellbridge Islands)
Location in Antarctica
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 77°40′S 166°22′E / 77.667°S 166.367°E / -77.667; 166.367Coordinates: 77°40′S 166°22′E / 77.667°S 166.367°E / -77.667; 166.367
Archipelago Dellbridge Islands
Highest elevation 95 m (312 ft)
Population Uninhabited
Additional information
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

Inaccessible Island is a small rocky island, the northernmost of the Dellbridge Islands, lying 2 kilometres (1 nmi) southwest of Cape Evans, Ross Island, Antarctica. It is the most imposing of the group as it is nearly always bare of snow and rises to 95 meters (310 ft). The island was discovered by the British National Antarctic Expedition (1901–04) under Robert Falcon Scott and so named because of the difficulty in reaching it.[1][2]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Inaccessible Island" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).